Things to do and not in a relationship

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things to do and not in a relationship

Relationships are tough. Marriage is a tough. And it's certainly not for everyone. As a lawyer, I have handled a few divorces. Thank goodness. Ignoring the signs that make you uneasy — even if small — can cause huge rifts in your relationship if not addressed initially. Playing the blame game will leave you feeling powerless and going in circles. Even if you eventually decide that the relationship is not worth keeping, as long as.

things to do and not in a relationship

We all have insecurities. Your relationship is one place where you should be completely free to reveal these and your spouse should help you overcome them. This is a cowardly way to communicate. If you have something to say, say it.

Offer solutions, not criticism. A good teammate See Rule 4 will offer a way out. To escape or to expand. Either way, it helps. Know when to keep your mouth shut. Lose your arbitrary moral code. This list alone proves that I am the king of the double standard. Respect space and time. Have we not evolved as a species or watched enough Dr. Take pride in your appearance. Could your big toenail puncture a snow tire? Could your breath peel wallpaper?

Take care of that, please. Ask before you throw it away. Thankfully, this may be all you need. Speaking of family, everyone gets a holiday card and a birth announcement.

Even your creepy Uncle Steve and their psycho cousin Lisa. So I forgot to stop at the store to get your prescription. Did you have to throw away my ceramic cactus shot glass holder? Learn to do your own laundry. Know how to cook a meal; how to navigate the grocery store; how to make an online purchase; how to turn off the water to the house; how to erect a Nerf basketball hoop; how to unclog a toilet.

Everything is fair game for a joke. This should be at the heart of everything you do. I have not found a single thing that I have been unable to eventually laugh about. If you know this from the beginning, it makes things a lot more fun. Help carry the groceries. Be responsible with money. No one lives on love. If you earned it, you will almost certainly respect it.

Remember to say thank you. There will be moments when you want to quit, walk out, give up. You can do that.


But you will probably be doing so without giving due consideration to the new life that awaits you. Will you be better off in six months?

things to do and not in a relationship

More From Thought Catalog. You expect the significance of one another to be reciprocated. But it can be hard watching this important person put other things in front of you.

things to do and not in a relationship

When they hear of something exciting, they call their best friend first. When they find a cool place to go out, they tell their brother. When a crazy story happens to them, they text it in their group chat. We all do it.

15 Things You Should Never Do In A Healthy Relationship

But snooping can only lead to problems. But one thing will always happen: Try to change who they are. Either accept them or leave.

things to do and not in a relationship

So you just have to accept them or keep walking. Desensitize yourself to them. After a long time being with someone, this can easily happen.

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You take shots below the belt during minor arguments. Your sensitivity for them and their feelings dissipates. And that will never work well in a relationship. Bring up the past. This is a major NO-NO in an argument.

In a relationship, you should only be focusing on the present. No matter how brutal a fight might get, you should never bring up an event from the past. You have to leave it behind. If your boyfriend cheated on you, if your girlfriend did something fucked up that hurt you at one point, you have absolutely no right to bring it up again and use it as ammunition.

You have to leave the past where it belongs.

things to do and not in a relationship

If you forgive them for something and you both decide to move on, that means no bringing it back up, no matter how well it might work in your favor at the moment. Another thing similar to bringing up the past is holding grudges against each other.

Someone in a couple might feel justified to do something immoral just because their boyfriend did something similar before.

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There is no such thing as keeping score in a relationship. You cannot base your actions and decisions on past occurrences. You should never shoot down their dreams or goals, no matter how far-fetched they may be.