Tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

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tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

Po and Tigress have been close friends for years, but feelings have surfaced inside them both, for each other. Can Po confess his love to. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Tigress, Po - Words: except for one failed Camp Rock one, write Percy Jackson fics. Very interesting," Monkey said wiggling his eyebrows. Crane and Mantis snickered while Viper smiled. Po and Tigress were going down to the.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

For fans of my Renesmee's Saga because a few of you asked for this. Contains swearing, torture and partial rape scenes. Don't read if you don't wan Twilight - Rated: Could it have been as simple as they didn't want to be found?

Didn't want to be known about? Or is it a much more complicated story?

Po x Tigress Tribute!!

This is the real story behind the year war that raged on almost six thousand years ago between the most dominant species of the earth Now she must fight for her sanity and stay strong for the one person she truly loves in the world, her little sister Nessie.

Set around years after breaking dawn and cannon to Breaking Dawn and after my Renesmee's Saga with the whole family where she interacts with her grandchildren and watches her niece give birth and bring the newest addition to their family into the world Not really necessary to have read my Renesmee's Saga, but it might help with understanding Bella weds Aro with his sadistic children Jane and Alec The Rise Of Kahn reviews Our Heros are about to travel into the mountains to find Po's long lost father after Nadia reveals where the panda's hide.

But Kahn is rising, and this time nothing will stop him from achiving his ultimate goal of posessing what he truely wants. The Capitols Turn reviews It's the capitol's turn for the hunger games. You decided who is reaped, review a character and I will use them in my story! References to The Fanfiction doppelgangers and characters mentioned in that story. Set After the events of Renesmee's Saga: Forever Sunset Twilight - Rated: Follow Benjamin through his life before Renesmee's Saga and see what events drove him to be like he is today.

See what events happened in Benjamin's Tragic life that made Twilight - Rated: Her sister was killed in the previous hunger games, and now she is bent on dying to join her family.

She want's to die with one purpose completed: To piss off the capitol, when she sees an opening in the hunger games, how can she resist? The Princes Return reviews Zira was exciled for killing Kopa and Kohev Fluffybut now it seems that there is more to the storuy that they first thought.

It seems the princes are not dead, but living just down river with a young lioness named Magouy Enigma. What will happen when the young princes meet their family? And what will happen when they realise, the princes have no memopry of their previous life Lion King - Rated: Everybody knew about the infamous James Ellis, one of the most feared pirates of all time, he was one of the most blood thirsty pirates in all of the oceans, he was my father.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Rated: Tigress and Po are both realising their feelings, but how do these feelings impact on the other? Crap Summary, but please read! First Kung Fu Panda Fanfic! Kung Fu Panda - Rated: The Voltouri are seeking power at the highest level, and the Cullen's are buckling under the strain of it all.

After all, it takes a monster to fight another. A mysterious vision, a secret meaning, and an ancient strength. And it all started with an unnaturally white peacock One night, they get so intense, she does something she hasn't done since she was a child. What sort of differences will this make for both our young hero, and the earth?

A collection of drabbles that tells of how the events of Steven's life would be changed were this trio to be his caregivers. Steven Universe - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Crane had sacrificed himself for Viper, Po refused to speak, Tigress had been tortured and killed, and Mantis had betrayed them all. With no hope left, a surprise encounter in the forest sets forth the revival sweeping across China, providing the chance to fight back.

Maybe it was an actual choo choo! But no, it was just Garnet with that green goop. He didn't like the green goop. Why did she want him to eat that stuff?

tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

He just wanted his juice! The babysitter has no idea what Ruby is like, but she soon finds out when she arrives. Trust by Raven-Rachel-Roth reviews Trust is earned.

K - English - Drama - Chapters: After his return, Po is greeted by the man who has caused him so much pain, and who was the cause of so many years of Po's suffering.

Dragoness of the Stars | FanFiction

Will Po accept his destiny and overcome his hatred for Masters? T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Tigress finally lived in peace But not for long. With an unknown sickness plaguing her, a protective Shifu watching her and Enlai and Jie missing, Tigress is having a hard time.

And things are only getting worse when new secrets about her family are revealed. One shot, although it is part of my "Rescue" universe.

Les Miserables - Rated: When Gavroche joins the revolution, Javert follows him to the barricades. Will the Inspector's watchful eye be enough to keep Gavroche out of harm's way?

What is it, you ask? Well, it is the most terrifying terror, the most horrible of horrors, the bane of all sane demigods: Really, it's all Leo's fault that they started playing in the first place.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

K - English - Humor - Chapters: If you don't like the TiPo couple, you may not want to read this. If you do like them, then please read and review: What if someone with a plan came before him? What if Tigress was adopted by a certain owl?

What would her future become? In a twisted version of movie's universe, Tigress will meet the warriors of the Jade Palace as her enemies, while a complicated battle for justice starts.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

But what happens when pretend becomes real? After all she did for the masters and her comrades; she was forced to stop doing what she loved most. Now that she is gone, the tiger wonders if anyone will remember her or even miss her. But this time, it's not about him. With the help of his favorite feline friend, can Po unravel the story of the Mysterious Master Croc? Meanwhile, feelings are revealed between a father and his adopted daughter.

Rated K plus for some violence, but it isn't too severe. What if Queen Elinor and the triplets were bears forever, forced to live in the forest? Follow them on their struggle for survival as they face many enemies and make a new friend along the way.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction percy

Chapter 17 up now! Brave, - Rated: In a future where it is considered dangerous to feel too much of anything, nine young boys are captured and transported to a place where their chief emotion can only be fear.

In their attempts to escape, friendships are formed, vows are made, and everything they think they know about themselves is irrevocably changed. With no solid evidence to go on, he is forced to continue the charade until a nearly fatal accident provides him with the opportunity that he has been waiting for. But now Cosette is in the picture-a child of the gutter, just like him-and when a child's life is at stake, it changes everything.

Last Airbender - Rated: Dragon and Phoenix Unite by KFP-DW1 reviews Tigress may have learned to keep the troubled past she knows behind her, as Po had, but when an old foe threatens the Valley of Peace, will uncovering the missing fragments of her past be her home's only hope?

And is her fate more entwined with the Dragon Warrior's than either of the two warriors first suspected?