Twin flame signs and relationship dynamics in counseling

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twin flame signs and relationship dynamics in counseling

I would have loved to read an article on common tell-tale twin flame signs when I was in your twin flame relationship is dependent on your level of soulful maturity. . As a spiritual counselor, diviner, and author, Luna's mission is to help others will never truly know the dynamics of the famous person when they're alive. Potentially, twin flame relationships could be the most loving and Although this can feel like a negative aspect of the dynamic, it is an extremely positive One of the most determining signs that twin flames have connected. Twin flame lovers mind to mind energy connection Throughout the course of your life you may have had unusual or powerful dreams, visions, or fantasies of a.

  • Twin Flames – Understanding the True Purpose and the Energetic Dynamics

This reunion is of two complete and whole ascended beings as Twin Flames. Most souls have multiple callings, or purposes here in their lifetimes. All of the Divine Missions of all Twin Flames combined as a collective will create this, the Universal Shift toward this goal. Even the soul who asks you for the time as you wait at the bus stop is a soul mate for you. Certain soul mates are also part of our Soul Family; the ones we have many lifetimes and experiences with, who help us grow and evolve, and are those with whom we create and dissolve Karma.


Soul Groups include our Soul Family. The souls in this group are our soul mates, and are ones who are very like us in soul vibration and in frequency. Then, some of these souls are split into two, creating the Soul Twins.

twin flame signs and relationship dynamics in counseling

There is a deep love for each other, and a spiritual bond that sets them apart from the superficiality of most other people in your life.

Conversations are generally deep, about personal growth and service to make the world a better place. We can have many soul mates in our lives, and they come to us to help us grow spiritually.

Twin Flames – Understanding the True Purpose and the Energetic Dynamics - Wake Up Experience

When meeting a Twin counterpart there is an inner knowing that feels fated upon meeting them. This is the spiritual bond connecting energetically through quantum entanglement and once formed; the connection is unbreakable.

Not everyone is destined to meet their Twin Flame in this lifetime, insert applause though every person on the planet has a Twin counterpart in the present time, or passed-on to the other side. Before, during, and after meeting your Twin counterpart, synchronicities start manifesting into your physical reality, and this is where the fun begins.

Mirror Soul Meaning: Twin Flames Stages And Signs

The signs as I call them, will connect back to the Twin in some odd way. Perhaps things like number sequences, seeing the number on everything from clocks to receipts. Songs on the radio that connect to your twin counterpart, or seeing their name in places that are out of the ordinary like menus and billboards. Twin Flames are not to be confused with fated love or soul-mate type relationships. Twin Flames have-to-do with fate, and the spiritual awakening simultaneously, and not orchestrated by choice or freewill.

The Chaser Twin the one who understands the relationship template waits for the return of the runner, having the patience of a saint while working on self as each day goes by. Only a Twin Flame can understand this process.

Mirror Soul Meaning: Twin Flames Stages And Signs

Months and months go by…and then… they call. The runner and chaser dynamic is common in a Twin Flame relationship.

twin flame signs and relationship dynamics in counseling

The runner and chaser dynamic can change roles during the relationship. It happens when one partner may or may not be spiritually aware of what is happening in their own lives, and becomes very confused after meeting their counterpart, which can lead to the the runner escaping the confusion, by leaving abruptly.

Completing your own inner healing is crucial for this type of journey with a Twin counterpart to even have a chance to work out, and it requires patience, and doing all of the necessary work on self that must be completed.


There is a certain fated element to this type of connection. The template of a Twin Flame seems very fated in many ways.