Vincent nightray and echoes relationship with god

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vincent nightray and echoes relationship with god

"Echo Nightray." she said shortly in a quiet Their relationship started before I came to this school. I didn't know how Vincent could be Echo's boyfriend, black mail maybe? Because Echo God she is so damn cute! I though. "But, you're a girl!. #Pandora hearts Gilbert, vincent and Echo Pandora Hearts Gilbert, Heart Never, Vincent Nightray Pandora Hearts Break, Vanitas, Heart Art, Noblesse. A page for describing Characters: Pandora Hearts Four Great Dukedoms. Back to the main character page. Warning! As mentioned on the main character page.

Even so, because she had not forgotten her true purpose of protective Noise's heart - Echo acted against Duldee at the pinnacle of Noise's destruction in order to save Noise's heart for what it began as rather than allowing Duldee to destroy it in order to break Vincent's hold over Noise. Though Echo could see that Duldee only wanted to save her Contractor in a more misguided way, she still couldn't allow such a thing to pass, thereby sacrificing herself so that she could restore Noise's heart before both of them died - showing that Echo's individual development of self had come full circle and allowing her to die peacefully alongside the true Noise.

In battle, Echo's preferred weapon was twin blue-bladed short swords, which she'd kept in the sleeves of her dress at all time in case she ever needed to use them. Curiously enough, Echo also drew a projection of her short swords within Noise's subconscious while fighting Duldee. Additionally, while Noise appeared to be right-handed, Echo herself appeared to be ambidextrous, wielding both short swords equally skillfully with both hands.

Abilities and Powers Possession: As a split personality created by Duldee, Echo had the ability to take the place of Noise as the active personality. However, due to Noise's adopted aggression, Echo tended to only take on her role as the active personality whenever Noise was ordered by Vincent to recede into her subconsciousness.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship with god

Like her predecessors, Echo was capable of picking up the broken pieces of Noise's heart and absorbing them in order to keep them safe until the day that Noise could reclaim them herself - as was her duty as Duldum. Echo had been a skilled combatant, often making use of a unique acrobatic technique whilst sparring against opponents with her twin blue-bladed short swords. However, in battle Echo tended to focus moreso on the exact orders she'd been given, and would even on occasion be compelled to take action in certain situations without consciously being aware of why she'd done so.

All Baskervilles possess enhanced speed, strength and endurance as an effect of being chosen to act as messengers of the Abyss.

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Thus, due to her connection with Noise, Echo possessed such qualities as well - allowing her to carry on in battle without tiring and endure against extreme conditions that regular humans would have difficult coping against. As a Baskerville, Noise was able to heal from her wounds at a rapid pace - even moreso than her older colleagues because of her young age. As such, Echo could also heal her wounds - only when serious wounds were inflicted on either personality, Vincent would have them switch so that either Echo or Noise could heal fully without interruption while their counterpart continued to do his bidding.

Quotes "Echo is a servant of the Nightray house. I'm really, very, grateful towards you See, I do like having a collection of the stories I've read, and being able to let an author know that I liked something I will be doing this for oneshots as well, so don't panic thinking I'm expecting an update. Basically alert list to me is like my favorite list. My favorite list is just "leet" if that makes sense. That being said, God, tomorrow, raw scans. I can do this. I can refrain from killing myself for one more day.

Oh, and I'm not trying to be like all high and noble. Most of my stories, in my opinion, would make it on my alert list or less Except maybe Like Glass.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship with god

Just so you know. Yes, I count weird. Anyway, vote on my poll please, and I just might post something old for Valentine's. Unless today or tomorrow, I get off my butt and right something new. Why is Vincent freaking out over Jack? How could I kill myself when I'd find out in just eight days? D Ok, toodles, vote on mah poll. I guess I was not in the right frame of mind. I am really sorry for anyone who read it without wanting to read an M story. Then again, I know I put a warning in the story, so I'm really relieved about that.

Anyway, I'm working on an unofficial NaNo story right now, so I won't be writing fanfiction for a while. BUT, I just might post things I wrote a while ago. Anyway, thanks for reviews and favorites and everything!

So if I haven't answered your messages, or reviewed your new stories, or whatever, I will soon! Also I hope you enjoy Colors, the product of my procrastination. I still hadn't quite gotten used to being on the other end of that particular deal. I picked out a small strawberry lollipop from the hidden stash in my coat pocket, and popped it into my mouth.

Xerxes, your bags, Sir. He all but dragged the poor things on the ground, his arms and back had obviously seen better days. I mean, they were barely ten kilos each. I know it started with an S.

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I could swear on my hide that I saw something move on one of them. I couldn't help but giggle to myself as his car disappeared. He was the same Seiko as ever, not that he'd remember me. I pulled the plastic stick out of my mouth, and licked the remnants of hard candy of it until it was clean, then tossed it in the bin by the water fountain in the main courtyard.

Swiping the card I'd acquired in the mail, across the beeping electronic gate-opener thingy-ma-bob, I entered Pandora Academy. As I approached the office doors, they burst open, and three men, followed by a tiny brunette girl stormed out. What kind of example are you trying to set for Oz? She, unlike the three others present, I did not know.

But obviously she was in league with the two blonds being held captive by Gilbert-san. So, she was alright in my books. It's not their fault that they misheard their Master's orders.

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After all, it's not like they stole all the meat in the cafeteria We were chased out of there before we could. You can chase me He's into my brother, not being yours. The girl-Alice-seemed to be confused of whether to save them from being pummelled, or to curl over and die of laughter and amusement.

He turned to Alice, suddenly realising that she was still there. Do me a favour and discipline these two some more? They did fail you after all. He suddenly stopped, and turned, slowly the beginning of a small smile appeared.

I swear, if you had waited another week, Lady Sharon would've started sending the students to me, for help. And don't even get me started about the tea-bag incident!

I mean, what's the difference between Earl Grey and regular old black?! But honestly, she would've sent them to me! I sat my suitcases down, and waved my arms up and down along with my words. That would be tragic, truly horrible. I patted her head with a finger, and hushed her invisible lips.