Ward and may relationship questions

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ward and may relationship questions

Rebecca Ward answers relationship questions. by KATV. Thursday, May 31st relationship bestwebdirectory.info AA. close video ad. Unmute toggle ad audio on. Questions that can be answered using commonly-available As you are the guardian of your child, they are the ward of their parent. The school authorities, who have to send out one communication to all 'parents', may think it probably unable or unwilling to discover the exact relationship in each case. The relationship between a hospital and a patient can be described within a In this approach, quality and efficiency problems are solved simultaneously. the length of stay, which may interfere with the interests of the ward.

Yes, but the court can also appoint different people to serve as guardian and conservator. Can guardians ever handle money? Guardians can handle small amounts of money, such as monthly stipends, Social Security benefits, VA benefits, and the like. To make a durable power of attorney, a person must be able to understand and clearly express what he or she wants.

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Once he or she is incapacitated enough to need a guardian or conservator, the person cannot make a valid durable power of attorney. A court will void in other words, cancel out a durable power of attorney if it finds the person who signed it was incapacitated at the time.

Click here for more information on durable powers of attorney for health care. Click here for more information on general durable powers of attorney.

Principal agent relationships and the efficiency of hospitals

What if the person made a durable power of attorney before becoming incapacitated? If the durable power of attorney covered the types of decisions the person needs to have made financial, health care, etc. If the person made a durable power of attorney for one purpose and not another such as a durable power of attorney for health care, but not a financial durable power of attorneythe court may still appoint a guardian or conservator to step in and make the types of decisions that the durable power of attorney did not include.

Who does the court appoint as a guardian or conservator? The court's first choice is a close family member, usually a spouse or domestic partner, parent, or adult child.

ward and may relationship questions

If no close family member is available or suitable, the court will consider other relatives or friends. If no family member or friend is available, the court will usually appoint a neutral, specially trained attorney who handles these matters on a regular basis. Do I want to be a guardian or conservator? Being a guardian or conservator enables you to be absolutely sure your loved one is being well looked after. However, it is also a huge responsibility.

As a guardian or conservator, you are an officer of the court, and you must give regular reports to the judge. This can be quite time consuming. Being a guardian or conservator is a long-term commitment.

It lasts for the rest of the ward's life, unless the court appoints someone else to take your place. The job of guardian or conservator is very important. You do not want to take on this responsibility unless you are absolutely sure you can do the job.

What if my brother or sister and I both want to serve as our parent's guardian or conservator? When two people in the same class both want to be the guardian or conservator, the court will choose based on its opinion of the ward's best interests.

It will consider the petitioners' abilities and characters, along with the ward's wishes, if these are known. If the court feels that the guardianship or conservatorship issue will seriously harm the family's relationships or the ward, it will skip both petitioners in favor of someone else, usually a more distant relative or a neutral attorney who has been specially trained to handle these matters.

What if I don't live in D. It doesn't matter where you live. The court is only concerned with where the ward is. What if my family member or friend is in the hospital in D. As long as the ward is inside the District, a D. It doesn't matter where the ward lives, only that the ward is physically located in the District from the time you file your petition to the time of the hearing.

Where do I go to file for a guardianship or conservatorship? Guardianship and conservatorship petitions are filed in the Probate Division of the D. Superior Court, located at 5th St.

NW, 3rd floor, Washington, DC How much will it cost for me to file for the appointment of a guardian or conservator? There is no charge for filing for a guardianship. What if I can't afford to pay the filing fee?


The court may waive the fee if you cannot pay it. You can get the proper form here and complete it on the computer. You must still file it with the court and serve it on the ward along with all the other papers in your case.

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Otherwise, you will have to explain to the court why the filing fee is a financial hardship. When you have completed the form, you must file it with the Judge In Chambers, located in the main D. Superior Court building at Indiana Ave.

If the Judge In Chambers grants your request, you will receive a copy of the judge's order. Take the order with you to the Probate Division when you file your petition for conservatorship. You will not have to pay the filing fee. Remember, for a guardianship, there is no filing fee. After I file my petition and other papers, what else must I do? When you file your petition and other papers with the court, the Probate Division clerk will give you a Notice of Hearing with a hearing date.

You must make sure the ward gets the Notice of Hearing, along with a copy of all the papers you filed with the court. This is called serving the papers. The person who serves the papers should hand them directly to the ward. If for some reason the person who serves the papers cannot get in to see the ward personally, and if the ward lives at home, the papers can be given to an adult who lives in the ward's home.

However, it is much better to serve the ward personally if this is at all possible. If the person who serves the papers leaves them at the ward's home with someone other than the ward, you will have to prove to the judge that the person who received the papers actually lives with the ward. Who should give the papers to my friend or family member? It can be anyone who is at least 18 years old and who is not part of the case and has no interest in the situation.

It must NOT be you. It can a friend, but it probably should not be a relative, because a relative might have a financial interest in the case that he or she doesn't know about yet. It can be a private process server you have hired look in the Yellow Pages under "process server". Inside the hospital, the hospital board the principal hires medical specialists agents to treat patients.

The hospital board is not as well informed about the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment as the medical specialist is. Inside the hospital, another principal agent relationship exists, in the relationship between the hospital board the principal and departments, e. Again the manager of, for example, the radiology department is much better informed about the quality and necessity of performing an X-ray than the hospital management.

ward and may relationship questions

In this study, we analyse two of these relationships empirically and use them to explain hospital efficiency. The first concerns the relationship between the hospital and the patient. Second, we analyse the relationship between the hospital management and departmental managers. The third relationship, that between hospital managers and doctors, is not analysed further. Not because this relationship is not interesting—it is very interesting indeed—but because good quality data on the productivity of medical specialists are not available.

Hospital—patient relationship from an agency perspective The relationship between a hospital and a patient can be described within a typical principal agent framework. The patient has to rely on the specialised knowledge of the doctor and there is an asymmetry in information about the treatment of the health problem. It is difficult for the patient to measure the performance of the hospital. The hospital might thereby prefer to optimise its own utility function, minimising costs as is mostly assumed in efficiency studies.

This may come at the cost of the utility of the patient, who has an interest in receiving high quality care. The reasoning of Newhouse [ 25 ] is in line with this assumed relationship. He states that differences in efficiency might be attributed completely to differences in unobserved quality. Many other studies have emphasised the need to include quality measures in efficiency studies.

Jacobs and Dawson [ 15 ], for example, criticise current methods of efficiency measurement in hospitals, because quality measures are not taken into account. This latter study [ 15 ] and others e. Fizel and Nunninkhoven [ 12 ] argue that an increase in the quality of health care is likely to require additional inputs per unit of output, thereby implying lower relative efficiency for higher quality providers.

In contrast with the criticism of frontier studies that differences in inefficiency may simply reflect quality differences, studies that are more management- and organisation-orientated, argue that quality and efficiency complement each other. This oversight is in part due to the traditional practice of mental health professionals focusing on symptoms within the individual, and overlooking the patterns of how individuals relate to each other in a couple relationship.

At times, both partners in a relationship can be struggling with symptoms that have developed as a result of the original illness in one of the partners. In fact, research on psychiatric illness in the couples relationship has found a positive correlation between one partner having a mental illness and the other partner also suffering from a mental illness.

There is a difference between having a persistent mental illness, and having a temporary stress reaction to an adverse event i. My spouse is struggling with a mental illness. Being able to set some boundaries for yourself is important.

Could my spouse be suffering from a mental illness if they are violent toward me and others? Separate the behaviour from the cause. There is a relationship between abusive behaviour and mental illness i. If I develop mental health symptoms myself as a result of supporting my spouse, should I just get help for myself or should we try couples therapy?

Partners also need to find some of their supports outside the relationship and not expect that all their emotional needs will be met by their partner. How can we get help for our marriage when children are involved?

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Do couples therapists treat children as well, or are children best treated by a separate therapist? Some marriage and family therapists will treat the whole family as a unit, while others may see the children separately as part of the treatment.

Still other therapists work just with the couple. When do I know that everything has been tried and that I should begin to look at a separation? Couples therapy can help the couple heal the relationship. At the same time, couples therapy can help spouses develop more awareness, and this awareness may include recognizing that the relationship can no longer continue. Healthy relationships serve as a buffer to help the individual ward off both physical and mental health conditions.