Word meaning give and take relationship

Give and take in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb)

word meaning give and take relationship

Meaning of “give and take” in the English Dictionary then you may transform the relationship from one of mutual give and take into one of adversarialness. Every relationship that works has the the way of give and take. It takes an amount of give and take to have this. For the record MOnEY has no bearing on what. The same is true for relationships where a balance of give and take is a sound Debt is a source of much woe, often caused by short-term motivations, which The exact currency is difficult to define but could perhaps be approximated with.

word meaning give and take relationship

If you hurt me in any way, then you owe me. If you help me then I owe you. Love and hate are enduring emotions that have a big effect on give and take. If I love you then I will give much.

Even if you do little in return, I will feel good for having helped you and hence effectively reward myself with good feelings rather than expect things from you. The extreme form of this is unconditional love which, as the name suggests, expects nothing in return. Love can also complicate the bucket when it leads to lower expected reciprocity.

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My expressions of love for you may make you feel that I expect little. This can cause resentment and anger that results in recriminations that erode the love, effectively 'killing the golden goose'.

word meaning give and take relationship

Hate is often based in the belief that the other person owes a great deal, which justifies attacks that take much from them. When others refuse to repay what we believe they owe us then our emotions become negative and hence motivate harmful action.

Just as unconditional love does not consider what is given, blind hate is not concerned with what is taken. Both can upset the bucket and confuse the social capital account, though each is likely to beget itself. Love very largely creates love and hate mostly creates hate. Love results in much reciprocal giving while hate leads to battles of blow-by-blow taking. The wider effect While give and take is important in individual relationships, its broader power is in the creation of society.

As relationships deepen and trust increases, we may take from one person and give to another. For example a person in a happy relationship will be kind to others, effectively sharing the social capital gained from their relationship partner. This is helped by the fact that emotional exchange is often unconscious.

Give and Take

When I help you, I may not realize the value I provide and so do not expect much in return. This gives you the scope to help others without emptying the bucket. The overspill thus created keeps society afloat in a sea of social capital. Social capital can be gained indirectly when others see you helping people and doing good things. When they appreciate your actions in conforming with social norms, their approval effectively acts as putting a few social credits into your bucket.

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Politicians know that they can make huge gains from widespread public approval, so they seek to champion popular causes and otherwise appear 'good'. Within this social system there will be net takers and givers: Givers may be unwilling, feeling as the downtrodden poor.

word meaning give and take relationship

They may also be those who have a seemingly deep well and who pay themselves internally, feeling good just for helping rather than needing material repayment from others. It is this intrinsic system that gives society its net positive social capital and which allows us to live together in large groups. Laws often result from failures of people and society to maintain a balance of give and take.

They remind us to give and they take from takers with material and physical punishment. Laws protect the vulnerable from those who would take advantage. They also redistribute wealth from those who have taken more than others.

word meaning give and take relationship

To gain social capital remember that you need to gain gratitude or appreciation. It may be a high integrity approach to always do the 'right thing', but if nobody knows then you gain only satisfaction. To create gratitude, satisfy needs and help people achieve their goals.

This can be amplified by getting them to realize the depth of their needs and the urgency of their goals. When they are desperate, even a little help will be gratefully received. To gain appreciation, ensure witnesses to your good deeds, especially those who will tell others about your noble actions.

If there is nobody to spread the word, you may have to do it yourself, though be modest in this as 'blowing your own trumpet' can lose you points.

A bit of give and take would do wonders for their relationship. Make sure your relationship has room for give and take. There can be no inequality in love. Give and take must balance. In normal human relationships there has to be some give and take. If the dispute is to be resolved there must be some give and take.

For a marriage to succeed, both partners must learn to give and take. The fine talk in the sessions about love and understanding, give and take, began to wither on the vine. They know where happiness lies, not in a cave or a country, but in love and the freedom to give and take what has been there all along.

word meaning give and take relationship

Not that I don't admire roaring entertainers, but a talk show requires some give and take, some exchange. But animals can have no expectations in this sense since they lack moral personality - a sense of rightful give and take. In this liaison there should be a great deal of give and take, generating trust and mutual respect.

give-and-take // give and take

If the interview goes well there should be a reasonable amount of give and take of information throughout.

The next fifteen minutes are spent on the rapid-fire give and take that only another teenager could understand. We have been working for some time now, and understand each other a lot.

I think it is important to give and take.