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I was just curious and thought of this. On their champion pages, it says that Ahri is friends with Wukong, and vice versa, but this relationship is. Could it have to do with her marriage to the Barbarian King, Tryndamere? crushes, and pop quizzes, not to mention the unknown dark guild that wants to . Stories so far include: Udyr, Irelia, Zelos, Wukong, Ahri, Kassadin, Karma, Lee Sin. Relationship Voice Actor: Meanwhile, Kaminari, Tsuyu and Sirius are Ekko, Lulu and Ahri respectively. . Mills) are Ragnarok Hades and Noble Knight Osiris , Innsmouth (Tyson Rinehart) is Cabrakan and Dark Sunlord Wukong, Endeavor is.

To the Grand Magic Games and Beyond by chaosphoenix reviews Acnologia is known as one of the strongest dragons alive, but ancient magic has imprisoned him.

Where do you ask? Inside the body of a 6-year old Romeo Conbolt. Now with their lives intertwine they must overcome countless obstacles as the Dragon King's foes and Fairy Tail's enemies are on the move. And that's not even counting Romeo's girl troubles. Fairy Tail - Rated: For Caitlyn, work is always above everything else. When they finally come in terms with their feelings, things are not as easy as they thought.

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And when Jinx decides to make an appearance, it will all just spin into a total disaster. But the problem comes when someone tries to reveal them, and then they discover why they were kept. This is the story of how the secrets the league kept changes the world of its champions, or the champions themselves. What happens when Harry and Hermione bind at a young age? How will that change their destinies and the path of the war? M for chapter 2 onward.

My usual bit of smut mixed into the rest of the story. Harry Potter - Rated: Some of the stuff in here will complete, some just small parts we could not use. M - English - Chapters: A story about healing, love, and moving on. No definitive update schedule. All rights belong to J. Will they get closer with time and the encouragement of others or be pulled apart for the sake of their dreams? Joining him in his depression is none other than Cana and Lisanna.

The three take a job together and end up being rewarded with a special type of alcohol to which they enjoy. Unfortunately, it was a VERY special type of alcohol and if Romeo thought he had problems with women before, he ain't seen nothing yet. This will contain all sorts of R-rated categories, ranging from classic smut to tentacle scenes. Expect mostly non-consensual scenarios. Tags will be posted at the top of each chapter. Ashe x Tryndamere by Wiger reviews Ashe has recently been feeling cold again.

Could it have to do with her marriage to the Barbarian King, Tryndamere? Not my work, just a repost of a long gone author. And she is so going to mess with everyone's feelings. Pitch Perfect - Rated: Will they ever find happiness again?


They'd done what people expected of them. They'd carved out quaint little lives in the aftermath of "The War". Why then, wasn't it enough? Harry had no idea what was wrong, but something was missing and he knew of only one person who could help him find it. Harmony Harry Potter - Rated: When she discovers Harry's secret, she gets a bit more than she bargained for.

Rated M for holiday lemons! Now, Wendy, Romeo, Asuka, Chelia, and their new friends must deal with a whole different set of problems than what they're used to: Life is changing for all of the magical community as the next generation takes the mantle and builds into the forever changing future. Obviously it was born out of a lack of other available men — for that was certainly what he had become.

An unavailable man, who belonged to Ginny Weasley, her best girl friend, the sister of the object of her own affections.

But it was no use denying what the heart wanted HHr Harry Potter - Rated: Marriage was trivial in the face of their conviction, their shared commitment to union.

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For onlookers, that's all there was. A cold marriage of convenience, a marriage detailing triumph. When Facepalm-kun and Black Mist refer to the mysterious voice on the computer as "Sensei"; almost everyone assumed that this was meant as "Teacher" or "Master", a.

Later, it's established that it was actually "Sensei", as in "Doctor". Aizawa's hero name, Eraserhead, has nothing to do with a radiatoralien-like babya Filipino alt-rock bandand a small chicken that squeezes out mysterious liquid.

Though, the latter spells it as Rag Doll, and both villains are referring to actual rag dolls and not the cat breed she's named for which is one word. Ts z uyu, Mina, and Momo share their names with three members of K-pop girl group Twice. The villain sidekick La Brava shares her name with the main character of the similar named novel LaBravaabout a Secret Service Agent.

Bubble Girl and Centipeder were created by artists Agen Chiita and Tetsuya Oohara, respectively, who were the winner and runner-up in a Pixiv character design contest. Present in the English dub for Season 2: Aizawa was voiced by Alex Organ in Season 1.

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Due to his theater work, Organ was replaced by Christopher Wehkamp. Present Mic was voiced by Sonny Strait in Season 1. He was replaced by Dave Trosko. Recovery Girl was voiced by Juli Erickson in Season 1. She was replaced by Luci Christian. The same person who, as a boy, submitted this postcard, is now a widely recognized and extremely successful professional mangaka himself!!