Yewon and minhyuk relationship marketing

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yewon and minhyuk relationship marketing

But Minhyuk admitted that he has been in a one-sided relationship before. was in a conflict of choosing Yewon of Jewelry and Jiwon of Spica. Re: MH and JH, I meant it like the dynamic of their relationship and The FBI/CSI team has located their house and neighborhood, the super market they shopped at - pretty I don't like him and feel sorry for Yewon because she needs .. Min Hyuk and Jong Hyun (also known as porksoup couple) are a. Jung Ilhoon, Lee Minhyuk, Peniel Jung Ilhoon, Im Hyunsik Jung Ilhoon 5. . Yoon-hee faces the unexpected burden of having to build a relationship with her .. [2] Plot Marketing Department Manager, Nam Jung-gi (Yoon Sang-hyun) is so . So-joon Shin Min-a as Song Ma-rin Supporting Kim Ye-won as Lee Gun-sok.

She has a tough decision between N and Minhyuk. One makes her feel like they are just siblings, the other seems more of a grown man to her that she can relate to.

yewon and minhyuk relationship marketing

It's the moment of truth, that everyone has been waiting for As the four men come up to her out of all of them G. Na looks nervous not wanting to look at them. Jonghun looks pensive like he's about to puke.

yewon and minhyuk relationship marketing

As the PD's countdown ends, one by one the men leave. She began to cry silently and says that the show really is cruel. Next is Eunyoung As all four men near her you can see the look of surprise on her face when she sees all four. Then the countdown begins.

And at the end, as with G. Na, all the men turn to leave. But, sweetie Kevin turns back and gives Eunyoung a hug.

relationship between yewon and minhyuk?

Now that's a man! We're finally left with the two young maidens who most of the men we're vying for. At the end of the countdown Jonghun and Minhyuk are the only ones left.

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She asks them both what it was about her that they found so interesting. Jonghun is honest and said from the moment her first laid eyes on her, it was only her and no one else. Minhyuk agreed that even though they had their uncomfortable moments, he still felt attracted to her.

As the PD's push Yewon to make a decision, she haltingly walks towards Jonghun stands on the side with his face turned away, his jaw set in a hard line.

I will never forget that look. It was such a look of hurt, and yet, you could see his pride in tatters in the expression on his face.

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As Minhyuk and Yewon embraced, Jonghun walked silently away. Jiwon is the last one and as two men come up to her she is obviously disappointed not to see Minyuk. And at the end of the countdown As they all gather back at the bus, all greet Minhyuk and Yewon with cheers and applause. All except for Jonghun who is already sitting on the bus by himself.

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At least one couple paired up. It was excruciating to watch. I am an FT Island fan, and it was hard for me to watch Jonghun go through the dating process. Even though I am already taken, I was still caught up in the melodrama of fangirling.

I hoped he would find someone he liked. I truly wanted him to be happy. But I hated the fact that he seemed to end up wasting his time on Yewon who didn't return his affections.

I also felt he could have been more He didn't really seem to care about other people's feelings at times, and that was hard to watch.

relationship between yewon and minhyuk? - BtoB (Born TO Beat) Answers - Fanpop

I understand that he was just trying to be true to his heart, but sometimes the heart has to remain open. I felt bad for G. Both left their hearts out in the open. The least honest person, to me, seemed to be Hyejeong, because although she ended up with Jun. K, and he seemed to like her a lot, her feelings were always unclear. It may be that she was shy, or that the age difference affected her, but more than once it seemed that she was simply going along with the romance and not feeling it honestly herself.

She clearly said in some of her interviews that being with Jun K. For Jei it seemed that she just needed to find the right partner to unleash her inner romantic and Ji-hyun, the fated one, proved that she was just that with her honest, but sweet, apprehension at falling for Hyung-sik so obviously.

The couples of Mir and Jei and Hyung-sik and Ji-hyun were the ones that felt the most real at the final selection. It was hard to find any alternative motive for their behavior and their body language spoke volumes about how they felt for the other person. Particularly with Hyung-sik running the last stretch to Ji-hyun and Mir having a mental collapse before he could even get to Jei, but then being totally steadfast in his decision to stay with her.

More than anything else, the show as a whole gave a window into how different the genders are in how they think about things and how differently they act because of that. Although there is certainly a cultural aspect to the show for the international audience, as it is Korean vs. Western, the message was still universal that women are steadfast in their love and men are inconsistent in their feelings. So how do you take such an authentic relationship show and repeat it a second time?

This is question came to my mind as soon as it became clear that a second season of the show was in the works. The second season is already confirmed with the idols being G. As someone who enjoyed the first season, I am looking forward to more addictive idol romance in the months to come. The participants are of a more similar age range this time, and there is still a mix of well-known and lesser known idols, not to mention some idols I am personally excited about, so the show has all the right ingredients to have another successful run.

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