Yoh and anna relationship goals

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yoh and anna relationship goals

Most people claim they can only understand Yoh and Anna's relationship when they read the manga –mostly refering to the Osorezan arc–. Anna was selected to be Yoh's bride from the time they were children, and Yoh very important to him, so she forces him to train and work hard toward his goal. How about when Yoh who realizes that the only way to save Tokagero's soul, It's a small moment, but it definitely hints that Anna and Yoh's relationship has.

To the heteronormativity of the male being tough and the female pouring her feelings out with over the top gestures every chance she has. Because they know they have one another. Anna grew out of her demons, literally, because he understood her pain. His past dwelled on him as a shadowy reminder — he was not like the rest of them, and they would notice it sooner or later, and when they did, they would hurt him, as it always happened.

And she started to wonder in her solitude - if her parents were like that already, what did everyone else think of her? She became able to know the unspoken.

Those cruel, horrid thoughts scared her, scarred her to no end, and made her miserable. And that misery took form. She was a block of ice, afraid of the world, afraid of the darkness, afraid of herself. It was just so weird and wrong, she had to make him realize how dreadful the world was. But, what do you know, he already knew.

He was also hurting. But he still smiled. In fact, now that I think about it, the choosing of the Spirit of Earth was a perfect fit for Yoh. And the use he made of it was even better: He attracts everyone, and provides them of solid ground — despite that airy head of his.

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Yoh saved her by showing her there was something to believe in, showing her that it was good to be different, that it was good to be strong, that she could be strong with him, that she could be herself around him, that he cared about her, that he would always help her, that he would give it all for her because she was worth it. She was worth everything. Yoh saved her by showing her love.

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Even if you take it as a friendly love, or just someone caring for someone else, and for whatever reason, be it because they shared the same pain of rejection and fear, be it because he felt she needed his help, be it because they just felt like it. They loved each other in that crucial moment, and their loved saved them both. By showing her love, she gave birth to love, as well — and, that way, he saved her, and she saved herself, too.

Despite their relationship starting way too roughly and sudden, it grew and blossomed until they both realized they had fallen for each other which happened the same rough, sudden way, and that seems to be a trend with both of them, I mean, Hana. They had both handed their lives to each other, they were going to marry and stay together forever, they both found it incredibly awkward and hard to explain, but, at the same time, they both felt it to be so right, there was no need for anything else.

And that was, and still is, the cutest thing. And if you consider that spoiler alert becoming Shaman King was the same thing than dying, and that both Yoh and Anna had made their peace with it, well, gee. She went on and on about being the future wife of the Shaman King, referring to Yoh, and always knowing he would die if that happened?

Without Yoh, there would be no Anna. A conflict arises when they use her as a vehicle to save every woman in the story. Every other woman is worth crap. In fact, Lyserg would have made an excellent chick, and a huge plus for the team.

yoh and anna relationship goals

The five legendary warriors ended up being all men, and so was the bad guy …even if he was a Princess ;. Stepping on to Hao now. He is one of the most misinterpreted villains ever. He was portrayed to be a heartless, cocky, powerful bastard, who had no special links to anyone. Hao is not a heartless being. All he wanted was his mommy. She was the only one who showed true kindness and love to him, only to be taken away by some low-life humans.

yoh and anna relationship goals

He got swallowed by anger and hatred towards humans because of that. Her soul must have gotten destroyed. And that was because of those humans. Humans were guilty of that crime. Humans took her from him. Humans took love away from him. Humans were only beings of hate and damage.

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Humans did not deserve forgiveness. Humans deserved to vanish. And so began his crusade. And as he lived his three livesthat rage only grew more and more, witnessing their foolishness, their self-sabotage, their mindless destruction, their jealousy, and their hate. Through that journey, he found other shamans who were hurt by humans, and formed alliances. But alliances based on fear. Because that hatred made him powerful.

yoh and anna relationship goals

Because he needed power to vanish humans. Because humans became more and more meaningless and small as be became stronger and followed. And becoming Shaman King meant fulfilling his goal, his revenge.

Vanishing all humans from existence because of their continuous sins. He had a weak spot in the parents department. There are quite a few clues here and there. But there was a situation that bothered me: That also affected the way his relationship with Yoh was shown.

It was almost impossible to figure out the cause of his distress if you only watched the anime, which made him a really flat villain. He was wanted by his fans because of his power and his looks. To hell with that.

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And being surrounded by love affected him. It really got to him. Un-freaking-believable if he were the douche he was presented to be in the anime. God, his face when he admitted to have been touched by it, and by Yoh specifically… Was Yoh the first person, after years, who tried to help him instead of getting rid of him? This series was about families, bonds, friendship, life, kindness, sadness, spirits, tolerance, love.

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The villain had to match up to that. And, now, remember Hao had the hots for Anna? I could round it up to two reasons: Remember the first time Hao and Anna met? Such an innuendo… He approached her, she got upset, tried to slap him, and he stopped her, making Manta and Tamao shit bricks. Oh, god, that was so funny xD Making fun of the main evildoer of the story is suck a crack. And, what did he say afterwards?

Anna looks a lot like his mother his original biological mother, not Keiko… needless to say she was taken as dead in the anime and she should have always been. Before, I mentioned what might have been of… everything, if Hao had been the one to go to Anna before Yoh did in that crucial period of her life.

He would have someone who would be able to truly understand him — his thoughts and what he was going through.