Yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

The Enduring "Friendship" (Relationship?) of 'BoA' and 'Yunho' - GoodMoMusic

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

May 3, Since I wrote an analysis on Key, I thought Jaejoong needed one too. What do you think of love relationship between gays? . Changmin and Yunho tell Jae it's weird of him to want to kiss Changmin like this: Spoiler When these topics are brought up, he often doesn't mention gender specific things. Sun Chun was seen holding a paper fan with the words “YunJae” (which stands for Yunho and Jae Joong) printed on it. The artiste posted an intimate photo of. However, Jaejoong and Yunho acted in "Dangerous Love" a Banjun a fanfic with explicit sexual relationships between him and Yunho that.

In the end, everyone just gathers looks at the girl and it happens that the girl becomes the center of everything.


I think I'm more of the guy that likes making noise and talking among boys. So whenever I go drinking, I don't usually call girls up. Is it because I don't have interest in girls? In my phonebook, there's female celebrities and excluding the female staff, I only have three female celebrities' number.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

Have you been introduced to girls? Later on, I knew that one of the girls that I met was an idol group killer who dated a lot of boys in famous idol groups.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

Friendship is very important to me. She also dated some of my close friends. In the interview, Jae said he doesn't call up girls when hanging out with his male friends because then all the attention would be on her.

The Enduring “Friendship” (Relationship?) of ‘BoA’ and ‘Yunho’

In the interview, he said he stopped contact with a girl because she dated alot of guys, including some of his close friends.

This might be a personal interpretation He doesn't hang around girls because they take male attention away from him?

In the interview, it feels like he's saying he has to compete more for male attention when a girl is around. And the interview, he appears jealous that the girl has dated some of his close male friends maybe ones he has shown interest in? He will be discharged in April of BoA began her training aroundand debuted in Yunho on the other hand was recruited in and debuted in So they likely first encountered one another injust when BoA was transitioning to focus on her Japanese debut.

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So professionally, Yunho must hold BoA in a special place. They are also some of the oldest artists currently signed to SM Entertainment.

Although Yunho refers to BoA as sunbaenimhe is actually older than she is, by about 9 months. He was born on February 6, and she November 5, But, the reason he refers to her as sunbaenim, is she debuted before him.

Also, when they met she was already an accomplished recording artist, and he just a trainee.

Yunho is just as interesting as JaeJoong heavenswine

So clearly, Yunho must have looked up to her. Which must explains why he still calls her sunbaenim.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

I still remember when she debuted, everyone in the company was rooting for her. In two years, she topped Japan, and she was only Personally, I was a fan of hers too. BoA explained her choice, saying that because she is so close to Yunho, he will take the initiative and take care of everything without her even telling him to.

Jaejoong in love with yunho?

Number 1 is that they are both born in the year of the tiger. Tigers are known to be confident as well as independent. Yunho as leader of TVXQ from the very beginning has shown his remarkable confidence, and BoA as a solo artist embodies independence.

She especially had a hard time in Japan, where she was all alone.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

And, at times BoA has expressed how if she had been in a group, her solo debuts in Japan and America would have been a lot easier. But, being a strong tiger she soldiered on. And, many a fan is thankful for that.

yunho and jaejoong relationship questions

Another quality both Yunho and BoA share, in no small part due to their confidence, is they are both amazing dancers. They acted like total BFFs. And, fans referred to their close friendship as.