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zebra and various antelope) make their way around the park following the rainfall in a The wildebeest never cross the river from Tanzania into Kenya as the Mara River is not .. relationships with all the suppliers. In the very unlikely event that you get a cheaper quote for the same trip from a reputable UK bonded tour. Quotes In fact, the creator has given zebras, gazelles, and wildebeests an Zebras, gazelles, and wildebeests know how to scan their. There are several reasons why Zebra and Wildebeest (Gnu) can often be seen together in the African savanna. They team up to warn each.

Escalation of commitment is a harmful organizational dynamic that is especially dangerous in this new millennium of constant change. Research finds that leaders escalate their commitment to a flawed course of action when they are too invested in a particular outcome or strategy.

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This over-investment is often due to emotional reasons such as the following: The leader fears a loss of credibility because he was the driving force behind the decision. The leader is unable to admit that she made a mistake. The leader is determined to prove he can make his decision work. The leader feels she has already committed too many resources to change now. The leader is unable to accept the feedback of others. If you're not willing to change, then you might be throwing the organization's good money at a bad result.

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It is not easy to back away from a course of action to which one has been so committed to in the past. Sticking too long with a wrong decision will not make it right however! It is better to make the needed changes—as painful as they may be—than to continue to waste resources on a flawed plan that will never bring the results that are needed.

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Sometimes it makes sense to cut your losses, adapt to the new realities before you, and move on to a better situation!

Contrary to popular belief, lions and other carnivores do not migrate with the grazing animals but feast on them when their paths cross. Why do the animals migrate? What the animals are in essence doing is following the rains in search of lush new grass. Taking advantage of the strongly seasonal conditions, the wildebeest are spending the wet season on the plains in the south-east, and the dry season in the woodlands of the north-west. The animals themselves, however, play a role in shaping their environment to their needs just by the sheer weight of their numbers.

The km pilgrimage is an ongoing cycle of movement and dispersal that is not continually in forward motion.

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The wildebeest need to drink daily and their movement is very much dominated by the accessibility of water and they seem to have a sixth sense in following the storms. This epic journey has no real beginning or end. The River Crossings The famous spectacle of the crossing at the Grumeti and Mara Rivers has been well documented by film makers and photographers. Forced on by the power of the herd the wildebeest have no choice but to take a suicidal plunge into the crocodile infested waters often drowning in their thousands.

How can I witness the Migration? There is no real right or wrong time to visit East Africa see the migration as each season offers its own highlights.

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It is, however, important to be in the right area at the right time of year. Jan — Early Mar Serengeti This is the season when the wildebeest calves are born over a week period, making it one of the most popular times to visit the Serengeti. As there is an abundance of food around in the form of defenceless young wildebeest, sightings of lions, hyenas, and other predators are particularly good during this time.

Thankfully because so many calves are born in such a short time the predators do not have time to eat them all. During these months it is best to choose a camp or lodge in the southern plains of the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Conversation Area. This will be the height of the rainy season. By July the countless herds have amassed along the swollen Mara River — a final barrier from the short sweet grasses of the Masai Mara.