Zulekha haywood and iman relationship test

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zulekha haywood and iman relationship test

Zulekha Haywood Biography. She is the only daughter of supermodel Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid aka Iman and her ex-husband Spencer Haywood. She was raised in her birthplace along with five half-siblings; Alexandria Zahra Jones, Duncan Jones, Shaakira Haywood, Nikiah Haywood, and Isis. Zulekha Haywood, 31, said she had 'more or less been on a diet since I was eight' and that only now after gastric band surgery is her weight. Iman and David Bowie early in their relationship. Lexi has half-sister Zulekha Haywood, daughter of Iman and Spencer Haywood, and.

The Hollywood power couple gave us 25 years worth of RelationshipGoals, and every moment was like magic. Watching the English rocker fall head over heels for Iman in front of cameras is something all couples strive to attain. Unfortunately, the final chapter of the rock legend's life story has come to a close, as he died Sunday night after an month battle with cancer.

Although he's gone, his footprint in the music industry, and his example of how to love a woman unconditionally, is everlasting, and will live on for generations. If you don't know much about David Bowie, don't worry. I've compiled several facts about the legendary rocker who influenced several generations of musicians: But I would be remiss if I didn't also include the most magical moments from David and Iman's legendary Hollywood love story.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship test

Take a look below. He was the original "Mr. Steal Your Girl," sometimes while wearing makeup Back in the 80s, it was pretty awesome to see guys tap into their feminine sides, while snatching up ladies left and right.

Iman's daughter Zulekha

Music listeners knew that while Prince could effortlessly pull this off, David Bowie was also a repeat offender in this realm.

According to New York Magazine, collaborator. The other stamp he left on fashion: He favored skintight jumpsuits, teetering platforms, feather boas, and even the Michael Fish "man-dress" that's what the designer called the maxidresslike style he wore on the cover of the The Man Who Sold the World, reclined odalisque-style. He had a knack for finding designers who understood his unique needs: According to some music historians, David's stand out style is what created "glam rock.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship test

Could you imagine a world without Steven Tyler? I can't even picture the thought.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship test

But glam rock was very impactful, especially back in the 70s and 80s. Although it's not really clear whether he was actually bisexual, how he presented himself before the world was revolutionary.

  • David Bowie's Music And Love For Iman Will Always Stand The Test Of Time
  • David Bowie and Iman’s incredible love story spanning more than two decades
  • Iman opened up to Oprah Winfrey about her successful marriage to David Bowie before his death

Just "doing him" allowed gay teens of his time to know that it was okay to "do them" as well. It was a message that truly changed the lives of teens struggling to find their identities in a heterosexual world. David Bowie always knew the magnetic influence of great music Without David Bowie, some musicians would still be struggling to find a hit, and possibly a career.

The rock legend was instrumental in shaping the career of legendary singer Luther Vandross, who toured with him as a back up singer in Even Janelle Monae and Snoop Dogg can't get enough of his music. Seriously, he's influenced every musician on the planet. David Bowie found love, and never let go David Bowie and Iman David Bowie first met Iman on a blind date inand he was smitten with her the first time he laid eyes on her cocoa-colored skin.

Somali’s most famous export Iman Abdulmajid and the story of her family

Iman, who had just gotten out of a relationship three years earlier with pro-basketball player Spencer Haywood, wasn't ready to dive into a relationship with a musician. But David wasn't going to let go of his new "bae" for anything in the world. I couldn't sleep for the excitement of our first date That she would be my wife, in my head, was a done deal. I'd never gone after anything in my life with such passion in all my life.

He was a diplomat stationed in Tanzania but tried his best to be available for his family. Nadia Abdulmajid younger sister, born to same parents Date of birth: December 5 Zodiac sign: Sagittarius She lives in Washington and works as hair stylist.

zulekha haywood and iman relationship test

Idil Abdulmajid younger sister, born to same parents She lives in Annandale, Virginia. There is no much information about them. Spencer Haywood ex-husband Duration of Marriage: April 22, Zodiac Sign: Taurus Her first husband was a Somali man whom she was with in college but they split upon her moving to the United States to pursue her career in modelling. In America, she met Spencer who was a basketball player and they fell in love. Their wedding was in and a year after the two welcomed their first child.

It all came crashing for Iman and Spencer in and they were involved in a tense custody battle for their daughter. They are together till date and have three daughters David Bowie late husband Duration of Marriage: April 24, — January 10, till his death Date of Birth: January 8, Date of Death: January 10 age: Capricorn Some years after her first divorce, the exotic beauty married rock star David Bowie. David is a British singer with albums that dominated the music charts in the first few months of His songs were mainly in the genre of inspirational music.

The British singer was first married to Angie Barnett from to and they have a son Duncan born in together.

Zulekha Haywood Biography

The Bowie-Abdulmajid union happened at a romantic Tuscany ceremony in They were married for two decades and nearly four years before Iman lost her love to liver cancer.

No one knew he was in such terrible state except family and close friends. The illness was kept a secret for 18 long months until at 69, the shocker came and he passed on.

July 5, Zodiac Sign: Cancer She is the first child to the beautiful supermodel Iman.