Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Arthur and Gorlagon, an anonymous twelfth-century Cymro-Latin. Arthurian parody of a werewolf romance, has been understood as a wholly misogynistic text in. Get this from a library! Arthur and Gorlagon. [George Lyman Kittredge; Bodleian Library.].

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Catalog Record: Arthur and Gorlagon : versions of The | Hathi Trust Digital Library

He fails, in accordance with athur convention of fairydom, as his success would be the hero’s failure. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

Melion is re-transformed and comes to England with Arthur, leaving the guilty wife behind him. The wolf being desirous of crossing the sea, is standing on the beach. No one familiar with Gaelic story-telling whether in its Irish or Scotch form can fail to recognise in Arthur and Gorlagon an example of the genre.

He marries her; she learns that he possesses a congenital talisman capable of transforming him into a wolf, lures from him the secret, makes use of it, and returns to her father, taking one of her husband’s servants with her.

The only confession, however, he would make was that in rescuing the boy from the wolf, the wolf had attacked him; and he called the Queen to witness to the truth of what he said. If this thing were known to me alone, Arthur he repliedI would by no means tell it you; but as it is well known to all who are sitting at table with me, I am not ashamed that you also should be made acquainted with it.

Scansile, scatidile, the steps by which one can mount a horse, a horse-block. The wolf concealed himself near the road where the King was to pass, and when all had gone by and he saw the King approaching for he judged from his countenance that it was the King he dropped his head and ran close after him, and encircling the King’s right foot with his paws he would have licked him affectionately like a suppliant asking for pardon, with such groanings as he was capable of.

Then two noblemen who were guarding the King’s person, seeing this enormous wolf for they had never seen gorlgon of so vast a sizecried out, “Master, see here is the wolf we seek!

The werwolf’s wife, instead of being an altogether repugnant personage for whom artuur punishment is too bad, is not borne upon hardly by the story-teller and comes off golragon the end quite easily. For so greatly was the wolf held in dread that no one dared to go to rest anywhere around, but everyone kept watch the whole night long against his inroads. Here then is a simple and straightforward version of one of the themes, the main one, found in the allied stories.


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Dismount now and eat, for we have both well deserved our meal, I for the gorlsgon I have told, and you for listening glrlagon it. Professor Kittredge should not be held responsible for any imperfections in my exposition of his masterly argument, the plan of which I have not thought it necessary to retain.

The King, who understood the wolf’s customary signals, got up and followed him through the different bedchambers to the underground room where the boy was hidden away.

Thus, indeed, the story runs in one of the most famous of old Irish mythic romances, the Wooing of Etain. Adthur the treatment of the wife Melion is nearer to Morraha than to Arthur and Gorlagon ; although pronounced guilty, she is spared.

Dismount now and eat, and afterwards I will relate at greater length what remains. And King Gargol said to him, “Who art thou? It has, however, obviously been modified to fit it into the Arthurian cycle, Arthur sharing with the werwolf’s father-in-law the role of the protector-king.

The same contamination with the Gellert story appears as in Arthur and Gorlagon ; also with the theme of the Child-Stealing Monster.

Arthur and Gorlagon

The second and third kings cannot be the werwolf’s brothers, as is indeed evident from the conduct of the story. Thus by the end of the fourteenth century at the latest, a Celtic and characteristically Celtic folktale was put into Latin, probably suffering in this transition from a vernacular to a learned language those modifications which are immediately apparent, as also, possibly, others.

You are like a harper who almost before he has finished playing the music of a song, keeps on repeatedly interposing the concluding passages without anyone singing to his accompaniment. Afthur greetings had been qnd Arthur made known who he was and why he had come, and as he kept on asking for information on the matters about which he had come, King Gorlagon answered, “Yours is a weighty question.

Literature, Medieval — Abd and criticism. But at last one day, when the King had returned from hunting later than usual, and according to his wont had entered the plantation alone, the Queen, in her thirst for information, and unable to endure that the thing should be concealed from her any longer as it is customary for a woman to wish to know everything aarthur, when her husband had returned and was seated at table, asked him with a treacherous smile why he went to the garden so many nad a day, and had been there even then late in the evening before taking food.


The werwolf knows nothing of the third king when he appeals to him for protection, which would be absurd if he were really his brother. And as they were joyfully partaking of the feast of rich abundance, Arthur, in his excessive joy, threw his arms around the Queen, who was sitting beside him, and embracing her, kissed her very affectionately in the sight of all.

Arthur srthur, “I shall be able to eat enough by-and-by. An on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. I doubt not that your heart is well disposed towards me, and I certainly think that your affection is absolutely known to me. Your request to send this item has been completed. Whatever the King commanded him he performed, and he never showed any fierceness towards or inflicted any hurt upon any one.

Having steadfastly championed these views ever since my first work for the Folk-Lore Society, now near a quarter of a century old, I may be permitted some satisfaction in finding them so ably urged by the distinguished scholar upon whom has fallen the mantle of Francis James Child. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon – Wikisource, the free online library

So on the eighth day after the King had started, they met in the bedchamber at midday and mounted the bed together, little heeding the presence of the wolf. Kittredgeof Harvard, from the late 14th century Bodleian parchment MS. Project MUSE Arthuf Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. So the King set out, and the wolf remained with the Queen.

For he understands perfectly whatever we say to him: But at some date X was borlagon in a framework and in this stage gave rise to the Welsh original of Arthur and Gorlagon. But Arthur said he would by no means do that, and when again requested to dismount, he swore by an oath that he would yield to no entreaties until he had learned what he was in search of.

I am afraid that if he is left alone he will be drowned in his anxiety to get over.