AZ Edit Programming Part 2. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Listen key is paired to the Talk Key and can be manually turned on or off. Many intercoms have AF on all. View and Download Telex Azedit software manual online. Telex Azedit Software: Software Guide. Azedit Software pdf manual download. WARRANTY INFORMATION. RTS products are warranted by Telex Communications, Inc. to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of.

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The Description column displays a short description of the SL. Unity Gain is when the amplitude that the audio comes into the matrix system is sent out at the same amplitude. It is necessary to have a listen function for PL’s, so having an AF everywhere simplifies programming and saves time. Azecit sure scroll enable is turned on so they show up on the Key Panel.

Telex Azedit Software Manual

Setup files require less disk space with fewer resources. The Description axedit displays a short description of the Inter-panel Dim. The Alpha field displays the number of the Alpha currently being displayed. FILE – File mode indicates the computer is not communicating with the intercom system. The Input Port Alpha is the recognizable name the user renamed the port. EasySuite User Guide V1. We recommend that you save your files in this folder. You may wish to set all of the restriction check boxes for all setup pages at all intercom ports.

Some options slightly modify the operation of the intercom system. AZedit Software User Manual. By default, the Standard Toolbars are docked to the top of the application. This cabling requires a crossover cable. However, access for everyone else is controlled as follows The following is a list of menus and screens you can access by right clicking from the GPI Out main screen.


Page A File Name drop-down list appears. The information in this guide is subject to change without notice. Minimize Minimize closes, but not exits, the Azediit window.

Inter-panel Dim Tables If there were a feedback problem between Ralph and me, we could use one Xzedit table with all three of us as members with only one dim amount. Both the Standard Toolbar and the Standard Toolbar 2 can either be docked to the top of the window or float separately from the window. Do this using keypanel setup. You can then merge this file into mmanual other setup files using the Merge command.

If you are having trouble connecting to the intercom system, try the following: Work Off-Line Set up a new database or modify a previously saved database without being connected to the telephone system. Copyright All Rights Aezdit Copyright The use, disclosure, modification, transfer, or transmittal of this work for any purpose, in any form, or by any means, without the written permission of the copyright More information.

Before attempting any kind of key assignment make sure the “Upload Alphas” message is not displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. Page 67 Listen Source field.

To create a new file with the default configuration settings, do the following: About Icon The About icon displays a window that details the AZedit version, its build date, and copyright information. These are initial settings. You can now start editing the key panel.


Any changes made to the configuration will be highlighted in yellow as a reminder that they are either not yet sent or saved. Invert Selection is clicked, the three ports that were highlighted are no longer highlighted, while the manuql of the port list becomes highlighted.

Getting Started with Vision 6 Version 6. Under RY’s, the input side is changed to “ANY” and the output is the port the radio is connected to, that way anyone talking to the radio port automatically closes the Relay. In this case you will see a prompt that there is a capabilities conflict, and you will be given the choice to reset AZedit capabilities to match the intercom system.


Type AF or Msnual etc in any listen box. Indicates that the standby controller is connected and operating, but that it has not been updated with the current intercom system configuration. Connection manua Matrix Intercom System Using Table 1, determine the type of intercom system you have and the type of connection you are using.

Port Allocation Table Window If there are changes, you will be aaedit to cancel the connection and save your file before connecting. This can be helpful on big intercoms, where it might be useful to build a scroll lists for all the main production KP’s for example.

Double-click the CD drive.

AZedit Software User Manual. Up to and including version 4.0.0

For more information on Listen Source setup, see Listen Source. Start display at page:. The Alias column displays the alias of the SL.

This number cannot be changed. You must be connected to the intercom using a serial or USB connection to configure Ethernet for the intercom system Select Options Ethernet Configuration from the menu bar to open the Ethernet Configuration window. These quantities can be changed. KA Axedit of Contents Introduction If the changes are not sent they are not saved to the intercom system.

User Programmable Logic Statements Programmable Logic Statements create programming statements to trigger actions based on specified conditions. Clicking that button again reverses the sort in the opposite direction. Reproduction in any manner More information.