Bahar-e-Shariat () is an encyclopedia of Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence), according to the “Bahar-e-Shariat – Talaaq (Vol 8)”. ^ http://www. ; ^ +Umer Sarwar. “Bahar e Shariat Book. Bahar-e-Shariat, a renowned book consisting on three Volumes has been beautifully designed and shaped into a Mobile Application. The three volumes of the. Bahaar e Shariat aik urdu app hai jo kai fiqa hanfia kai mutabiq har tarah ka dini masail ka hal batati hai, is mai wadu, namaz, pani ka istamal aur baqi bee har.

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Key Features of the App: Bahar-e-Shariat, a renowned book consisting on three Volumes has been beautifully designed and shaped into a mobile application. The three volumes of the book bhaar into 20 parts have been gorgeously designed in this application.


Being essential for every Muslim, Islami Aqaid bayan must be read by the user. Once you go through the first part of this app, you would earn great treasure of knowledge about fundamentals of Islam.

While using this app one can easily learn Wuzu ki Sunnat and much more. Moreover, this app will also help you in learning Namaz ka bayan Speech regarding PrayerNamaz k masail Shariah rulings regarding Namaz. Being Muslim, one must know masail e namaz Rulings of Namaz by using shqriat fabulous mobile application. Hajj is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam.

One complete part of this mobile explains Hajj ka bayan Speech about Pilgrimage.

Bahar-e-Shariat (Part 4) بہارِ شریعت :: Books Library ::

Hajj k Masail Sharai rulings regarding Hajj and Umrah ka masail Sharai rulings regarding Umrah have been separately detailed in the app. In a nutshell, this mobile contains significant amount of Islamic knowledge. One must make use of this dazzling mobile app.


It has an eye catching user interface. Download it and let other Islamic brothers know about it.

بہار شریعت جلد اول ۔ حصہ الف

Open Menu Close Menu Apple. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description Key Features of the App: Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Developer Website App Support.