Bella POV. I was currently sat in Alice’s room with Alice and Rose stood in front of me holding too many beauty cosmetics for my liking. “C’mon. found the first one! its Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Kikiblue Oh and another I just remembered about, It has like The Saw plot, and they have to do. Beautiful Dirty Rich by • One Bet. Bella bets Edward that after a week of some raw sexcapades he won’t want to stop. He bets her.

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All the guys will be staring at you! She loves him and he loves her but will their love survive drugs, fame and jealousy? Rose was dressed in a red, low cut, short tight dress whilst Alice was in a tiny black dress that clung to her and showed off her every curve.

Bad Girl/Rebelella – TwiFanfictionRecs

Can there be a happily ever after for beautivul damaged souls? Alice looked at me and smiled. She comes, she goes.

Are you the publisher? Adults and children alike looked at them with mock-friendliness. Stealing a piece of me every time she leaves. Edward’s Eternal, Fanfiction, Rec, Twilight. I laughed while looking in the mirror, I had to give it to them, I did look better than I normally did and the way Rose did my hair was spectacular.


Suck at summaries, One Shot! Not their wealth, not their beauty, not their… Okay maybe I do own their dirty minds. How will this end? All too soon Alice had squealed when a song came on, I saw Edward laugh at me slightly, so I left Alice and dragged him up too.

The song remembers when.

I already have our dirgy picked out and I know it’s going to be a great night! Will he be able to break through her tough girl act?

Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of We danced through out the whole night and soon I got tired, so we all went home, as soon as I landed on the bed Kiiiblue was out like a lamp. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. I came out a couple of minutes later glaring at Alice, she had put me in a tiny purple one strapped dress that went too high up on my thighs for my liking.

Is there anything they have to offer each other?

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich | Twilight Fanfiction Rec’s

Edward is waiting to be ordained as a Catholic priest. Contact us about this article. The Crucified USA 6.


Bella POV I was currently sat in Alice’s room with Alice and Rose stood in front of me holding too many beauty cosmetics for my liking. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Browsing the Latest Snapshot. Openly sexual, disconcertingly beautiful and filthy rich. But was their beauty only skin deep? They were extremely naughty. I had to hand it to her, she should be a beautician, and she was a natural. You look better than I thought!

Another duo possessed filthy, filthy minds. Where can I read […]. After meeting Edward, Bella thought her life would rlch calm down, but nothing could prepare her for what happens next. Total emotional car crash.

Life takes a crazy turn […]. Further on into the night, Bella has a thought. I do not own! Beautiful Dirty Rich 2. After I ate breakfast, I went back to mine and Edwards room and fell asleep again, the past nights events playing in my dream.