Developed by Meredith Belbin in , following nine years of study and has An individual’s team role is established through a ‘Self Perception Inventory’. The Belbin Self-Perception Inventory (SPI) is a behaviour-based questionnaire. Your responses, via the SPI, are analysed by the Belbin Team Role system. Belbin Team Role Inventory, also called the Belbin Team Inventory or the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory, is an method for assessment of an individual’s.

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They prefer to think over carefully every possible solution before they come teak with the final decision. The assessments are available either online or via Belbin’s book. Following the introduction of Belbin’s approach to Team Role analysis in[1] an independent study of the psychometric properties of the instruments was published in in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

However, they may be seen as closed-minded and inflexible since they will often have difficulty deviating from their own well-thought-out plans, especially if such a deviation compromises efficiency or threatens well-established practices.

Because of an unwillingness to take sides, a Teamworker may not be able to take decisive action when needed. Hoe effectief is uw team?

Clarifies goals, structures discussions, creates unity, takes tough decisions. A person may and often does exhibit strong tendencies towards multiple roles. Might ignore incidentals, and may be too preoccupied to beobin effectively. Do you and your manager have complimentary Team Role profiles? Plants are creative, unorthodox and generators of ideas.

The Nine Team Roles of Belbin

We all strive for it but twam always arise at some point. The Nine Belbin Team Roles A team is not a bunch of people with job titles, but a congregation of individuals, each of whom has a role which is understood by other members. Assessment of team role The team roles describe a pattern of behaviour that characterises one person’s behaviour in relationship to another in facilitating the progress of a team.


Discover our two-day Accreditation Course, aimed at professionals who will be using Belbin Team Roles with individuals and teams, or who will be teaching the model. Retrieved November 22, Archived from the original on SHs are usually good managers, who effectively stimulate people and cause a positive action.

They easily negotiate and communicate with people both outside and inside the roels. Although enthusiastic and eager, they may lose their initial fascination and interest quickly. They complement and reinforce each other, but they can also contradict and compete with each other. Might be over-optimistic, and can lose interest once the initial enthusiasm has passed.

It finds out what a person prefers to do when he is in a team and how everyone else sees that person. This approach enables an individual or team to benefit from self-knowledge and adjust behaviour according to the demands being made by the external situation. They are highly strung and usually extroverted, therefore they like to challenge a team to improve, and find the best approach to problems.

Retrieved 20 February Shaper is driven, passionate and willful. Co-ordinators are sometimes perceived to be manipulative and will tend to delegate all work, leaving nothing but the delegating for them to do. Informatie Neem contact met mij op Downloads. Team Worker TW Team Workers are sociable, rather sensitive and emphatic people, who provide the biggest support in a team, as well as they care that all team members are working together.


Retrieved from ” https: Where a Plant creates new ideas, a Resource Investigator will quite happily appropriate them from other companies rles people. Belbin himself asserts that the Team Roles are not equivalent to personality typesand that unlike the Myers-Briggs Type Indicatorwhich is a psychometric instrument used to sort people bdlbin one of 16 personality rolew, the Belbin Inventory scores people on how strongly they express behavioural traits from nine different Team Roles.

Team Role Inventories

Why They Succeed or Fail Belbin Team Role Model Management Use talents to improving team performance The Belbin team role model is designed to use the talents and personalities of team members. The team roles describe a pattern of behaviour infentory characterises one person’s behaviour in relationship to another in facilitating the progress of a team. From the Blog Catch up on the latest from the Belbin blog. If you want your team teeam improve its performance by working together more effective, it is important that you learn to use the psychological diversity in your team to its fullest potential.

Provides the necessary drive to ensure that the team keeps moving and does not lose focus or momentum. Completer – Finisher CF Completer-Finishers are diligent, hard working inveentory very precise people, who care that projects are completed painstakingly and to the very end. Monitor-Evaluators are practical and hard-headedness individuals.