Employers are responsible for accident prevention; Risk assessment; Printed ” Principles of Prevention (BGV A1, “Unfallverhütungsvorschrift “Grundsätze der. With the coming into effect of the BGV A1 “Grundsätze der Prävention” (basic prevention principles) (hitherto VBG 1) since 1st January , accident insurers . has long been active in the prevention of occupational musculoskeletal diseases in practical scenarios, BG-Vorschrift “Grundsätze der Prevention” ( BGV A1).

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Prevention has an important role in health management at the TU. Behaviour-oriented measures are not to be separated from relationship-oriented measures concrete working conditions as shown prventon the chart: This also applies for medication intake. Apart from these financial disadvantages, employees may receive additional fines or even imprisonment such as conviction for drunk driving, assault, etc.

Accident prevention — Home

Supervisors are responsible because of their general duty of care and relevant labour protection legislation and social security regulations for compliance with the requirements for occupational health and safety. Supervisors must ensure that employees who are under alcohol or drugs influence, not work and not keep their jobs, that is, they must intervene immediately if they notice the work grindstze alcohol or drugs influence.


In addition, they are responsible grunstze the safety of the employees concerned. Therefore, appropriate supervisory measures need to be taken.

Prevention is better than cure

It is not enough to just escort the employees who are under the influence of alcohol or geundstze off the premises or to send them home; Supervisors have to accompany them themselves or be accompanied by a representative home. This applies not only during working hours, but also after work.

Breath or blood test measuring instruments doctor may only be done with the consent of the person concerned.

In most cases, the decision may only be based on evidences, such as witnesses. After removal of employee from the workplace, the person concerned must not be left on their own. Depending on the degree of intoxication, those responsible must ensure that medical care, supervised accommodation in operation or a safe way home is given.

The person concerned has to bear any costs to the employer for the accompanying person. The literature and the views on this subject are very diverse, extensive and not prvenrion here completely.


The employers are also, in terms of addiction, obliged to care for the life and ggv of their employees. Contrast Font size Uni structure Language Intranet. Karriere Weiterbildung Alumni International Aktuelles.

Studieninteressierte Studierende Mitarbeiter Journalisten Economy. For employees, this applies: Those working under the influence of alcohol and medication: Fiduciary duty of the supervisor: Determining blood alcohol level: Print page to top Imprint de Privacy Statement de.