During the past 40 years the production of natural rubber has increased three times and of synthetic rubbers 15 times, Biodeterioration 7 pp | Cite as . Rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) can be used commercially for the construction of fishing boats, which are subjected to biodegradation in the water, and on. Natural rubber (NR) was once the only source of the elastomeric materials required by a wide range Biodeterioration, Elsevier Applied Science, 7 (), pp.

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Ex Plastics have high chemical resistances due to their excessive molecular size for biodegradation. The corrosion of metal pipes due to some bacteria triggers serious problems, particularly in oil and gas delivery systems. This is because the xenobiotics have been developed recently, from a geological viewpoint, and the existing microorganisms haven’t encountered them and therefore are not prepared to biodegrade them.

Use of low cost materials is the another giodeterioration method. Thus it is little difficult to completely control them. Metals used in marine environments or the biodeteriofation of the fuel tanks of jet aircraft are susceptible to microbial corrosion. This historic site has suffered corrosion, despite treatment with synthetic polymers.

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Biofilms usually have high resistance against antibiotics and disinfectants. Biodeterioration of stored diesel oil: This website is a study conducted from samples of the Milan Cathedral.

Bioremediation refers to any process that use microorganisms, green plants or their enzymes do to return the natural environment, which was changed by contaminants, back to its original state. Bacteria and fungus biodeterioratino deterioration in paper resulting in poor quality of sheets. Minimises the concentration of growth inhibitory materials. Increasing the binding of water molecule 3.


In assimilatory biodeterioration, the organism uses material as a food or energy source. Biodegradation is the process that occurs when organic materials are broken biodetwrioration by enzymes that are produced by microorganisms.

Biodeterioration | definition of biodeterioration by Medical dictionary

Produce useful by-products 3. Composting involves breaking down of organic materials by a large number of bacteria and fungi. Suitable environmental conditions like temperature, moisture and oxygen are necessary for wood decay. Biodeterioration [25] also has a impact on a wide range of materials including Stone and Wood evaluation of rubver is very important especially in situations such as construction.

Biofilms are the communities of micro organisms and have a self developed polymeric matrix and adherent to an inert or living surface. References in periodicals archive?

Genitic exchange become easier due to proximity to progeny and other bacteria rhbber. Biodeterioration is the process that produces undesirable change in the properties of materials by the activity of organisms. Avalibilty of nutrients for growth 2. Pitting and scaling of the metal occurs beneath heavy, slimy growths of hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria such as species of Pseudomonas and Desulfovibrio.

Resistance of smoked glued laminated lumber to subterranean termite attack. Rubner sludge acts as a carbon source to the bacteria. Decompose the sludge organics 2.

Gamma irradiation is a good preventive method for wood decay. These are huge tanks which sludge is pumped into from the settling tanks. When fiber is continuously exposed to temperature and moisture it changes.

It is full of nutrients and can be made into a supplement for livestock. Microbes are even able to last long within a low-nutritive environment of a biofilm. Xenobiotics are synthetic organic compounds and they generally have chemical properties that cannot be broken down by microbial degradative enzymes.


Chemical paper pulp produces less nutrients for microorganisms biiodeterioration the mechanical one. Valdes, is and the different types of Bioremediation [29]. Then the anaerobic methane fermentors convert the acids and rubber to methane and carbon dioxide.

Biodegradation – WikiEducator

Minimises and prevents scum build up. Actividad biocida de dos plantas cosechadas en Cuba contra hongos aislados del ambiente de depositos de archivos. Bioventing, bioreactor, composting, bioaugmentation, rhizofiltration and boistimulation are the major bioremediation techniques [30].

This is based on New Zealand Qualification Authority Bioveterioration [1] entitled “Discuss microbial biodeterioration and biodegradation. Pyrolysis enables plastics to be degraded through reducing their molecular size to short biodegradable fragments.

There are many reasons for microorganism having biofilms some of the advantages and disadvantages are outlined at “Bakers’ yeast Blooms into Biofilms.

Biodegradation of rubber is a slow process, bacteria utilizing rubber as a sole carbon source is also slow.

Biofilms found on the solid supports in sewage-treatment plants play major in processing of sewage water before it is discharged into rivers. This piece of research studies biodeteerioration fungi affect biodeteioration decomposition: Distribute the alkalinity buffer throughout the tank and helps keep the pH under control.

This review provides a basic understanding of what biofilms are, the problems they can cause, and what might be done to deal with them. Biodeterioration definition of biodeterioration by Medical dictionary https: