Jan 8, BMC BladeLogic Client Automation Configuration Discovery Integration for CMDB (CDI) moves your data from BMC BladeLogic Client. Oct 20, Seamless authentication enables users to launch BMC BladeLogic Client Automation applications from BMC Change Management tools. BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is a fully integrated and automated solution for configuring and maintaining end user systems, applications and operating.

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The time spent integrating and testing white box deployments adds significant costs and delays cliet deployments. Maintain continuous compliance over software, patches, configuration settings, power settings, and security content through a powerful policy-based management system that: Manage power usage Normalize your software catalog Manage devices Secure inventory Prepare for coient.

Celestix Appliance Optimization Celestix purpose-builds their 5th generation appliance hardware to optimize the performance of BMC BladeLogic software and to deliver high reliability year after year.

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation | RightStar

Repeaters ensure that all managed client devices have current and compliant software. With whitebox deployments, you purchase separate hardware, operating system, and BMC components—each requiring a separate approval cycle. Install and update applications. In large enterprises, automating client software management to improve speed and economy is a necessity.

BMC BladeLogic Client Automation

Bladelogc the overview video 1: BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is a fully integrated wutomation automated solution for configuring and maintaining end user systems, applications and operating systems according to user roles and corporate policies — with full verification. Set desired limit thresholds for CPU, procs, or other system resources for sysmonitor alerts Interface bonding – In Windows: With the BMC appliance there is no need to dedicate long hours of staff time to configure individual whiteboxes to act as repeaters for BMC Configuration Automation for Clients.


Otherwise, you purchase separate hardware, operating system, and BMC components—with each part requiring multiple levels of approval. With Client Management you can create compliance rules or import an SCAP template to check endpoint compliance and automate remediation. Select the link below that best bjc your interest. Manage license usage to ensure you are not exceeding licenses purchased.

Easily manage all your endpoints 1: You receive the performance you want with minimal points of vulnerability as compared to generic-server deployments. Our appliances bmcc many competitive advantages for BMC deployments, including:. Managing software deployment for a complex environment across thousands of endpoints with various permuations of software licenses is too much to handle manually.

BladeLogic Client Automation Functions

Celestix develops hardware platforms that ensure optimal performance and exceptional ease-of-use. Try Client Management free for 30 days Start a free trial.

Procurement With BMC appliances you purchase integrated solutions from one source that are ready to use straight from the box. To learn more about how we can help you improve performance while reducing cost and risk. The Celestix appliance platform uses high-speed, highthroughput architecture and components throughout—without exteraneous components that add cost and complexity. BMC BladeLogic Client Automation is designed to allow IT operations staff to cost-effectively and securely update, patch, manage and maintain desktops, laptops and handheld devices across the entire enterprise — regardless of their location or network connectivity.


Actively manage or “set it and forget it” Distribute patches automatically and simultaneously Automatically update vulnerability and patch bulletins catalog Patch multiple vendors. Celestix BMC Series appliances come fully integrated and ready to use straight from the box.

Main Menu Featured Products. Web UI for convenient remote management of application and appliance 1-button rollback to factory presets for fast, easy recovery Jog dial and front panel display for fast deployment and easy on-site administration.

Automatically deploy software, operating systems, and patches. This system helps organizations: Enforce policy-driven compliance, while also saving on license costs and minimizing security vulnerabilities.

Client Management – BMC Software

No advanced functionalities like port forwarding, etc. Allows you to see log files and specify queries to view the data you need Service management from LCD: With a centralized point of patch deployment bladelkgic operating systems and applications, you can ensure that all systems are patched to help enforce security policies.

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