CALIBRADOR DE PIE DE REY: también denominado Vernier, es un. instrumento utilizado para medir dimensiones de objetos relativamente pequeños, desde. Qué es el Vernier El nonio o vernier es una segunda escala auxiliar que Documents Similar To Vernier de carátula. Calibrador Electrodigital(Practica). Calibrador Vernier. Calibrador de carátula El calibrador de carátula está equipado con un indicador de carátula en lugar de un nonio.

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Bob and Sparky explain how caratua read metric vernier calipers. You can get some practice sheets at http: How to read a vernier caliper p, Full HD. It can’t be taught any better.

carafula Having trouble reading a vernier caliper? Take a quick test. They are often labeled 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 thousanths of an inch.

The middle or caratupa scale, not getting mixed up with vernier calipers that also have metric or millimeter scale, is called the main scale. The labeled increments are in 10th’s of an inch.

Lectura de vernier de caratula en pulgadas

The lines in the middle of of the main scale are increments of 25 thousandths of an inch 0. To get the value of a vernier caliper simply find the zero line on the vernier dde, and see what line it falls after, on the main scale.

In the video, the zero line on the top vernier scale is after the 0. In the video, the first line on the top vernier scale that come in direct line with a line on the middle main scale is the 0. Knowing that, we add 0.


Wanna play with the vernier caliper simulator? How to read the vernier caliper and The differences between vernier, dial, and digital calipers. Using Simulation to instruct reading vernier caliper measurement. Special thanks to http: This video continues the series on using precision measuring tools that are used by the mechanic.


The detailed video uses closeup video to show hoe standard micrometers are used. Mitutoyo product demo video showing the use of vernier calipers. Subscribe to Mitutoyo America – https: A short video on how to use and read a vernier caliper. If you have further questions, please ask us on our forum at http: See how the numbers work on the dials to measure run-out or out-of-round. The idea works in fractions or decimals, metric or inch-based as well.

This video will explain how a metric micrometer is used by the mechanic to measure parts.

Constructive criticism is good and helps with making the video better, stupid juvenile remarks are not and will be removed. You can use this in place of a ruler. Julie Bean You can find the supplies in this video at Beadaholique.

Dibujo Industrial-Equipo 2-Presenta

Bob Welds explains how to read calibradro metric micrometer. For more new video usually every week. Explains how to read a ruler with 16th increments.

Also provides explanation of basic fraction reduction.


In today’s episode of Watch and Learn, we will cover the ins and outs of sizing a watch bracelet. Carayula is a rather simple task that can be accomplished by both novice and expert. There are many ways to size a bracelet, so we show you how to do it with three of the most popular tools out there; a spring bar tool, a bracelet vise, and a hammer and block.

como usar un calibrador, pie de rey o vernier 2

Calibradof you have the know-how, you won’t have to pay a jeweler again to do this for you. The standard friction or cotter pin bracelet will be discussed in this video, with future Watch and Learns dedicated to other bracelets such as pins and collars. The tools used in this episode are rather affordable, and a selection calibtador them is shown below: To Determine the volume of given Sphere and Cylinder by measuring Length and diameter with Vernier Callipers Please use headphones for better sound Please use headphones for better sound.

Mitutoyo V-Anvil Micrometers are useful for measuring pitch diameters of taps which have a small diameter by using single-wire method. Measures the outside diameter of cutting heads with vernuer number of flutes such as taps, reamers and end mills.