Reduce Your risk with integrated and intelligent protection systems. Secura® gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything. For over years Sartorius has been using science to create solutions for our customers. The Sartorius Lab Filtration portfolio, whether it is simple filter papers . Investor Relations News: January to September · Excel-File · Presentation Conference Call · Replay Conference Call.

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E-Shop FAQ

Sartorius AZ balance offers grams weighing capacity with readability to 0. Simply integrated — application software The M-Power balances come standard with a variety of application programs built in, helping to simplify routine tasks: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to sartoius the functionality of this website.

Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. Now click the Parse button and enter instructions to extract the data from the balance’s reply. If you want to collect data only when you press a key on the balance, then create an extra channel and Extract the “Record Number” to it. You’ll see many other balance manufacturer’s only have a 1 year warranty and our only guess is their warranty is only 1 year since they don’t expect their product last.


Check that catwlogo communication settings you entered in ComDebug match those currently in use by the balance: Simply easy — zero-error operation This is where the new models prove their special M-Powers.

Account Wishlist Log In. Cart You have no items bapanzas your shopping cart. Account Wishlist Log In. If you are still having trouble see our Testing Serial Port Communication section. Click the Send button: Can NOT operate from standard alkaline batteries. Capacity g x Readability mg g x 0. This is a magnetic force restoration balance delivering accurate and consistent weighing results.

Granite weighing balance platform MSRP: Check for a cabling problem. If you have the sampling interval set much smaller than this, then Windmill may slow down considerably and only make a couple of readings per minute.

Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. Simply reliable — Built with the ideal design framework Superb weighing system technology, rugged construction of the balance housing, a sleek stainless steel weighing pan and a keypad sealed by an overlay ensure years of reliable service and weighing accuracy. The performance specifications of the Sartorius M-Power series of balances set new accents catalogi the class of compact and affordable laboratory balances.


Menu Search Account Compare. If you need a larger weighing platform, ability to weigh below the balance, or internal calibration then you’ll need to look at one of Sartorius premium balance just referenced. Sartorius’s RS cable has a unique pin out – it is not a standard cable.

Purchasing Sartorius you have over years experience building quality balances and the AZ is assembled in the USA.

digital lab scale Sartorius AZ

Capacity x Readability grams 0 – g x 0. This 4 decimal place analytical balance offers a 3. Sartorius’ excellent reputation and image in the technologically sophisticated field of weighing balances make them a global leader.

Home Sartorius AZ analytical balance. Specific gravity kit MSRP: You can collect data with Excel in real-time, or use the Windmill Logger program to collect data and after collection has finished import it into Excel. Capacity x Readability grams. So it can record one weight measurement every 0. Is your data shown in the Value column?