CGFNS CES Application Form – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The application for the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Professional and Academic Report is online. To apply for CES Professional. Applying to the Credentials Evaluation Service 1. If you have never placed an order for the CES with CGFNS, once you login to your CGFNS.

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All documents must be in English.

In some circumstances, an applicant may be exempt from taking an English language proficiency examination. If you do not hold a license in the country where you were educated and the css does not require you to hold applicaation license prior to your application then disregard the request for validation form and provide a valid reason when asked by CGFNS during the online application process. In Step 2, i need to submit a copy of my high school diploma to PRC? May 17, ’12 Joined: Most of us will opt for the Professional report since we’ve already completed our BSN and are looking for a license.

How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES | allnurses

You will also be required to create a login account and make sure you use your main e-mail account just to be sure that you receive all of their e-mails.

Does the diploma needs to be validated too if i have a license in the Phils.? An extra payment will also be needed if your state requires an English exam. Thank you so much. The forms will need to be mailed by the school and make sure it is in an officially sealed and stamped enveloped. With that said, let’s start it off!


Use this only as a reference since I will not be held responsible for any mishaps this may ultimately cause. The only validation that is required from with your TOR and, if applicable, your license in the Philippines.

Additional Forms

Can I be exempted from the Paplication exam? Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses. We can turn this into a one stop thread so others don’t end up shooting in the dark when applying for licensure by examination. Personally, mine only took less than 4 weeks for my report to be mailed to my state.

May 17, ’12 Occupation: May 10, ’12 Joined: While waiting for your forms to be mailed since we can safely assume that in most cases it will take a couple of days for your university or prc to complete you can take this time to photocopy your high school diploma which you in turn will send directly to PRC.

Visit any of the PRC offices to have this filled appplication. Although, you are still required to list your educational preparation when applying for the state.

Medical and general practice now LTC ; From: Hey what state did you apply? appication

I am writing this guide through experience and it may or may not contain all of the information needed. Applcation School Information A secondary school diploma or an external exam certificate showing the highest level of secondary education received.

  LA76931 7L PDF

I cs forgot about this thread but to answer some unanswered questions for future reference: Licenses, registrations, and diplomas that are currently held or that have been held in the past from all non-U.

That is something you should discuss with the BON. If you’re still not aware what your state requires then click here to view each state’s required service.

May 18, ’12 Occupation: The report helps qualified nurses demonstrate the merits of their credentials, facilitating their pursuit of professional opportunities in the United States.

Professional Education Information A complete academic record or transcript from each educational institution attended for the profession being evaluated. Also, keep in mind that most of the states to date require a SSN so even if you are approved for the CES you may not be able to continue to apply to that state. Would like to add once you submit online application and you realise an error was made you can ce change it online but at the moment have to write to CGFNS cgcns get it changed.