Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois sheet music composed by Sufjan Stevens – 1. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois – Sufjan Stevens – free sheet music and tabs for violin, contrabass and cello. Learn this song on Jellynote. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois sheet music, tabs and chords.

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However, I do still hear it as modal mixture—which argues away from my analysis using NRT. Below is a chart of how long in eighth notes each chord is sustained through the piece.

There are arguments on both sides. The odd lengths of bars throws off the ear, creating a feeling of uneasiness.

Now whether he literally thinks that Jesus will come to Earth in a flying saucer is up for debate, but it certainly opens the imagination about what the second coming might look like.

Riccardo March 25, at 2: My fondness runs deeper given that:: Delivering signs and dusting from their eyes. Anonymous September 20, at 2: The word literally means “?! Suddenly, I’m drawn again to what has kept me listening to this song all these years, the strangely stylized name. Posted by Alexsaurus Rex at Is this a Piccardy third? Pros for Team-G include: This song is an old favorite of mine, partly because of the unique artist name.

“Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” Sheet Music

Stevens is making an allusion to the second coming of Christ. If you find yourself over your head, try out a few helpful sites: Allow me for a moment to wipe a digital tear away from the screen as I reminisce on the first time I heard this album, and how it changed my life forever.


One possibility is G major.

Perhaps I was too enthralled with the instrumental, but I never gave a thought as to what the title meant. A skylark is a bird among other things but it turns out that the rest is redundant. Wednesday, March 26, When I open my media player, those colons in the name place it near the top of the list alphabetically, so it naturally gets more attention. Mysterious shape that took illinlis form. I found it extremely difficult to figure out the rhythm, and I am really grateful for your transcription.

The alien thing that took its form.

Harmonic Analysis Special thanks to atownes at tabnabber. The only other tge thing to mention is the closing. The only hitch is that it’s several years old in fact, it was released the day before I started this blog. Or did he just wing it on the fly? The reason I’m dredging it up now is that I’ve just recently learned some interesting facts relating to “Skylark Interabang?! On the surface, it has something to do with UFO sightings.

And why does the piece end on the fifth scale degree of A major? In a live concertSightng talks about finding quite a few police reports about UFO sightings around Highland when he was doing research for Illinois. Anonymous September 24, at 8: The song’s artwork seems to perfectly portray a reference to the sample’s lyrical content and the group that so cleverly used it. The fact that you tackled both the music and the lyrics is quite admirable.


Oh what it was.

Push Up Ya Lighter: ::M∆DE::IN::HEIGHTS:: – Skylark Interabang?!

Imagery of the trinity, cries to God, miraculous signs and a reference to the Middle East all point to the Incarnation of Christ. Sarah Chao September 30, at 8: The flashing at night, the sirens grow and grow. It would make the A major chord a little touch of Dorian to the mix and would make the ending a half plagal cadence, which seems to work for me; as you said it concerninh feel very much like a picardy third.

Thank you for this beautiful analysis. At measure 7, we get a rather complicated Gmaj7 chord. Most live performances of this song reveal him to be a passionate, but technically lacking pianist; he forgoes the complex rhythms in live settings to play the chords out of time.

Your ear is constantly battling between two styles—a strong backbeat, being strengthened concedning the beginning of each chord, and a feeling of unmetered, lengthy chord enforcements.

And, of course, all of this is past simply listening to the beautiful way he presents all of these things. I know now that the drops in this track don’t exactly qualify as face melting, but they were and are an unexpectedly pleasing twist.