INSTRUCTIONS: Push up timer-tabs (located at the edges of the timer-dial) toward the center of the dial provide constant power controlled by the on/off switch. The Coralife Digital Power Center Timer has 4 timer-controlled outlets and 4 constant power outlets. The Coralife Digital User Manual (pdf file in new window). Description; Features; Manuals, Etc. Send to friend; Reviews The Coralife Dual Analog Power Center is a hour timer ideal for all lighting systems that make.

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Yellow daytime outlets OFF. Add to compare list.

Yellow daytime and Blue nighttime outlets alternate power. Join 3reef now to remove ccoralife notice and enjoy 3reef content with less ads. Daytime light do not turn on.

poeer Battery serves only as back-up for timer setting. The two sets of outlets will interchange between each other based on the timer setting. Somewhere south of disorder.

Coralife day-night timer

If you have the same timer, could you scan or take a picture of the manual. The Blue nighttime outlets are switched ON automatically. Press the Centrr button to display: Turn the manual control switch on the Alternating Timer to the timer “ON” position. Hold down the “CLK” clock button and press: Plug Fixture cord into the Digital Power Center. Remove Battery Cover from back of timer.


Coralife day-night timer Discussion in ‘ General Reef Topics ‘ started by sanechkaMar 30, Actinic Blue and Lunar Light outlets alternate power. Continue around the timer dial in the sequential order verifying that powfr the tabs in the day-shift cycle are in the down position until reaching the end of the cycle where the 10,K Daylight outlets will be turned off.

Replace Battery Cover onto coarlife Power Center.

Mar 8, Messages: Push the timer-tabs down to turn blue outlets powee and yellow outlets off. Pick the time of day you want the daytime lights turned on and push timer-tabs up to turn on yellow outlets for daytime applications.

Turn the manual control switch to the timer “ON” position.

Coralife More products by Coralife. Push up the timer tabs at the end of the desired day-shift cycle to turn off the 10,K Daylight outlets. Yellow daytime outlets are ON. Setting Day and Time 1. Discussion in ‘ General Reef Topics ‘ started by sanechkaMar 30, This should help you out. Bypass the timer by using the manual control switch. Push up every other timer tab to the “UP” position to alternate power between the Actinic Blue outlets and the Lunar Light outlets.

When the daytime timer is set, the nighttime timer is automatically set by leaving the remaining timer-tabs down to turn on the blue outlet.

Digital Power Center Installation 1. This wave-maker application creates a natural rhythm in your aquarium that replicates ocean tidal movements.


Lighting :: Accessories :: Coralife Day/Night Power Center With Timer – Saltwater To Go

Continue pushing the tabs up until reaching the starting time of the actinic cycle. Nov 14, Messages: When Yellow daytime outlets are on, the Blue nighttime outlets are off. Hi Alexandra – what do you need the manual for?

Set the times that you want the yellow and blue outlets to turn on and off by using the timer-tabs.

Push up the timer tabs at the end of the desired actinic cycle to turn on the Lunar Light outlets. Battery will activate Display screen and start clock automatically. All letters will be shown in their capitalized form.

Power Management

To ensure that a person, not an automated program, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture. To set the timer for when the 10,K Daylight outlets day-shift cycle cofalife turn on, the timer tabs must be in the down position at the desired starting time. Hi, guys I’ve got the Coralife day-night timer power center, but I don’t have manual.