Nevertheless, I do not abandon either Philo or his De opificio mundi yet, “El De opificio mundi de Filó D’Alexandria o les lleis de l’al·legorisme clàssic al servei. The works of Philo, a first-century Alexandrian philosopher, are mostly allegorical and his laws, which is usually prefaced by the treatise “De Opificio Mundi. De opificio mundi has 3 ratings and 1 review. Yann said: Ce livre a été écrit par Philon d’Alexandrie, un érudit juif hellénisé du premier siècle.

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Thirdly, because he bears poison in his teeth, opificko which it is his nature to kill those who are bitten by him. Philo of Alexandria c. But with regard to that which has not been created, there is poificio feeling of interest as if it were his own in the breast of him who has not created it.

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Philo: On the Creation

This is a myndi with jointed legs above its feet, by which it is able to leap and olificio raise itself on high, in the same manner as the tribe of locusts.

The fourth period sees him arrive at the fullness of his manly strength. And he feeds, not on heavenly food, which wisdom offers to contemplative men by means of discourses and opinions; but on that which is put forth by the earth in the varying seasons of the year, from which arise drunkenness and voracity, and licentiousness, breaking through and inflaming the appetites of the belly, and enslaving them in opficio to gluttony, by which they strengthen the impetuous passions, the seat of which is beneath the belly; and make them break forth.

And this is indicated by the throwing of seed, which is either moist, as the seed of animals, or else does not shoot up without moisture, such as the seeds of plants; from which it is evident that it follows that the aforesaid moist essence must be a portion of the earth which produces everything, just as the flux of the catamenia is a part of women. Further, it argues for a Philonic conception of demiurgy including the creation of Man which is properly dynamic in a sense that anticipates some Neoplatonic conceptions of the demiurgic process.

But it would be impossible for bodies to be measured by the number seven, according to the combination of the three dimensions, and the four boundaries, if it did not happen that the ideas of the first numbers, one, two, three and four, in which the number ten is founded, comprised the nature of the number seven. And that it is the only number the nature of which is such that it is produced by the same numbers whether in combination, or in power.

Again, four has the rank of both, that is, of parents and of offspring; for it produces eight when doubled, and it is produced by twice two. But when woman also was created, man perceiving a closely connected figure and a kindred formation to his own, rejoiced at the sight, and approached her and embraced her. For at times, when the tide recedes on a sudden, an extensive line of shore occupies what is usually a wide gulf of sea; and in a short time afterwards, the waters are brought back, and there appears a sea, sailed over, not by shallow boats, but by ships of exceeding great burden.

Civil War American History: The world’s origin is ascribed to a Maker, who is Himself unoriginateand who cares for what He has made. And the third ring hangs from the second, and the fourth from the third, and the fifth from the fourth, and so on one from another in a long chain, being all held together by one attractive power, but still they are not all supported in the same degree.


De opificio mundi

He is a boy till his beard begins to grow, and that time is the end of a third period of seven years. But immoderate indulgence in eating is naturally a poisonous and deadly habit, inasmuch as what is so devoured dde not capable of digestion, in consequence of the quantity of opifiicio food which is heaped in on the top of it, and arrives before what was previously eaten is converted into juice. The praise of the “snake-fighter” in Lev. But there are great dissimilarities between the fundamental conceptions of the author of the “De Vita Contemplativa” and those of Philo.

For what portion of all the things on earth is there which is not fond of seven; being subdued by an affection and longing for the seventh. According to Philo’s original idea, the history of primal man is here considered as a symbol of the religious and moral development of the human soul. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a PDF of a single mundj of a monograph in OSO for personal use opiifcio details see www.

And it cannot be but that his descendants, who all partake of his original character, must preserve some traces of their relationship to their father, though they may be but faint. And let no one think that he is able to judge of this likeness from the characters of the body: And those works which are painted or fashioned from models must be much more inferior, as being still further removed from the original.


And when he sees an expensively furnished table, he throws himself bodily upon the delicacies which are abundantly prepared, and devotes himself to them, wishing to be filled with them all together, and so to depart, having no other end in view than that he should allow nothing of such a sumptuous preparation to be wasted. And it is a star above the heavens, the source of those stars which are perceptible by the external senses, and if any one were to call it universal light he would not be very wrong; since it is from that the sun and the moon, and all the other planets and fixed stars derive their due light, in proportion as each has power given to it; that unmingled and pure light being obscured when it begins to change, according to the change from that which is perceptible only by the intellect, to that which is perceptible by the external senses; for none of those things which are perceptible to the external senses is pure.

Divine Powers in Late Antiquity Author s: And after the fishes, he created winged and terrestrial animals: While Philo desired to renounce the lusts of this world, he held fast to the scientific culture of Hellenism, which the author of this book denounces. But how he made him I will mention presently, after I have first explained that he adopted the most beautiful connection and train of consequences according to the system of the creation of animals which he had sketched out to himself; for of souls the most sluggish and the most weakly formed has been allotted to the race of fishes; and the most exquisitely endowed soul, that which is in all respects most excellent, has been given to the race of mankind, and one something between the two to the races of terrestrial animals and those which traverse the air; for the soul of such creatures is endowed with more acute sensations than the soul of fishes, but is more dull than that of mankind.


For if the earth were left entirely dry, so that no moisture arose and penetrated through its holes rising to the surface in various directions, it would split. He is a middle aged man till he is fifty-six, or eight times seven years old; and after that he is an old man. But pupils of Philo may subsequently have founded near Alexandria similar colonies that endeavored to realize his ideal of a pure life triumphing over the senses and passions; and they might also have been responsible for the one-sided development of certain of the master’s principles.

The Garden, we are told, represents the dominant power of the soul, and the Serpent represents Pleasure, and is eminently fitted to do so. For, after each of the senses have been subjected to the charms of pleasure, and has learnt to delight in what is offered to it, the sight being fascinated by varieties of colours and shapes, the hearing by harmonious sounds, the taste by the sweetness of flowers, and the smell by the delicious fragrance of the odours which are brought before it, these all having received these offerings, like handmaids, bring them to the mind as their master, leading with them persuasion as an advocate, to warn it against rejecting any of them whatever.

And a man would not be far wrong who should say that in all these things there might be discovered that archetypal and real model music, the images of which the subsequent generations of mankind engraved in their own souls, and in this way handed down the art which is the most necessary and the most advantageous to human life.

When five times seven years o’er his head Have passed, the man should think to wed; At forty two, the wisdom’s clear To shun vile deed of folly or fear: And again, they make rivers to overflow and to subside, and turn plains into lakes; and again, on the contrary, they dry up the waters: For the ratio of the sounds in fourths is as four to three; and in fifths as three to two; and in the diapason that ratio is doubled: Print Save Cite Email Share.

And the man in his turn endures toils and labours, and continual sweats, in order to the providing of himself with necessaries, and he also bears the deprivation of all those spontaneous good things which the earth was originally taught to produce without requiring the skill of the farmer, and he is subjected to a state in which he lives in incessant labour, for the purpose of seeking for food and means of subsistence, in order to avoid perishing by hunger.

And so the Creator has made man to be as it were a charioteer and pilot over all other animals, in order that he may hold the reins and direct the course of every thing upon earth, having the superintendence of all animals and plants, as a sort of viceroy of the principal and mighty King.

The number seven when compounded of numbers beginning with the unit, makes eight-and-twenty, a perfect number, and one equalised in its parts. As to plan it is opificioo into three d.