DIN ISO and DIN ISO *) are the standards corresponding to DIN , March edition, and DIN , January edition. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN Determination of the Tear Strength of Elastomers, Trouser Test Piece, Testing Rubber & DIN › Complete Document History Determination of.

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Bonding and sealing of containers. Reduces your stock of different products. In order to ensure a high processing safety, each compound is inspected before leaving our plant. The rheometer measures a compound’s curing properties using a rotational thrust system without rotors.

Amount of inspection Fin amount of inspection depends largely on the compound’s application profile. Bonding of wooden ore metal table tops. Bonding of characters and name plates on gravestones and fronts. Curemetry inspection is standard at Phoenix and an important part of the approval process for each compound batch.

The amount of inspection depends largely on the compound’s application profile. Bonding of body parts: Bonding of several materials.


Bonding of decorative panels. One of the most important inspections for uncured compounds is curemetry for which Phoenix uses Monsanto rheometer don accordance with DIN part 3. In the construction of elevators: Bonding of ferrous and non-ferrous plates on window works. Joint sealant; sealing of welded and sheet metal work joints – easy to structure and to paint.

BOND MS50 is a one component product with a unique bonding capacity on most surfaces, without use of a primer. The physical data stated in the catalogue are determined using standard test pieces subjected to compression moulding. In addition, there are special inspection procedures depending on the use of the respective article.

Sealing of both PVC and metal tubing, excellent bonding, als on galvanized ducts. Sealing of water leaks, can be used on wet surfaces. Bonding of mirrors, 5357 not attack the silver coating always apply the adhesive in vertical lines.

Does not attack acrylate.

Bonding of spoilers and extensions kits – good adhesion on paintwork and polyester. As mounting adhesive for bonding of skirting boards, lathing, sidings, eaves, laths, on brick, gyproc, cellular concrete, Ytong, concrete, mortar, etc. Please contact us concerning special approval criteria before placing the order.


SILPURAN® 6400/60 A/B

Excellent bonding on metal, primer, paintwork, zinc coating, aluminium, wood, most sthynthetic materials. The measurement identifies a rubber compound’s viscosity, scorch performance, cure speed and optimum cure. As sealant on even wet surfaces. Does not attack natural stone like marble, Belgian blue stone and granite.

UL Thermoplastics Testing Center – Tear Propagation / Separation / Shear / Take-Off Tests

As bonding ans sealing kit which can be powder coated afterwards. As sealant for both wet and difficult surfaces. During this process the test chamber’s lower half oscillates and the measured reaction dinn can be displayed on a monitor or diagrammed. Bonded metals can be welded wet on wet, varnished and painted with the current lacquers. Can be painted perfectly, even with acrylate disperion paints.

DIN ISO Trouser, angle and crescent test pieces

Bonding of isolation, even on wet surfaces. Ideal as sealant between windows ans brickwork. The following parameters are normally used.