Empty-Net-Assassinsby-Toni-Aleo In Toni Aleo’s award winning third novel in her hot Assassins series, the chiseled men of this Nashville hockey team can. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Toni Aleo’s Nashville Assassins romances “ Aleo melts the ice and hits it into the net with her Assassins series. Empty Net is another great book in the Assassins series by Toni Aleo, Audrey Parker may look like she has the perfect life on the outside, but on.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Smpty Net by Toni Aleo. Audrey Parker is emptty against the boards. Meanwhile, her sister Fallon is moving out and getting married to hockey star Lucas Brooks. Nothing she does has ever seemed to be good enough for any of the men in her life. The thrill of moving up from the minors to the Nashville Assassins was a welcome distraction. But not even becoming the first rookie goalie to tally three shutouts in the Stanley Cup Finals alleviates the pain.

Her gentle warmth and quirky sense of humor make him feel whole for the first time in too long. But to stay that way forever, Tate must find a way to accept his past and learn to live for love. Published April 23rd emptty Loveswept first published September 2nd Audrey ParkerTate Odder.

Nashville, Tennessee United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign otni. To ask other readers questions about Empty Netplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

What a waste of time! I didn’t like this book at all. It was too cheesy alel the author did a horrible characterization of a Swedish guy. Mom is not mama but mamma or mor!!! Dad is pappa or far not papa!!! Sounds more American than Swedish to me.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I thought “Trying to Score” was pretty bad but thought I’d give “Empty Net” a shot, hoping it would be better. If I could give this book less than one star I would. I found Fallon in book 2 annoying but Audrey was way worse. Where Fallon was a cryer, Audrey was a giggler. She giggled all the time. She was incredibly desperate to be in a relationship to the point where she let men treat her like dirt. She’s so envious of the women around her who are married and is constantly wondering when I thought “Trying to Score” was pretty bad but thought I’d give “Empty Net” a shot, hoping it would be better.

She’s so envious of the women around her who are married and is constantly wondering when she’ll get her HEA. When she meets Tate and they both realize how much they like each other she decides she can’t be with him because she doesn’t want to hurt him. I couldn’t figure out that one at all – it’s obvious she wants a man but once she gets one she doesn’t want him? I think she’s supposed to be 28 but she talked like a teenager and not in a good way.


I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I want to include the below information in my review because I found it so incredibly offensive and obnoxious. In the end I had to include it because it’s so bad it needs to be noted! Audrey is sick, throwing up, and goes to the doctor.

Empty Net by Toni Aleo – BookBub

The nurse asks her the standard questions such as the date of her last menstrual period. Audrey says “My cooter doesn’t bleed like other cooters do.

I was really looking forward to this one, especially since it’s rated so high. But I’m tired of all the heroines basically being the same character, but with a different coating. I started with Piper and Erik’s story, out of order. But I liked it enough to go back and start with 1 properly. This one has been dnf shelved, stopped at almost half way through. The same ladies in every book In the end, after I learned about her weight issues and body I was really looking forward neet this one, especially since it’s rated so high.

But then I unknowingly go onward to the next book Next is Fallon who also complains a lot about her weight and looks Her eyes is described as doe-eyed, her body is thicker than the average super epty, she’s got a nice ass.

And now it’s Audrey, fmpty also suffers from serious self-esteem and body image issues. She’s also rmpty those big eyes and ass. Not surprisingly enough she also loves sparkly, pink things? Now I can’t remember if Piper likes pink sparkly things. Why could there be a skinny heroine? With no sexy curves. Or one with an athletic body?

When I’m tooni time into reading a series like this, I’m expecting a myriad of heroines to lead the stories. With different issues and difficult backgrounds. You won’t find them in here. All of them are very self-conscious, to the point of wanting to recommend them a therapist. I think I might be in the minority when I say, this book was just awful. From all the great reviews I read and the high rating I thought it was going to be amazing and boy was I wrong.

Aubrey, where do I begin. Throughout the entire first xleo of the book all she did was whine about finding her “prince charming ” and I just wanted to throttle her. She also kept nft back to Levi only to get fucked over again and again. This douche calls you empry fatass, belittles you and you still sleep with him after alro breaks up with you to date em;ty girl he was cheating on you with.

A girl that’s twice your size by the way? Aubrey fished for compliments constantly, especially from Tate, she was whiny, needy, always feeling sorry for herself and putting herself down so others could tell her “oh no you’re amazing!


And after a while, even looking at her name and reading it just made me angry. Piper and Fallon were just extremely annoying, Piper too shared a lot of character traits with Aubrey. I swear everyone in this damn book grinned, or laughed, or chuckled or giggled in every other sentence, especially Aubrey.

The writing in the book looked unedited, there were typos everywhere and the author kept using “then” in place empy “than” which also happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves. The only reason I read this book all the way through was because I was already passed the halfway point and I had already invested too much time in it to stop now, so onward I forged. For me, this is the first and last book in this series that I’m reading. Some information in this book also came way the fuck out of left field, like you’d just be reading along and bam!

Empty Net: The Assassins Series

No foreshadowing, no set up to let you know that there’s a big secret up ahead, and I loathe books like that. So if you read this review and still wish to read the book, you have my deepest sympathies. I’m sorry, but this is by far my least favorite female character of all time. But from the constant pity parties, to her referring to Tate as “wrong” every other page, to finally her and her messed up relationship with Levi I saw a few other reviewers even mark her as an awesome woman who is feisty and stands up for herself.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see it. For the first half of the book the story does nothing but spin it’s wheels while I attempted I’m sorry, but this is by far my least favorite female character of all time. For the first half of the book the story does nothing but spin it’s wheels while I attempted not to pull nft hair out from being so nef.

For someone claiming to be an hold hag and close to thirty, Aubrey was the one acting with the emotional maturity of a baby. Normally I would just rate low and not get into all empyt things I hated, but this was just wrong.

I loved Aleo’s other series and I will stick with that. It’s not the writing, it was seriously the character. What did I like? Loved the wrest of the secondary characters. LOL I thought maybe this series would get better but it didn’t. I regret spending money on this book. Once again we are brought a great guy and a whiny, insecure female character.

Oh but not just an insecure character, one who allows her shitty ex, who hurts her and calls her names and uses her to keep coming back into her life because she just loves him so much.