EN Steel Toe Capped Safety Shoes and Boots conforming to the EN standard. All EN safety shoes and boots feature a Joule Steel Toe Cap and. ppe > EN Standards explained [email protected] EMAIL: FAX: TELEPHONE: HAND PROTECTION. EN 75 products offers 75 en standard safety boots products. About 85% of these are safety shoes, 5% are other parts & accessories, and 4% are.

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Safety Footwear Standards give a quick indication as to what protection each style of safety footwear provides.

In both instances, the footwear is placed on a lubricated surface and a normal force is applied. The resulting horizontal movement is measured to calculate the friction level.

EN Safety Shoes and Boots – Ace Safetywear

If the friction coefficient meets that specified by ISOthen the footwear has passed the test. In some outdoor environments, these cleats may become clogged with mud or gravel — adversely affecting slip resistance.


In such circumstances, a large cleated sole could provide better performance and be less prone to clogging.

The reduced surface area, though, may have led to such a sole only acheiving the SRA standard. Ratings should only be en3445 as indicators and the circumstances in each workplace are different.

Where possible, proper footwear trials will always lead to the most appropriate solution. As recommended by the HSE: Customer Support Impact and compression resistant toe cap.

The Standards For Footwear Protection

As SB but also has a penetration resistant midsole. As SB but are also anti-static and have an energy absorbing heel. As S1 but also has a penetration resistant midsole.

As S1 but also has a water resistant upper. As S2 but also has a penetration resistant midsole.

As S1 but has a waterproof polymer upper. As S4 but also has a penetration resistant midsole.

Footwear passing both the ceramic tile and steel floor tests is marked SRC.