Robert J. Sawyer is the Aurora Award-winning author of FlashForward, basis for the ABC TV series, the Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids, and the. Robert J. Sawyer is a Canadian science-fiction writer and author of Flash Forward, the novel on which the television series of the same name is based. He wrote. Lloyd is very disturbed; he’s due to wed the beautiful Michiko—her daughter died in the Flashforward—but his vision showed him happily.

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Scientists try to rebuild the sawyerr situations that took place to create the Big Bang, and when they push the button to start the experiment, everyone in the world loses consciousness and jumps into their future selves for almost two minutes.

Drink every time someone uses the word “indeed” in an internal monologue. Not only do they reproduce the experiment, but view spoiler [he gets a little carried away with it.

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This book is a solid three star read for me. As with quite a few people my first introduction to this book came through the show based on it. Nov 23, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: While that plotline is sufficiently satisfying and drives the story forward, it’s still the philosophical questions that Sawyer raises that really linger with the reader after the final page is turned.

Now the book – this too follows similar lines but suddenly not only are you dealing with different characters but also a different location. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I don’t really see how Sawyer received so many awards for this. I shall be reading it again. Flashforward is in every way what you’d expect from a story about glimpsing the future. Oct 06, TK rated it really liked it Shelves: The result is unexpected, to say the least: Or all we just robots acting out some grand drama and we have no control over our lives?

I found the characters, plot, and writing style to be so boring that I couldn’t even finish it.

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How does it affect our thinking about the future? Reading the novel, I can see the potential for a great TV series here and why it could be a good companion show for “Lost. To ask other readers questions about Flashforwardplease sign up.


By no means does this mean that the LHC’s lead nuclei collisions will cause a flashforward, so don’t grab your protest signs just yet. It’s as if he spent the entire novel building up to this point but had no idea how to end it properly, so the last part feels hastily written and tacked fpashforward to the end as an afterthought.

With this mentality it took me flashfrward while to get into this book. Again, I can’t really point to a specific sentence that proves it, it was just the feeling I got as I read the book. View all 18 comments. The largest theme is freewill vs.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. He should remember that he once ran from Marathon to Athens, a trip of precisely Drink every time a character ruminates extensively to himself in between the numbers of a countdown.

I thought it was fine having only done it once. It’s books like Flashforward that make physics accessible, and so they should be commended. However, he only partly resembles the character in the novel. Very nicely done, sir. I want to read the book because I think the concept is interest and can stir a lot of discussion about science and the ability to have a glimpse of your future. Drink every time someone answers their own question within an internal monologue a la “Yes?

I was a huge fan of the TV series, so I thought I would try the book.

Maybe that’s not that far-fetched, but in general I find that we move a lot slower than that. Theo Procopides, one of Lloyd’s colleagues, only saw darkness during this time, and perturbed, sasyer scientists set up a webpage called The Mosaic Project, for people to share their experiences of the flash forward. A passionate advocate for science fiction, Sawyer teaches creative writing and appears frequently in the media to discuss his genre.


It was a brilliant start and a real page turner. And it makes you think more about physics and philosophy and the implication of the search for scientific progress.

Well this was an interesting read – more flashfkrward curiosity than because flashforwars was an amazing book. Sawyer is one of Canada’s best known and most successful science fiction writers. Also, the author has a tendency to use the book as a forum to tout his personal opinions.

Flashforward (novel) – Wikipedia

His book is full of hackneyed situations, paper-thin characters, a bumpy and unsatisfying storyline, and a climax that is not flasshforward but ultimately depressing and pointless. Across the globe, every hum It isand a team of international physicists working at CERN near Geneva in Switzerland by the French borderare about to run an experiment that they hope will give them the Higg’s boson, resulting in a breakthrough in generating energy.

This includes Lloyd’s friend and fellow researcher Theo Procopides, who learns of a prediction that he will be killed.

One of those very rare cases where the tv show is better than the book. Meanwhile, Theo contacts Michiko, acting on romantic feelings he has had for twenty years. And no matter what faux-philosophical debates occur in the book and there are way too manyfree will exists and destiny doesn’t. The premise sadyer that on the day an experiment is conducted at the CERT supercollider, people experience a flash forward of thirty years into the future for two minutes.

Paperbackpages. There is a lot of heavy science in this book but, for flashdorward, it didn’t slow it down. I was particularly confused by the ending.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The author uses the word “doubtless” an amazingly annoying amount of times. From what I’ve seen in reviews of his sswyer books, this is something he does often. Sawyer and I will certainly read more from him.