The Godspeaker Trilogy [Karen Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sold into slavery, Hekat dreams of power. Fate leads her to the. The Riven Kingdom (The Godspeaker Trilogy) [Karen Miller] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The King of Ethrea is dying. His only. This time I was able to read Karen Miller’s Godspeaker Trilogy. Godspeaker 1: Empress A slave trader chooses to purchase the beautiful but.

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And awful third book. Jun 28, Andrew Judd rated it it was amazing. But all acknowledge the skills of the author, and almos Long time since I’ve “binged” God, I love that term!

I don’t believe you. I give this novel 4 stars out of 5. Who is going to battle this great character Hekat and save the world, with the help of Hekats exiled son. Yet, as Ethrea comes ever closer to civil war, a greater danger awaits. Fantasy novel series Novels by Karen Miller s fantasy novel stubs. After graduating with a Goxspeaker Communications from the then Institute of Technology now University a few years ahead of Hugh Jackman, dammit, talk about rotten timing, I headed off to England and lived there for 3 years.

In the second book we move to a different land, and England-like land, with a Victoria-like queen, and then it became all trrilogy whispering and silliness and girliness.

Rhian weds childhood friend, Duke Alasdair, and is proclaimed queen by her chaplain, Helfred. She felt like a badly written pamphlet against misogyny, with very little to back the argument up, but talk of birth right.



At the end of the book, suddenly Character 2 does an about face and suddenly agrees with Character 1 for no reason. Mar 15, Rebecca rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It was a challenge that I undertook, and it yielded great results in terms of a paper. Three stars for the portion I did like. You can wake up now Trillgy was very pleasantly surprised! After 18 grueling months I woke up, and came home.

A place ruled by death and fear, terror so ingrained into its denizens that it is not even questioned godsepaker. Different and engaging, it kept me enthralled up to the end.

That’s a 3 stars for me. I worked for a bunch of nutters in a community health centre and got the sack because I refused to go do EST with them you stand in the middle of a circle and thank people for hurling verbal abuse at you for your own good, they said, and then were surprised when I said nowas a customer services officer for DHL London would you believe at one time I knew every single airport code for every single airport in the world, off by heart?!?

Again, the third went back to a “Glen Godspeaekr like feel, though it was not near as dark.

Godspeaker Trilogy – Transformed by Love

You are commenting using your WordPress. It reads like a bad Shakespearean tragedy. Zandakar will not know until the end of Book 3 the difference between the voices of these two gods. I think I enjoyed the Mijak volume the most.

If not for my paper, I may have dropped it somewhere through the second book in the trilogy. Long time since I’ve “binged” God, Vodspeaker love that term!


It’s like the author wanted to present to you this perverted twist on a traditional hero who grows up I read the first book and could not continue.

In Hammer of GodRhian fights a sea battle for her crown with Mass Teleportation and a Final Battle with some great explosive sequences.

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Defiant dukes who will not accept her gdspeaker threaten the stability of her kingdom. Not great on style, but a decent, somewhat predictable story. Jul 13, Eric Hung rated it liked it. Please see this thread for more details.

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Apr 07, Victoria Nguyen rated it did not like it. I read a good portion of this series a few years ago. The first book was ok. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I enjoyed this book. The first novel is Empress of Mijak or Empressin which Hekat is sold as a slave by her parents, escapes to become the instrument of Godbeing a sort of Chosen One who thinks anyone who disagrees with her is possessed by demons as she is following the God’s plan.

To view it, click here. Hekat is an obsessed, delusional, sociopath with no redeeming qualities.