Bekijk en download hier de handleiding van Gorenje wa Wasmachine ( pagina 18 van 24) (English). Ook voor ondersteuning en handleiding per email. Gorenje WA Washing Machine spares. – Buy the Washing Machine parts you need for your Gorenje repair online. Call 22 дек. Се продава машина за перење алишта Gorenje USE LOGIC од поновите модели машината е со дефект прегорен програматор може да.

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Gorenje WA61061 Washing Machine Spares

It may also be switched program by pressing the on during the operation, prior last rinse. Possible cause It is not the consequence of bad rinsing, but because of neophosphate detergents containing non soluble components zeolites for Use the detergent containing whitener.

Als u geen email heeft ontvangen, dan heeft u waarschijnlijk een verkeerd emailadres ingevuld of is uw mailbox te vol.

Vul dan hier uw emailadres in. Time indicated on the display is corrected during the washing cycle. Failures The washing machine automatically monitors the execution of particular functions during the operation, and reports any detected failures. Low water flow pressure. The appliance should be placed on a surface with concrete base; the surface should be dry and clean in order to prevent slipping.

Water outlet hose 7. Repairing the failure arising from inappropriate connections or use of the appliance is not covered by the guarantee, and the repair expenses are paid by the customer. Installation and connection Package removal In removing the wrapping be careful not to damage the appliance goreje a sharp object.


It is completed with spinning at max.

Gorenje WA Washing Machine Spares | Buy Washing Machine Parts Online

Signal LED’s are flashing see cf. Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben.

Minimum water pressure can be established by measuring the quantity of poured out water. Gorenje WA Shock Absorber: Push it towards the machine. Calls to contact centres may be monitored or recorded.

Your model Model WA If the fault repeats, call authorized service shop. Push it towards the machine. Bijvoorbeeld een creditcardnummer, een persoonlijk identificatienummer, of een geheim adres. You used liquid detergent or detergent for colored laundry which does not contain whitener.

W ater outlet is clogged. Remove any leftover dried detergent from the bottom of the casing. Minimum water pressure can be established by measuring the quantity of poured out water. Page 2 Thank you for your confidence in purchasing our washing machine, and congratulations on the excellent choice. Do not put clods of detergent into the soap dispenser as the tube in the washing machine may clog. When adding softener, be careful to fill the dispenser only up to the marked level.

Washing machine GORENJE WA – Preview manual for free | Page: 1

Page 19 Failure White powdery residues on the laundry. The machine vibrates during the spin. Water is poorly pumped out or gkrenje at all machine reports failure – seven flashes of LED.


Door is not properly closed. Prior this operation disconnect the appliance from the mains power!

Blue Use this universal hose to sa61061 your washing machine to the cold water supply Page 18 Failure The machine does not work symbols are not illuminated. Tighten the inlet pipe.

Red Use this universal hose to connect your washing machine to The adjustable feet should also be cleaned before installation. In some cases you may attempt removing certain failures yourself, so count the number of flashes, repeating after certain pauses.

Email deze handleiding Delen: Transport brackets are not removed. Check that the drum is empty. Red Use this universal hose to connect your washing machine to the hot water supply. Check whether the filter is clean. Save transport brackets for eventual later use. You won’t be kept waiting! Before connecting the appliance, let it warm up to room temperature wait for two hours.

Use only detergents for machine washing.