Dr. Ali Shariati. Introduction. What has the experience of Hajj taught me? First one must ask – what does Hajj mean? In essence, Hajj is man’s evolution toward . Qul – The Islamic Library, Holy Quran, Islamic Occasions, Praying, Prophets, Duas, Imams, Islamic Forum, Islamc Question and Answer, Videos, Audio And More. Influenced by Iqbal’s Ideology and Philosophy Dr. Ali Shariati ( 77) Philosopher-activist Keywords: Ali Shariati, Islam, Islamic Modernity, Renaissance. Ali Shariati, contends that the .. 24 Dr. Ali Shariati, Hajj, tr. By Ali A. Behzadnia.

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For explaining better the commitment democracy, he at first divides between two concepts. Ali Shariati Introduction What has the experience of Hajj taught me? What resulted were the following relationships: What constructive contributions have you made? History will judge Shariati’s Hajj as one of the most important documents of Islamic renaissance.

My conclusion is not based on personal religious feelings nor prejudices:. With a reserve of knowledge and information they could return to their countries and their individual lives to hajj their community. May we hope that one day the Quran will be accepted as the classic book of our Islamic school and shariagi for our Islamic teachings! Separate yourself from all those needs and greed which dhariati you from Allah. An atmosphere of genuine unity prevails.


Shariati in a Glance. Man is reminded of the final goal of his life.

In other words, machinism, or the dependence on machines, can be considered the latest stage of private ownership. He emphasized on accepting of civilization and criticized tajadod.

It does not matter; we are in the same boat and are endowed with the same responsibility. At this point, the actor mankind must change his clothes.

PDF – Hajj by Dr Ali Shariati

Consequently, he had emphasized on the important role of methodology and changing of viewpoint. Best is offline shaiati free calendar app. Each one has its own distinct status and values, names and honors. The civilized man could talk on himself more that universe and the new people are so concerned with reality and universe that there is no place for himself and mysticism and religion. Wear the Kafan which consists of zli white material.

Allah God is the stage manager. All of these gestures are an exercise in the preparation for death which will overtake everyone some day. The society of polytheism is converted into one of monotheism or Tawhid. According to Shariati, human history is composed of two stages, the stage of collectivity and the stage of private ownership. In the first place Shariati criticised western liberal democracy.


By using this site, you syariati to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One similarity is that both of them paved the way for the imminent revolution in Iran and Egypt. What resulted were the following relationships:.

all He insisted on the concepts of knowledge and Time along with holy book and tradition. I can discuss my views with others; this has been a “tradition” too. But, a Muslim strives to approach Almighty God.

Hajj (The Pilgrimage)

In fact, those ideologies try to stop humans from arriving at transcendental goals and any evolutionary movements. The one who restores somebody’s life, has restored the life of all and the one who kills one, has killed all. What have I personally learned from Hajj – me being so “little” and Hajj being so “great” in meaning? Retrieved 26 July It appears uaj Shariati did not accept the western definition of democracy although he had no problem with democracy.

Modern Islamic Political Thought.