Rexroth MKD Modes Numbers Planning Manual · MKD Explosion Proof Synchronous Motors – Project Planning Manual Rexroth R Servo Motor. Indramat MKD servo motors are legacy Rexroth electric motion control modules. This is an extensive series of servo motors. MKD synchronous motors for standard applications up to problems quickly and reliably with components from Rexroth. 5. From the simple single-axis appli-.

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This is due to the combination of our servo system knowledge, extensive inventory of remanufactured units mmd our long term experience servicing Indramat servos. We provide factory repair with 24 hour turnaround.

There are accessory kits to overpressure the motors in the field, allowing for longer life in washdown environments. Magna continually provides the best value in supporting the older legacy servo motors and servo drives.

MKD range of Indramat Motors and Encoders

In applications including packaging, machine tools, jndramat web handling, the MKD offers cost effective functionality, with high operational reliability, low maintenance requirements, overtemp monitoring, and data memory in the unit itself allowing for quick startup in the field. Indramat Servo Motor New. Designed for use with the digital drive controllers by Indramat, the MKD motors are used in a variety of industries, and are the workhorse motor of the Diax04, and Ecodrive series units.


Repairing your Indramat servomotor is not the same as repairing an ordinary motor. Please refer mkkd our repair and remanufacture page to learn more about the high level of service you can expect from Magna Products Corp.

Pictures shown may not be the exact unit that you purchase. Indramat Servo Motor. It is not possible for third party repair companies to buy Indramat components for repair work. There are several different rotor winding codes in each size range which designate the characteristic speed of the motor.

Rexroth MKD Servo Motors

This motor system is a permanent magnet servo motor with an encoder for commutation, rotor position and speed control. This motor series is equipped with are an incremental encoder or a multi turn absolute encoder feedback system. We will keep you running with no unnecessary down time.

As with all digital feedback Indramat motors, this motor cannot be disassembled and reassembled in the field. Blower options can be fitted to these motors. If you do not find the item that you are looking for, please call us! It has an advantage of quick start up due to motor data stored into memory in the encoder.


Magna Products Corp can also handle all of your needs for: MKD connectors can face any of 4 directions drive end, opposite drive end, right or left. We have charter aircraft available, so we can get you back up and running fast.

Rexroth MKD Servo Motors

Do you have a question? Contact us for pricing and shipping Call or complete the form below.

Our technicians understand the whole servo system and can accurately diagnose and correct the failure in your Indramat servo motor or servo drive. The only way to be sure of having Indramat components for your mmkd is to go with Indramat factory repair.