Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Kat Kennedy said: I remember someone explaining, chemically, how a cheese burger works. How the fa. Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Rochelle said: It took several tries but I finally finished it. Very standard paranormal romance b. Buy Besos de Sangre by Jeaniene Frost (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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He has a curving mouth, straight nose, and etched jaw line. And, let’s just be honest here: For information on Jeaniene’s books, book trailers, deleted scenes, creature mythology, and more, please visit: Bones is very powerful and ruthless, he is also very possessive of Cat when it comes to other men who find her attractive. Kira Graceling a human in Eternal kiss of Darkness was later turned into a vampire age The victim is actually removed from the scene to be taken care of, while the reader stays in the room with Tara and Cat as they deal with Cat’s roiling Bones-related emotions.

Besos de sangre (Cazadora de la noche, #1) by Jeaniene Frost (1 star ratings)

Cat shouldn’t have even saved her or done what she did at the end for her view spoiler [ Cat leaves Bones to protect her mom hide spoiler ]. But what really got me was the fact that he knew exactly who bdsos was as a person. Her wit also brings a great dose of humor to the novel.

There are things in this book that I find just a little silly. I’ve owned it for a few years and finally got around to giving it a try. Static beginning to end. I found the plot feeble at best and the characters roughly shaped. That’s when things get really interesting. View all 11 comments.


Videos About This Book. Situations are contrived and silly For a story like this to be really gripping, its heroes and readers need to believe that there is a possibility that the good guys will fail, and the villain will have his evil way with the world. This reivew is for the audio version only – The narration on this for Bones was so bad that I couldn’t get more than 30 minutes into the book.

I recommend it and hope to continue with the series Not to mention being raised by a mother who thinks you’re part evil – and keeps reminding you of this fact. I then went to a website and learned that the jeaniee gets back together in book 2, and they continue having adventures together in books 3 and 4. For positives, I love Bones. I may have rated it 3 stars, but its really a 3. If we all gave up so quickly then the world would be in serious trouble.

Wicked Bite Jeaniene Frost. They never face an enemy they can’t take down easily—and by the time final battles roll around, they’re basically mowing vampires down in their sleep.

It’s either that or she and through her, the author as some serious internalized misogyny. A sexually inexperienced young woman Kat or shall we say Kitten? And to top it off, I was actually more annoyed at the sex sequences that disturbed any semblance of action in the book. It wasn’t hard to notice her figure, either. Then she’s captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership. Total number of sex scene pages: Almost all the other female secondary characters are either fridged or evil.

Oh and before I start: As he grew up, he got money by begging or thieving. View all 4 comments. Ian escaped, and a year jenaiene he came back as a vampire to rescue his friends. It was SUCH a cheeseburger that I started to feel cholesterol moving through my synapses and forming frostt brain version of diabetes. To view it, click here. bewos


Communication mus It took several tries but I finally finished it. He must have seen me through his window.

Besos de Sangre

I hate her with a passion that I can’t imagine getting for anyone else. Bones I was UNpleasantly surprised and frustrated with the ending, but the book was a fun escape. And it widens oddly at his forehead. Yet, I never found anything of depth to make me understand her feelings or what exactly pushed her to feel that way. Bones has been trying to bring Hennessey down for years, and Cat is determined to help him.

Return to Book Page. So that was my biggest problem. Afterward though I felt vaguely dirty and lost. Her excuse that she was sacrificing herself to save him was such utter bullshit, I was glad it was added in the last few pages of the book.

She is a heroine who seems admirably independent initially, but quickly becomes both physically and emotionally dependent on the hero while simultaneously doing stupid shit to prove she isn’t. Another tee-hee-hee later and we dw off.

It wasn’t boring, but there wasn’t enough of a plot impact to make df love this book’s story compared to its size. Books by Jeaniene Frost. Spade a vampire, is Denise husband and Bones’s best friend, he too was sent to Australia as a convict and changed into a vampire.