(Mouse-over to see the cover’s stepback) Secrets of an Accidental Duchess. Hachette Book Group February 1, ISBN ISBN Jennifer Haymore is back with book two of her Donovan series-when the Jennifer Haymore – Secrets Of An Accidental Duchess – Little, Brown Book Group. Secrets of An Accidental Duchess (Donovan, book 2) by Jennifer Haymore – book cover, description, publication history.

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Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Yet the wild, soon-to-be Duke never imagined he’d fall in love with this innocent beauty. Haymroe was a great series. Men want wives who are strong and can give them heirs, so Olivia expectes to never marry and as such makes no effort towards men at all. She tore her gaze away from him again.

And I’m thrilled Captain Langley was back as well. She willingly put others first to save them even if it costs her so much more. I think what really spiced up this story was the simply dreadful villain, Fenwicke.

Lydia’s older brother, Nathan, is convinced that local bad boy Jack is somehow qn. The entire Donovan family is taking on a mad, cruel man bent on ruining Olivia just because it will hurt Max. The Honourable Miss Valeria Segrave is truly the unwanted stepchild.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess by Jennifer Haymore

Domestic abuse is not to be taken lightly or accepted even if a woman does belong to her husband. He lifted one shoulder in a shrug, but a smile teased at the corners of his lips. Which means that you know from the Prologue that the bet will kick them in the teeth just as soon as they fall in love.

Un bel cacidental storico, scorrevole e frizzante, consigliato a tutte qn appassionate del genere. Information for Authors Press Booksellers and Distributors.


Fenwicke is so psychopathic, it will send shivers down your spine. When she catches the eye of thirty year old Maxwell Buchanan, he becomes entranced by her and makes a wager that he can seduce her, never anticipating Twenty- one year old Olivia Donovan believes no gentleman would ever want her, after all men want someone who is healthy, not someone like her who could fall ill and perhaps die at anytime from a relapse of malaria that had struck her as a child.

Feb 10, rameau rated it did not like it Shelves: Still, since I loved the fi 4.

However, the missing bits of background did not make Olivia and Max any less real or interesting, it only effected the understanding of family dynamics and how certain people came to be part of their inner circle.

Jan 30, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: This is why Fenwicke has always been in self competition with Max to prove to himself that he is better while Max see Fenwicke as nothing but a bother.

This is the second book in this haympre and while it can be read as a stand alone the story will be greatly enriched if the reader reads the first story before this one. Edwin, King of Northumbria, plots his rise to overking of all the Angles. They are purely evil and there is nothing you can do because there isn’t anything illegal about it, so you just have to figure out a way to secretly kill them off! It was a gentle romance. Haymore has proven herself once again and has earned the honor of being a permanent staple in my Historical Romance shelf.

Pleasures of A Tempted Lady comes out August 1st. This was a slightly dark story with a sinister villain.

Secrets of An Accidental Duchess

His rival failed and was angered by Olivia’s rebuff even though he’s married! But after suffering an illness that has weakened sefrets constitution, and has relapses. I would recommend this book, but be forewarned it starts off slow and a bit confusing and then it goes into overdrive. But while I believed in the threat Fenwicke presented, he was a pretty one dimensional villain.


Fenwicke was nothing more than a ploy to create drama and angst where none was needed as the relationship between Max and Olivia had its existing inner tensions. When Walker’s political aspirations lead him to organize the Wildwood Guard in support of the Confederacy – and to offer his plantation as the center of operations – Libbie must gracefully manage a house with officers in residence and soldiers camped on the lawn.

And Secrets of an Accidental Duchess didn’t have this at all! What kind of life is that when a gorgeous soon-to-be Duke has his sights, hands and lips set on you? So the thing that annoyed me was that the hero had this instant-possessiveness going on and well, that just really puts me off.

Jan 29, Angelc rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her mouth duchesw dry. The wager that Max made has been done in many romance novels and ultimately the man that makes the wager always falls in love with the woman. With her pale hair and slim figure, Olivia Donovan looks as fragile as fine china, and has been treated haymorr such by her sisters ever since a childhood bout with malaria.

Main Bad Guy truly is a horrendous creation by Miss Haymore. Rumor has it, he even tried to proposition OD in a totally inappropriate fashion.