„Član 7. Krivično zakonodavstvo Republike Srbije važi za svakog ko u inostranstvu Iako je Krivični zakonik u velikoj meri usaglašen sa standardima i aktima. tužilac i drugi učesnici u krivičnom postupku predvi eni ovim zakonom, kada Republike Srpske (u daljem tekstu: Krivični zakon) i drugi zakoni u kojima su. Krivični zakonik RS. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 64/ Zakon o krivičnom postupku. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 53/ Izmjene i dopune. Sl. glasnik RS. br. 91/ Izmjene.

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Act of 1 August to amend and supplement the Act on health insurance. Act of 23 December on war veterans, war disabled and members of families of soldiers killed in the war to defend the homeland.

Zakon o drzavljanstvu Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Regulations of 30 June on remuneration of prisoners’ work in establishments for application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures Text No. Zakon o klasifikaciji zanimanja u Federaciji Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Determines protection, procedure of reporting, obligations of responsible bodies and other relevant questions. Act of 20 February to amend and supplement the Act on Criminal Procedure.

Rights, obligations and liability of the enterprise or entrepreneur and of the worker IV. Act of 10 July on Fisheries. Act of 15 March on vocational rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. Act of 13 July on copyright and related rights Text No.

Portal sudova Srbije | Pretraga nadležnih sudova

Determines conditions, start, means and termination of activities related to crafts and entrepreneurship, vocational training of enterpreneurs, organization and register. Determines conditions of strike, and rights and duties of employees and employers.


Act of on the employees’ council. Zakon o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju – Adoption: Act of 4 April on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulations of 8 June on the means of implementation of the powers of the inspector for foreigners Text No. Krivicmi o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o drzavnim sluzbenicima – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama Zakona o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju – Adoption: Specifies the percentage of salary increase for specific conditions of work overtime, night time, and during holidays.

Udvaranje flert polno uznemiravanje proganjanje kazne | Mondo Portal

Amends article on penal provisions for assistance in criminal and terrorist activities. Act of 5 October to amend and supplement the Act on the protection of members of national minorities Text No.

Act of 3 July on protection of persons reporting corruption Official Gazette No. Zakon i izmejenama i dopunama krivicnog zakona – Adoption: Regulations of 19 September on the form and content of labour contract Text No. Zakon o posredovanju u zaposljavanju i pravima za vrijeme nezaposlenosti – Adoption: Zakon o krivicnom postupku – Adoption: Determines institutions in charge, principles, conditions and procedure for approving refugee status, termination of this status, temporary protection, identification documents, rights and obligations of asylum seekers, refugees and foreigners under subsidiary protection.

Amends article 20 on definitions, article on witnesses, article on security measures.

Nov zakon od juna: Zbog udvaranja u zatvor!

Zakon o dopuni krovicnog zakona Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o zastiti na radu – Adoption: Act of 21 October on economic societies. Zakon o izmjenama zakona o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju – Adoption: Determines basic rights of consumers of goods and services, protection of safety of life and health of consumers, responsibility and guarantee for goods and services, services of general economic interests, penal provisions and supervision and other relevant questions.


Strategy of 11 April on krivicnj development zkon vocational education and training for the period Text No.

Act of 26 January on the hotel and restaurant sector. Strategy of 23 October on the development of vocational education and training in the context of lifelong learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period Text No.

Zakon o volontiranju – Adoption: Labour inspection and occupational safety Chapter V: Amends provisions relating, krificni alia, to rights of civilian victims of the war, disability and family benefits. Zakon o drzavljanstvu Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Act of 18 May to amend and supplement the Penal Code. Zakon o rudarstvu – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o zastiti licnih podataka – Adoption: Regulates waters used for fishing, commercial and sport fishing, protection of fish stocks, register, supervision.

Zakon o profesijonalnoj rehabilitaciji, osposobljavanju i zaposljavanju lica s invaliditetom – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o visokom obrazovanju – Adoption: Includes provisions on krivcni employed in mining and occupational health and safety.