The Composition has ratings and 66 reviews. Q_Ayana said: “’Children aren’ t against anything,’ she said. ‘Children are just children. They have to go. Antonio Skarmeta Children’s Literature, Book Lists, Composition, Libros, La composicion – Antonio Skarmeta Little Books, Teaching Kids, Childrens Books. maud vanrykel bac1 inter-trad el autor antonio skármeta: el de noviembre de nació en antofagasta (chile) un descendiente de croatas que dedicó su vida.

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It can start conversations of dictatorship, governmental power, and oppression.

Entrevista a Antonio Skarmeta

When asked, bribed even, to report his own parents’ activities, he cojposicion make a difficult moral decision. But something is wrong: I would love to share this book with my third graders, who have some understanding about types of governments, including dictatorships.

Several of the “funny” xkarmeta could have been left out to make a stronger story. As an outsider, I am still chilled to think that such young children had to make such adult-like decisions, forced to grow up without experiencing their skarneta. Jun 16, Erin Reilly-Sanders rated it really liked antnio Shelves: The Composition is a little wordy for a picturebook, requiring that the child have developed enough of an attention span to sit through the prose with selected illustrations, but limits the story to character development, description of the setting, and then the main event without wandering off on to tangents.

His parents seem worried about radio news reports. We never learn what country this is, but it is a Hispanic culture. Does he share with the military that his father is against it? The pictures libto this book implicitly say what isn’t said in the text, having so many symbols and so many elements that bring upon deep discussion.


For instance, some illustrations show readers the time periods by describing an old radio. The images also show the results of the oppression that Pedro and his loved ones experience.

“La Composición” de Antonio Skármeta | Calameo PDF Download

The compsoicion challenge I would have for this book is the jerky writing style. Humorous, serious and intensely human, this powerful picture book by Chilean writer Antonio Skarmeta presents a situation all too familiar to children around the world. Pedro is aware that his parents may be in danger.

This leads Pedro to begin a conversation with them in which he discovers that they are also against the dictatorship. The story reminds us that children understand the world better than we give them credit for, and they can, in their way, help make choices for change.

I would recommend this book to anyone that cmoposicion like to get a glimpse of what that could be like and empathize with a young composicio boy that seems to do the right thing even when so vulnerable and pressured to possibly ruin the lives of his family. He also knows that the army police came and took away his friend Daniel’s father.

The art in this way reflects the tension in the text, and the tension that is felt day to day under a dictatorship. Pedro is a boy who shows normal qualities throughout, loving soccer and his friends.

Although there is not a specific culture described, the illustrations and story suggest it takes place in a Latin American or South American country.

Trivia About The Composition. Life isn’t so fun anymore.

The next day at school, Pedro and his classmates are visited The Composition begins with the story of young Pedro feeling upset because he did not receive a soccer ball for his birthday.


In this story, Pedro is just like any child, in that he likes to play with his friends and he spends time with his family in the evening. Return to Book Page. It’s an easy and brief book to read, holds some funny and then scary moments, a brief description of lives for many children around the world who live under a dictatorship. Subsequent editions of the book bore the title El cartero de Neruda Neruda’s Postman.

Feb 12, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pedro does not win the prize and brings home his composition one day.

Antonio Skármeta

A young boy is asked to write a composition in school about what his family does at night for a contest that the military is sponsoring. These emotions connect the reader to the text, helping the visualizing of the characters and their happenings to be strengthened. Throughout history children have told their stories through writing and art.

Some illustrations might describe the feelings of the antobio.

La composición – Antonio Skármeta – Google Books

Pedro struggles with what to write. The winner will earn a big prize and will carry the country’s flag in a parade.

His parents don’t answer his questions. However, the author is from Chile, which has been ruled by dictators, so Young Pedro lives in a country run by a dictator.

This book can be used with older students when studying different types of governments.