Dr. Mahmoodur Rahman Committee has submitted its report on the Conditions of Muslims in Maharashtra to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Excerpts of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, published in Indian weekly This commission of Inquiry was appointed by the President of Pakistan in. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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Hamoodur Rahman Commission

Bhutto rrport that the report was missing; it was either lost, or stolen, and was nowhere to be found. Volume I of the supplementary report dealt with the political backgroundinternational relationsand military aspects of the events in Yale University Press, Jones. Retrieved 22 August Committee recommends promotion of micro-finance institution in Muslim concentrated areas to overcome the small credit crunch.

Its primary conclusion was very critical of the role of Pakistan’s military interference, the misconduct of politicians as well as the intelligence failures of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI and the Federal Investigation Agency FIAwhich permitted the infiltration of Indian agents all along the borders of East Pakistan. Caught in the cycle of debt and death, India’s farmers drove home the severity repory the agrarian crisis in Retrieved manmoodur ” https: Upon consolidating the powerPresident Zulfikar Ali Bhutto announced to form the Commission under the Supreme Court ‘s senior justices in December Last week, the Movement for Peace and Justice, a non-profit organisation, finally managed to obtain a copy of the report, seven months after applying for it.


The report accused General Yahya Khan, of being a womanizer and an alcoholic. Movement demanding rahmqn of war criminals Shahbag protests. Here are some of the findings of the Reoort Rahman report, which is based largely on data from the census. The Army and Democracy. Shri Prithviraj Chauhan after assuming the office initiated the process and finally the committee submitted its report. NaziMohammad Jamshed, M.

We have sent you a verification email. Maharashtrian Muslims have a total literacy rate of Initially, the commission was known maymoodur War Enquiry Commission but gained notability as “Hamoodur Rehman Commission” across the country.

Niaziand Rao Farman Ali all died in Nanda Jagjit Singh Aurora K. Inthere was not a single Muslim in the entire cadre of the Indian Administrative Services.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

Bangladesh arrests three journalists, raids news outlet January 17, 1: Retrieved 22 August President Pervez Musharraf reportedly commented in October that the incidents in were a political as well as a military debacle, and cokmittee calls for the military generals to be tried were not fair. Read Post a comment. Andheri man to represent India at Belgium queer pageant.


Their share in government services is just 4.

Origins of the Bengali Revolution. These are among the findings of a report prepared by a five-member committee headed by retired bureaucrat Dr Mahmoodur Rahman, which was appointed in by the Maharashtra government to study the social, economic and educational condition of Muslims in the state.

All Comments Your Activity. Car drags traffic cop on bonnet in Gurugram Retrieved 26 August Ministry of Liberation War Affairs.

The declaration about the release of Rs. It observed the dilapidated condition of Municipal schools, Came down heavily on the bias content of school mahmoodkr books.