Calvary chapel costa mesa meet the missionaries

Why Are So Many Departing From Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa?

calvary chapel costa mesa meet the missionaries

Understand The Times is An International Missionary Outreach Dedicated to As someone familiar with the workings of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for over While management has changed at CC Costa Mesa since that commentary was . Internet Bible School | Let There Be Light | Go To Meeting | Creation Gallery. Rob grew up in Riverside, CA, where he met his wife Karen. Neil is a graduate of Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA, and Talbot Theological Seminary in. In the book of Mark, Jesus says to the disciples “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (). As a community of believers, it is our.

My friend took me to church the following week and it just happened to be that he was going to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. We both served in different ministries in the church and had a home fellowship in our house.

Baja was the first church plant by Calvary in Hungary and they were in need of a pastor. After a short visit and much prayer, God confirmed the call and we moved in July, We ministered there for 7 years and then God blessed us and the church by raising up a wonderful Hungarian man to be the next pastor in Baja. Jeanna grew up attending Calvary Chapel Vista and had the privilege to be sent out as a missionary to Subotica, Yugoslavia in They met on the mission-field in Hungary in and were married the same year.

They continued to minister in Hungary until when they relocated to minister at the bible college in Spittal, Austria. In summer of they returned to assist the church and bible college ministries at CC York. They are blessed with three children. In the same year,we began to take our College Ministry group on short-term mission trips to Costa Rica, helping out a church plant in progress. On the last trip that we led, God really challenged me to be open about coming to Costa Rica to plant a church here.

calvary chapel costa mesa meet the missionaries

As Rebecca and I began to pray and seek God for direction, He spoke through the Holy Spirit to our conscience very clearly. After sharing what we had heard with Pastor Rob, he encouraged us to go for it and was very supportive. Calvary Vista sent us out in March of Tony Clark Virginia, CC Newport News Born in the steel town of Gary, Indiana, Tony, along with his older brother and sister, was raised by loving parents who instilled the ethics of hard work and moral character.

A drive by the Calvary Costa Mesa parking lot at service time is also very enlightening. No longer is the parking lot overflowing with cars. Where have the people gone, and what is the reason? The answer - a number of churches in the area report their congregations are growing as former Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa church attendees are being added to their pews.

Not a day goes by when I am not confronted or approached by someone or some group with eyes now opened to see what I saw in the past.

Apparently, those who have taken over the leadership of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa believe that Costa Mesa will remain the mother of all churches in the future as it was in the past. While the Calvary Chapel Movement remained intact while Chuck Smith was alive, now that he has passed on there are rumblings that a major change is underway. Based on conversations I have had with many Calvary pastors whom I have known for years spread throughout the United States, the consensus is that the movement is fragmenting and the chance of this happening is very slim.

Of course, there are Calvary pastors who also see just as God showed me what lies ahead, and they are preparing for the future.

Rather than following some man or womanthey tell me they will follow Jesus and His Word instead.

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Following is the commentary titled Ichabod that was written in Ichabod The Bible calls Satan the great deceiver. To be deceived means to be led away from the truth without knowing it. If the person being deceived knew they were being deceived, then deception would not have occurred. One must believe that one is not deceived in order to be deceived. It is just that simple.

calvary chapel costa mesa meet the missionaries

I believe that understanding deception has a lot to do with having a proper perspective. He knows what he is doing. In Proverbs we read: Do you see how deception works?

Sometimes it is beneficial to take time to do a reality check on our lives. For example, a Christian can be confident that he or she is serving the Lord when he is actually deceived.

Not long ago a situation occurred which helped me to see how easily one can be deceived by not having the proper perspective.

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I was looking over a series of slides on my digital camera. I had taken these photos while traveling around England. Without knowing what I had done I had somehow expanded the view on one particular slide from the normal view to a view that was 10 times enlarged. As I was flipping through the slides, I could not figure out what the scene was that I had photographed.

Moving the picture around on the screen from left to right and top to bottom did not help. It was the most frustrating experience.


Nothing that I could see in the photo seemed to give me a clue where I had taken this photo. Suddenly, I remembered how to view the slide in the normal unexpanded view.

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In a second I could see what the picture was and recalled exactly where I had taken it. I just needed the proper perspective. Perhaps this illustration will be useful to help you see what can happen to human beings, ministries, pastors and even denominations.

This is why it is important that we read the Word and give ourselves a reality check from time to time. When the Glory Has Departed I know Christian leaders and denominations that started out right but have ended up wrong.

This downfall can be predicted in light of church history. God has raised up individuals from time to time to be leaders. Sometimes, a pastor will become a leader and a model for many other pastors. Eventually, a fellowship of churches with like-minded pastors may be the result. This fellowship of pastors teaches the Word of God and the sheep are enlightened and fed. The sheep, because they are learning, love God with all their heart.

This love spreads to the horizontal plane and love is overflowing. The sheep want to tell others about Jesus. It is even possible to have a Jesus movement. However, the passing of time has a way of helping us forget. Perhaps another way of saying this is that Satan hates what God is doing. Some pastors forget from where they came.

They were once shepherds with small flocks.