Demon bat meet the walking catfish

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demon bat meet the walking catfish

This should come as no surprise as even today, we can meet remains of Discovered in in the Santa Ana River in Peru, this new species is an armored catfish. The “Demon” bat (Murina beelzebub) was one of the species that were New species found: walking catfish, Beelzebub bat and two-legged lizard | T. Rex. SpongeBob and the Catfish is the fifth episode of the first season of SpongeBob& Sagwa. (The episode opens with SpongeBob walking down the hills in China as he cheerfully sings to himself.) I wonder if the Jade Bats have given up hmmm oh well, I guess the answer SpongeBob begins to reach for a water lily.). fish" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Beautiful fish, Fish tanks and Exotic fish. Walking Catfish, Demon Bat Among New Mekong Species .. Over Animal Species · Meet Beluga Whales · Touch Stingrays · Award Winning Exhibits.

Taxonomy, distribution, and habitat The walking catfish is a tropical species native to Southeast Asia. The native range of true Clarias batrachus is only confirmed from the Indonesian island of Javabut three closely related and more widespread species have frequently been confused with this species.

The species spends most of its time on, or right above, the bottom, with occasional trips to the surface to gulp air. It is a voracious eater which consumes food rapidly, so it is considered harmful when invasive. In the United Statesit is established in Florida and reported in CaliforniaConnecticutGeorgiaMassachusettsand Nevada and regarded as an invasive species as they can destroy fish farms.

The walking catfish was imported to Florida, reportedly from Thailandin the early s for the aquaculture trade. Additional introductions in Florida, supposedly purposeful releases, were made by fish farmers in the Tampa Bay area, Hillsborough County in late or earlyafter the state banned the importation and possession of walking catfish. Aquarium releases likely are responsible for introductions in other states. Dill and Cordone reported this species has been sold by tropical fish dealers in California for some time.

demon bat meet the walking catfish

They have also been spotted occasionally in the Midwest. In Florida, walking catfish are known to have invaded aquaculture farms, entering ponds where these predators prey on agricultural fish stocks. In response, fish farmers have had to erect fences to protect ponds.

demon bat meet the walking catfish

Authorities have also created laws that ban possession of walking catfish. It's a pleasure to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. Well, I was walking over to a palace to play with some friends of mine. But then, a thought came to my mind to pick out a flower for one of my closest friends. So I chose a water lily, but then a huge noise caused me to fall into the water and now, here I am, stuck in the bottom of a pond, seeking a way out.

Goodness, that must've been a shocking experience for you, huh? Well then, allow me to introduce myself.

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I am Ch'in-Ch'in, and you've also met my children You must have a very great family, uhhh Now do you want to know how I ended up down here? One day, I was sitting by the pond reaching for a water lily to wear on my head. However, I unsuspectingly fell into the water and I was drowning. I called for help, but no one came, then I fell to the bottom of the pond. That's when I met Callo.

While I stayed in the pond, I spent days having fun with him, until one day, I noticed a big change in myself. I was a normal cat before, but then I became part fish. Unfortunately, I had a family of normal cats I used to live with.

But I promised them that I would always be in their heart when they came to see me in the pond one day and so, I started a family with Callo and we were a happy unlikely couple with wonderful children and a beautiful place to call home.

The episode fades back to normal. So there you have it. Well, it was nice to meet you guys, but I got to leave. Before you go, why not spend some of your time down here with us for a while? The children love to play after all.

I can handle some play time with someone I can get to know! Ch'in-Ch'in, Callo and the children swim off as SpongeBob follows them. The episode pans to SpongeBob with them at their home. Have you ever raced anyone before?

Why, yes I have! Let's see how well you do at racing me to the Shallows? They are located just near the edge of the pond. But be careful, SpongeBob. Ch'in-Ch'in swims like a professional.

I'm always up for a good challenge! SpongeBob and Ch'in-Ch'in gather a starting line drawn by Callo. Go get him, Mommy! You can do it!

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Half-cat half-fish versus sponge. Competition for best swimmer.

demon bat meet the walking catfish

It's about to get juicy. SpongeBob and Ch'in-Ch'in take off swimming. Ch'in-Ch'in notices that SpongeBob is swimming on his side by flapping his arms. Don't worry, all you got to do is twist and turn to avoid the rock. Ch'in-Ch'in and SpongeBob continue swimming towards the rock.

Walking catfish

Suddenly, Ch'in-Ch'in twists and turns upwards successfully while SpongeBob exclaims as he crashes into the rock. He floats gently to the pond floor. I saw you crash. Come on, let's keep racing each other to the Shallows! SpongeBob and Ch'in-Ch'in take off swimming as they get out of the screen to the left.

The episode pans to the Magistrate's palace.

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He said he would be here a few minutes ago. Maybe he just stopped by somewhere for a snack. Or maybe it's something even worse. I think he could be on a secret mission of his own Give it a rest, Sheegwa. Don't always assume for the worst possible scenario.

No, I'm serious, Dongwa! Wherever he is, he may need our help! As much as I'd like to say that Sheegwa may be overreacting, I think she has a point. Besides, it's been taking SpongeBob a while to come here. So it looks like we have no other choice but to leave the palace for now and go look for him.

We can't just sit here and do nothing. C'mon guys, let's go. The three Miao siblings leave the palace to search for SpongeBob. The episode pans back to the pond, where SpongeBob is playing hide-and-seek with Ch'in-Ch'in's children. Ready or not, here I come! SpongeBob searches everywhere until he finds three tails sticking out from behind a weed. I mean, it's not like they're behind a weed or anything, right? The episode pans to the catfish kids finishing up their counting. Ready or not, here we come!

The kids search around for SpongeBob. They look everywhere on the pond floor as they start to get curious. Guys, where could he be? The kids notice a sponge with a face drawn on it. Could that be him? He just set himself up for failure! SpongeBob flips from his other side. How'd you know it was me? Other Jade Bats land on the branch behind Siren to pay attention to what he is about to target. There it is, troops. Well, what are we waiting for, Siren?

Let's dive into that pond and cause as much mayhem as possible! I'll signal the attack. The episode cuts back to the scene of SpongeBob laughing with the catfish kids. Callo and Ch'in-Ch'in swim up to them. Ch'in-Ch'in is impressed by SpongeBob's good nature with the kids. SpongeBob, I must say. You are very polite, competitive and cheery. We think our kids just found a new playmate, and that playmate is you. I appreciate your compliments, Ch'in-Ch'in. It's part of my character.

The episode cuts back up to the Jade Bats preparing to attack. On the count of ten, we will unleash heck upon this pond. The episode goes back inside and shows SpongeBob pausing for a suspenseful moment. SpongeBob has a look of shock on his face. What's wrong with him?