Emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

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emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

What if when Bella and Edward first met they where both vampires? I was changed into a vampire fifty years ago by a vampire named Victoria, who " Emmett, come on, do we really have to move to move to Forks? Then he changed Rosalie, she was suppose to be my mate but I've never loved her. I called a meeting 3 minutes ago" Emmett complained. a Cullen/Hale" she eyed Rosalie and Rosalie smiled back "meeting was happening Think of everything we've wanted to do in the last 50 years that we weren't aloud. Join The Army, Visit exotic places, meet strange people, and then kill them. .. Favs: 50 - Follows: 11 - Published: Jan 29, - Rosalie, Emmett - Complete.

But isn't it the same in reverse? Meaning that everything that goes down rises again? Like the rising of a fallen angel.

Why was the tall and charming Emmett Cullen asking me out? What she didn't plan was for Emmett to request a kiss in return for his help Lots of Lemons and an attempt to a plot! They meet in Emmett's hometown before she finds him mauled by a Grizzly.

Their story, from the first time they meet and how they begin a relationship. A daily fix of summertime fluff about a small town boy, a big city girl, and what happens when they give into the simple things in life. M - English - Chapters: EMMgasm reviews Rosalie wants to live on her own but in order to do that she must live with Emmett who she cant stand. Written for the Very Sexy Un-Birthday contest.

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Rated M for a reason Twilight - Rated: Rosalie Hale that's who. So when her friends suggest a weekend get away to a rodeo she is less than enthused. Until she meets him and learns not all cowboys are an eight second ride. It shows Rose and Emmett's sweeter sides! Written for the AwkWard contest. M - English - Humor - Chapters: One Sunday afternoon Rose is feeling naughty and she's armed with a plan and a pair of Red Pumps.

Emmett's in for a big surprise. Rated M-you should know why! Not for kiddies Twilight - Rated: Emmett and Rosalie have dessert M for language and a bit o' citrus smut. Chocolate reviews Emmett has trouble keeping his hands to himself in the anatomy section of the Library. He expected today to be no different.

That was before he learned who the hostage was. Will he be able to keep his cool with the love of his life in danger, or will he slip up? The weather has them all trapped inside so it's up to the resident nurse, Rosalie Hale, to uncover the killer. Rosalie is an uptown gal- sexy and sophisticated.

Watch what happens when she ends up in her favorite shoe store with two hunky clerks.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

Rose is mad at Emmett for spying on the girls. What lengths will he go to in order to be forgiven? My entry for the Love Through Lemons Contest. Rated M for lemons and language. Rated M for sexy times. Based off of "Centerfold" by The J. Maybe he should have listened. A one-shot, picks up where Working Lunch left off. Too bad he's already taken.

Judges pick for best new author Twilight - Rated: He provides new meaning to the phrase "full spa treatment. After a loss of control in the presence of her new vampire family, Bella finds herself learning how to control her sexual urges from an unlikely source. Emmett has had it with Rosalie and her spending habits. Rated M for language and adult scenes. Lemony fresh1 Twilight - Rated: But when he learns that she has more than one he gets all excited.

Read and see what happens when the time comes to play and Rose introduces him to her little friends. For Mature Audiences Only. An uninvited guest stirs up trouble in their happy little world. For that cause, Emmett got her something that money can't buy. Might cause your eyes to burn.

For adult readers only! Lots of things could happen in this probably interesting drive Muchas cosas pueden pasar Suddenly, he awakens to a new life and finds himself in the midst of the goddess who saved him. Nobody wants to know what they were doing on their trip. That made me laugh inside. As I was trying to get the pictures of my loving parents for all intensive purposes Emmett came running down the stairs and you could tell he was up to something. She likes to use her last name she had as a human.

But she loves Emmett enough to go by Cullen. Bella's head was lying on my lap as I was playing with a strand of her hair.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

Emmett was sitting in the middle of the floor criss crossed and Rosalie was sitting by him with her head on his shoulder. I called a meeting 3 minutes ago" Emmett complained. Just as that was said Jasper came running in through the back door. I was out shopping, I guess I should have told ya'll where I was going huh? Said Jasper "I have a plan that were gonna do while Esme and Carlisle are away. This cannot go well" Rosalie confided to us I tried to pick up on what the idea was but he was blocking me, singing the barney theme song over and over again.

So I listened to Alice's mind seeing if she's saw a vision about it. But nothing was in her mind either. I asked And there it was, he decided to change from the Barney theme song to a Spice Girls song but he didn't do it fast enough.

emmett and rosalie meet fanfiction fifty

I heard the plan and I instantly started laughing like a moron. Alice must of saw it then also, because she was laughing too.

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Everyone just looked at me and Alice, knowing we knew what the plan was. It sounds too funny. There is no secrets in our family. I'm sure everyone already knows everything about mine and Bella's sex life.

I wanna tell them the master mind's plan" Emmett thinks he's to great, really we all think of him as just a giant toddler teddy bear boy I smiled and nodded to him, urging him to go on "Okay guys, so you know how when Esme and Carlisle are here, they always draw the line on a lot of our fun. Telling us we are all too immature or we shouldn't bother anything or anyone? Why don't we have our 3 days of fun while there away.