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freak street meet the supersonics aint

[Kool Drop] And I see you're now listening to the dynamic, supersonic, soul throw- down sound to the jazzy 3 And let's freak to the funky beat, to the funky beat, to the funky beat Ain't nothin' in the world like a Kool Drop rhyme I've got more rhymes than the butcher got meat I said I waved down a cab across the street. Gettin money makin dummies out the police, ain't no peace . I'm liver than Thai weed for freaks, drive high speed through streets .. Where the sugar towers rise to line and meet the streets .. KC Tea got me really supersonic in the sheets. Broad Street Bully hard like wood floors “B-Boys Makin With the Freak Freak” And I aint talking 'bout the Clippers, leave your jersey a mess .. The Lakers beat the Super Sonics . Gather up your five, man, meet me at the Rucker Put the.

Let's show what two people can do, yet revolving everything around the number three: Melody, storytelling, and rhythm.

Red, white and black. Let's confine and constrict ourselves, and live inside of a box and have there be rules. A lot of time in modern music, there have been no rules. I think people just enjoy the opportunity of having no rules and can do whatever they want to do.

Having a huge budget or unlimited time or tracks to make an album, all that opportunity robs you of a lot of creativity, because you're not focused or confined.

We purposely confined ourselves to help us be more focused. I don't know why it works on the radio or on MTV or on a stage in front of 80, people. It seems like there should be more going on.

We've always gotten along really well, and the important part of a two-piece band is that there isn't a third person to take sides and cause dissension. I've played White Stripes songs with other drummers at my house, and it just doesn't feel right. I think that there's definitely this communication with me and Meg that has always been there, where nothing needs to be said about what we're gonna do.

Meg's never had goals of being Neil Peart or anything, and that's what I love about her. What she does is just so simple and child-like. You couldn't take a male drummer and ask him to do that; he wouldn't be able to do it. And I've tried; it doesn't work. There's a band in Detroit called the Gories, and they have a gift drummer that uses just two toms and a tambourine duct-taped to the tom.

That's it, and that's all it needs to be. And you know, people can't criticize that. You can't criticize Moe Tucker for not being Carl Palmer. When Meg and I were starting out, we thought the best thing about our idea was that it would put off some people. They'd walk into a show and say, "Okay, it's a brother and sister, it's a two-piece band, everything is red, white and black, and there's peppermints, and okay, it's all just gimmicks.

If we were up there in street clothes like everybody else, we'd be making the same decision that a million other bands have made. Instead, we figured some people would really love what we're doing after the first song, and they wouldn't notice those artistic aspects of the band anymore. They'd be there just listening to the music and the storytelling.

And that was our goal. We figured that if those people could get past the out- ward trappings and get to the music, then they were in there kind of for life. But since our last name was White, we decided to call it The White Stripes. It revolved around this childish idea, the ideas kids have - because they are so much better than adult ideas, right?

When I first heard about them naming the band the White Stripes, I thought people were going to think they were a skinhead band. Originally they were tossing back and forth the names Bazooka and Soda Powder, so after hearing the other names they had come up with, the White Stripes didn't seem so bad.

Meg came up with it, and the story about them getting it from the candy might be true, but they also had some old bricks in front of the house in the garden that said "White" on them, and that might have had something to do with it. That whole first year, every single person misprinted the band name -- it was always "White Stripe" or "White Strike" or "White Strikes. Of course, that wasn't as bad as when they played the Magic Bag one night and were billed as the Light Strikes. That whole first year, every single person misprinted the band name--it was always 'White Stripe' or 'White Strike' or 'White Strikes'.

It never got printed right-for a whole year. But obviously this is not the case in more other environments. I think it's the best color combination of all time. It's just more powerful. For some reason, it just makes people think about stuff. Say someone says, 'Wow, I really like your red pants. They're just old senior citizen pants. There's just something about the color. It's very interesting for us to work on the appearance of the band, because it all comes off of this one theme derived from those two colors, with red standing for anger and white being innocence.

It's a lot easier than a band where everyone wears jeans and T-shirt. Everyone can recognize a White Stripes record. Everyone knows there is something going on on-stage. If you tell a kid that they are going to church, they'll always come down in a red outfit or something and be told 'No, you can't go to church in that'. You could compare that the way we wear white and red peppermint candy as a symbol of the band.

It's the same if you choose to blast blue lighting on the band or anything, it all affects how you feel when you watch a band, like if you just turned up the lights at the bar and down at the stage that affects your perception of a band.

You know, now there's bands dressing up as cowboys, bands dressing up as lounge acts sighs. And if we had to make a choice, I wanted it to be something simple like that. Something where someone could see a cover and say, "oh, that's a White Stripes record" right away, I mean, I won't go dressing up as a chicken just to get people's attention. Anything involved in presenting yourself onstage is all a big trick. You're doing your best to trick those people into experiencing something good, something they haven't thought about before or haven't thought about in a long time.

I'm doing my best to be that vaudeville trickster, to help that happen. But the image stuff all stemmed from the music-just the childishness and how it relates to anger and innocence and these colors and what they mean to us, and us being children together. It all comes from that childishness, really. It's kind of funny. The last couple of weeks, how many things I've seen - Black Eyed Peas wearing completely red white and black outfits, Lil Jon the rapper was on MTV Awards the other day, I saw that when I was flippin' channels - wearing all red white and black.

The new Green Day album, all the artwork is red white and black. The Lenny Kravitz album, the same. Go to a record store, it's all like that. There's two car commercials out right now, one for Honda where the car is made out of red white and black Lego laughs there's another ad where the car is spinning, a total rip-off of The Hardest Button to Button video.

People say like, well, you guys don't own those colours, but look at this thing with cars made out of red white and black lego. A friend said to me, Whatever, Jack! Then I was talking to Michel Gondry a week later and he said, Oh yes, zey asked me to direct this commercial!

I knew they got their ideas from somewhere! If you can't get past the stage of, Oh, this is a gimmick. OK, if you think it's gimmick, you're not possibly gonna be able to come any deeper with us. It weeds out people who wouldn't care anyway. Then, if you wanna know what the truth is, ask the little kids watching the band, and see what he thinks. I venture a guess he's gonna have fun.

Why would we do that? Wearing red and white has meaning. Wearing green for a day would just be so bourgeois. It's actually all based around the number three, even though there's two of us. It's vocals, guitar and drums, and then rhythm, melody and storytelling. There was a piece of fabric over part of a couch. The guy I was working for put in three staples. You couldn't have one or two, but three was the minimum way to upholster something.

And it seemed things kept revolving around that. Like, you only need to have three legs on a table. After two, three meant many, and that was it, you don't have to go any further than that: There's the trinity in Christianity, and objects in the world: A table can have only three legs and stand up. Or a wheel on a car can have only three nuts to hold it on.

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There's a definition about that. It was a number I always thought of as perfect, or our attempt at being perfect. Like on a traffic light, you couldn't just have a red and a green. I work on sculptures too, and I always use three colors. It has that feel to it, everything we do. It just seems like the perfect connection. There's vocals, drums and guitar. If we're breaking things down, how simple could they be? It seems to revolved around the number three -- songwriting is storytelling, melody, and rhythm, those three components.

If you break it down but you keep the three components, then you have what songwriting really is, without excess and overthinking. Also - if you ever get the chance to get an autograph from him he will usually sign it "Jack White III" 2.

This is a 7' vinyl release. This name seems to pop up frequently in the Stripes arena. This duo also star in Citizen Kane, which is Jack's favorite film - so that might be the origin of Jack's interest in the reference.

Also Jack has named his record label 'Third Man Records' so the theme seems to be prevalent in a lot that he does. No matter what goes on in your private life, people are gonna get interested in it in a gossipy manner.


But 20 years from now, when you think about whatever is happening now, all you're gonna have is the music. People will say, "What about the Strokes?

And you'll listen to the Strokes album, and that's their music and that's what they did, and that's all that you know about it. Also most interviews refer to this often and they can be seen almost chain smoking in a little pre-tour documentary that's circulating around. I'd heard that he was really anti-smoking, 'cause he has allergies.

I said hi to him and he didn't say hi back. I turned around and walked away, thinking "That's weird he didn't say hi back. He's mad that I'm smoking. Are you still smoking?

My voice was getting really really bad. I was losing all the high end. I'd heard some old tapes of us play, and I was really disappointed in the way I couldn't hit these notes anymore. I didn't know what to do. I didn't wanna stop. I started to notice when I was playing with Loretta Lynn, I was playing her songs for the band in that range, which I would normally have been able to hit those notes, but I couldn't do it at that point. It was like this consistent bronchitis over and over again.

It just would not go away. Sometimes it would go away for a week, we'd be on tour and I'd sing really great and then it would come back for six months.

I couldn't do it anymore. It's too important to me to keep messing with the vocal chords like that. So that's really the only reason. Right before we were leaving for the festivals, he sang Jolene, and it was like, Wow! I hadn't been able to hear him hit the high notes in that song forever without having trouble, so it's good. Yeah, it's nice now, it feels good to be back where I used to be, because there was always a little hindrance going on. I was ashamed because, in front of Loretta, I couldn't hit these notes.

I think that's what really pushed me to it. It was just that shame that Loretta really didn't think I was a good singer. The band seems to think of itself as a musical force and not a pulpit to spread their own political ideals. If the Beatles could not get us all to love one another, then how would the White Stripes be capable to do it? Yeah, it's a rough time. I haven't seen people be so obsessed and upset in my lifetime, you know, about everything.

I guess it's the same way in England too. When you belong to a political party, it doesn't matter if it's a monkey or Einstein who's the one running, you vote for him because he's a part of that party. It's dedication to your party not the person.

It doesn't matter who it is, what the truth is. That's really sad, and it kind of goes across the board. I mean, don't people want the truth? Why wouldn't you want the truth? Because you can be lazy if you don't know the truth. That's sad to me. That's what my Dad always told me, on the ballot, they should always have a third choice, like none of the above, then if enough people picked that, they'd have to get new candidates.

I think there's a lot of problems with being a two-party system. But I'm not gonna get to do anything about that. It's pretty sad when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. But then also people say 'I got all your songs off of Napster' ya know, they didn't buy records. I would never do it cuz I like band artwork. I want the album and I want the artwork. But then bands like Metallica they've already gone platinum so they shouldn't scream about the money.

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Ya know how everybody says that? But those bands on our level with people getting it that way and not buying it - we could really use that money laughs I've never gone on there to Napster. Don't ever buy or sell concert cds, and don't just get online and burn their albums. If you can follow that then you should be fine. You don't be that guy that downloads all the songs and then burns it so you don't have to get the cd. If you truly support and love an artist then they are worth your money and could use a couple bumps up in the charts.

What are we gonna do!?!?! I was kinda making reference to all the gossip and like that coming from the UK music press. I know well that it's not the case and that's why I said jack mentioned nothing to me about it. So I got semi-misquoted and it ends up everywhere. Let that be a lesson to everyone. John Lennon said 'I could be big headed and say it'll last ten years'. Well, we'll know when it's over. I don't think we're going to last ten years, I don't think Stripes will last 20 years.

It's not that kind of a band where we have 5 or 6 guys, kick the bass player out and get a new member. It's only going to be me and her Meg in the band.

At some point we'll stop, but we've no plans to now at all. I've got a lot of ideas for records for us coming up and the time off has been really re-inspiring. We would get asked that so much - Oh, I thought Elephant was going to be your last record. But I always hated that so much my whole life, when people faked their retirement. Like, Oh, I'm retiring, then they come out of retirement, and then they retire again I didn't want to do that, and I didn't want people to think that.

I wasn't trying to get attention that way. I just meant that I didn't want to do the band for 20 years. Maybe that was it. Also, people were paying attention to us on the third and fourth album. They feel like it's day one, like you're starting. For you, it's been years. By the time we stopped laughing, the phone had gone dead. Liam tells reporters, "I don't care if they're supposed to be hard in Glasgow.

No [expletive] throws a bottle at me and gets away with it. We're superstars, so nobody gets to do that to Oasis now. Liam gets into a heated argument with journalists covering the event, yells at Glitter fans "I wouldn't go to his show — you want to see him after all that's been in the papers! On a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Australia, a drunken Liam begins verbally abusing and throwing warm scones at passengers. Liam tells the press in Perth, "Some pilot told me to shut up.

Some pilot who needs stabbing through the head with a fucking pickaxe. If someone tells me to shut up then I'm not going to like that, am I? In Sydney, Liam is accused of following a woman from her hotel and making sexual advances towards her and stuffing a used tissue down the front of her shirt. Liam gets into more trouble on the tour, when he headbutts a year-old fan in Brisbane who is taking photos of Oasis outside of their hotel.

Noel is interviewed on Australian television and asked about the late Diana, Princess of Wales, to which he answers, "So she died in a car crash. Half the people [at the funeral] probably wouldn't visit their grandmothers' graves, and they go throwing flowers at the coffin of a bird they'd never met because she'd done some work for charity. What was she supposed to do? Sit around all day and eat cream cakes? We're paying for her kids to go to school. No, I'm sure she was probably a nice woman.

Initially Moorish names Elastica drummer Justin Welch as the father. While watching the World Cup in June, Noel suffers a panic attack, which have now become a regular thing for him.

He calls a doctor, who checks him out and doles out some advice: He follows the doctor's orders and later tells Behind the Music, "I just went to bed… stayed in bed for a couple of days. I was actually surprised at how easy it was. It was no big deal for me. I just stopped doing it and that was the end of that. Noel issues an ultimatum to Liam, demanding that he too stays sober, and eventually the singer agrees.

Noel contributes a song called "Teotihuacan" to the soundtrack to The X-Files film. Oasis release a compilation of B-sides called The Masterplan on November 3. Although it's not a brand new studio album, it showcases just how much care Oasis put into their B-sides, following the lead of bands like the Smiths and the Jam. He later tells Mr. Hyde, "From '93 to '96 every song I wrote was a classic — I thought it'd last forever. I don't think there'd be war in the Middle East, I don't think there'd be radical Muslims.

I think we'd have saved the world, the songs were that good. Noel explains the choice to The Guardian: He'd always liked the band, but he thought that the records sounded crap, which was his opening line to us.

Noel shares his thoughts with the NME: In a statement released via Creation he says that he has "finished his work on the new album and feels now is an opportune time to leave before the band undertakes touring and promotional activities later on this year.

The story and the glory will go on. We've got to keep going because I, for one, don't have any money left. Unbeknownst to him, Noel is looking to recruit him to fill the rhythm guitarist position in Oasis. Archer leaves Heavy Stereo to join Oasis.

Oasis try out David Potts, former singer of Monaco, as a potential bassist, but after auditioning he decides he'd rather front his own band. Instead they bring in Andy Bell, former guitarist for Ride and Hurricane 1, who is just beginning to play with rising indie band Gay Dad. Bell has never played the bass before, but he receives encouraging words from Liam: The Gallaghers start off the new millennium by launching their own label, Big Brother Recordings Ltd.

The name is a reference to Noel being Liam's elder sibling, and each release is given a catalogue number beginning with "RKID" — a term of endearment Northerners use for brothers.

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It debuts at 1 in the UK and sells overcopies in its first week, but the overall sales are a small fraction of what their first three albums sold. The band describe it as a "grower," and it gets mixed reviews in the press. Over the years, both Gallaghers defend the album, but inNoel tells Chuck Klosterman, "We should have never made Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. I'd come to the end. At the time, I had no reason or desire to make music. I had no drive. We'd sold all these fucking records and there just seemed to be no point.

Liam, to his credit, was the one who was like, 'We're going to make a record, we're going into the studio next month, and you better have some fucking songs written. Rent a boat and sail around the Bahamas or whatever. But I went ahead and did it, even though I had no inspiration and couldn't find inspiration anywhere.

We needed a reason to go on a tour. But at the time, I wasn't thinking like that. The remaining band members decide to go out drinking and after a few, Liam begins to question the legitimacy of Noel's daughter Anais.

Noel jumps on Liam and starts punching him, splitting his lip. Noel then leaves the tour and he is replaced by Matt Deighton. Noel re-joins the band for the UK tour.

Meg Matthews takes Noel to court for a settlement, which he discusses with the Daily Telegraph. That woman has taken me to court and I abhor it. It is all so unnecessary.

But if somebody wants their pound of flesh that badly, there is nothing you can do to stop it. If it means that much to her that she is going to drag me through the courts and have our lives splashed all over the newspapers again because she can't keep her mouth shut, then fine.

Oasis release their first live album, Familiar to Millions, on November 13, Noel launches his own record label, Sour Mash, which will release albums by Liverpool greats Shack, newcomers Proud Mary produced by Noeland eventually, his solo work. Nicole Appleton gives birth to a baby boy named Gene. To celebrate his son's birth, Liam has a pint of Guinness at the pub across the street. When a photographer takes his photo, Liam allegedly punches him in the face.

Oasis head into Wheeler End Studios to begin working on their fifth studio album. Noel tells the NME that Liam is delaying the process. Just concentrated on his drinking habit again. It's just drifting at the moment. All the backing tracks are done and it's a fantastic album of instrumentals. Hand it over to the singer and it just slows down and becomes this one really long, drawn-out, painful process. So, to be honest with you, I don't know when it'll come out now.

It's down to him. Heathen Chemistry is released on July 1 and marks a return to the meat and potatoes, anthemic rock'n'roll of their first two albums. Still, critics aren't rekindling the romance with the band giving it mixed reviews. It's the first album to feature the playing of Bell and Archer, the last to feature White on drums, and includes contributions by Johnny Marr.

Three of the album's songs are written by Liam, including a ballad he wrote for Appleton called "Songbird. Three members of the band — Noel, Bell and tour keyboardist Jay Darlington — are injured in Indianapolis when their taxi hits another car head-on.

Noel suffers heavy facial bruising and seatbelt cuts and Darlington a hand injury, forcing Oasis to cancel some gigs. In December, members of Oasis and the band's entourage are involved in a brawl with five Italians at a club in Munich. White gets an ashtray to the head and Liam has several of his teeth punched out.

When the German police detain Liam, he allegedly kicks one of the officers with "full force" in the ribs. Noel plays drums, percussion and bass on Paul Weller's new album, Illumination.

freak street meet the supersonics aint

Oasis announce they're working with Death In Vegas on their sixth album, but it doesn't work out. Noel tells Billboard, "We drew up a list of songs, booked Sawmills Studio in Cornwall and gave ourselves three weeks. The band post a message on their website that reads, "Alan White has been asked to leave Oasis by the other band members.

Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr and drummer for the Who, is recruited as White's replacement to play gigs and record the next album. In JuneOasis headline Glastonbury with a greatest hits set. The band are not up to the task though and their performance is panned by both the press and fans.

BBC calls it "a lacklustre and uneventful performance. He also appears on the debut album by Liverpool band the Stands. After a few months of struggling in the studio, Oasis bring in producer Dave Sardy to mix some of the recordings.

He eventually takes the band to Capitol Studios in Los Angeles to re-record the album. Because we're all contributing to the songwriting, there's a different feel to it. In fact, the only songs that sound like Oasis are Andy Bell's, funnily enough. I won't mince words here but they've had a go at me personally.

Don't Believe The Truth is released on May 30, four weeks after iTunes accidentally leaks it by selling it early in Germany. This is the first album to feature every member of the band contributing songs, as well as the first to feature Starkey on drums.

It reaches 1 in the UK and receives better reviews than the previous couple of albums. Showing some solidarity for once, Oasis play headlining gigs in 26 countries — the most since End of," he says. And he looks like Zorro on doughnuts.

He's supposed to be the poster boy for the alternative way of thinking I'm not having that, that's fucking wrong. Particularly Coca-Cola, it's like doing a fucking gig for McDonald's.

What's all that with writing messages about Free Trade? If he wants to write things down, I'll give him a pen and a pad of paper. I'm worried they'll cash in and release a best-of. I've always said we'd never do one until we'd split. I think they're going to force our hand. I really wouldn't want to do one, but if they put one out we'll have to get involved otherwise it'll be shit. I hope we don't do one. It's all a scam. You should put one out only when you're finished — in chronological order.

But I have a feeling they'll do the dirty on us.

freak street meet the supersonics aint

The band reassure fans that they are not breaking up, and that the purpose of the album is for "future fans" to discover music the way he discovered the Beatles through their compilations. More than half of the songs are lifted from their first two albums. It becomes the band's best-selling album since Be Here Now.

Talking about that album, Noel tells Exclaim! It was just like, 'If it's that good, then why haven't we played it for fookin' six years?

Subconsciously, in the back of all our minds, we've dismissed [Be Here Now]. Anyway, who's gonna argue that my best work was done over the first two records, and it's only recently come back to work over the last two records? The middle two, well, not much inspiration going on there not that anybody out there shouldn't go out and buy them! But for the next record I really fancy doing a record where we just completely throw the kitchen sink at it. We haven't done that since Be Here Now.

I'd like to get, like, a piece orchestra and choirs and all that stuff. I think since Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, we've been trying to prove a point of just bass, drums, guitar and vocals and nothing fancy.

But I kind of like fancy! I'd like to make an absolutely fucking colossal album. Like literally two orchestras, stuff like that. Liam collects the award and says, "Seeing as we don't get nominated for this shit any more I supposed this will have to do! When they arrive they learn that U2 have already reserved the studio for their next album. However, Noel tells Music Radar, that all they needed was some cash to take the spot. U2 have to have a fucking six-hour meeting [to decide] whether to get tea or coffee in the rehearsal room!

They are not coming in here any time in the next five years. We actually went down to Abbey Road with a bag of money and said, 'We can pay for the studio now.

freak street meet the supersonics aint

An anonymous source reveals to The Sun that "Noel has been going to Ibiza every summer for years. But he's fed up of hearing James Blunt bang on about Ibiza like he owns the place. It's taken the charm out of it for him so he's put his villa up for sale. It's close to Blunt's place, and [Gallagher] says he can't stand the thought of Blunt writing crap tunes up the road.

Phil Collins announces his retirement from music, and once again responds to Noel's comments fromsaying, "I don't care if he likes my music or not. I do care if he starts telling people I'm a wanker because of my politics. Jay Z is announced as a headliner for Glastonbury, and Noel publicly disagrees with the decision, telling BBC News, "Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and even when they throw the odd curveball in on a Sunday night you go 'Kylie Minogue?

But I'm not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If you start to break it, then people aren't going to go.

I'm sorry, but Jay Z? Somebody should have told him I'm a fuckin' rock star. I said what I said, and it was wrong, or it was taken wrong. The attacker then lunges for Liam but he is tackled by security. Noel suffers three broken ribs but finishes the gig before being taken to hospital.

Footage of the attack goes viral online and Oasis are forced to cancel a number of concerts. Liam tells Sky News, "It's not nice when you look down and see your brother on the deck. If it was up to me, I'd have cut his [the attacker's] dick off and made him eat it. Sullivan is eventually receives a conditional sentence of months to be served in the community, not in custody. During the sentencing, the court is read a statement prepared by Noel that reads, "I would describe the impact and shock as feeling as if I had been hit by a bus.

I ended up in a heap. I have been told that I will never really recover from the damage, and still feel painful twinges. The emotional impact it had was essentially coping with the pressure to perform so as not to let the band down.

For a considerable period I was operating at 50 percent of my capabilities. I got banned and I won't be back. It reaches 3 on the UK singles chart, making it the first lead single of theirs not to reach 1 since "Supersonic. The album is promoted with a worldwide guerrilla marketing campaign that includes billboards, spray-painted sidewalks, a songbook included in the NME, and sheet music handed out to buskers.

Once again though, critics give the album a mixed reaction, but it debuts at 1 in the UK and spends 30 weeks on the French album chart.

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During their first gig with Sharrock in Seattle, Noel jokes that the band are "trying to break Spinal Tap's record" for most drummers in a band. Talking about the album to Spin, Noel throws shade at Radiohead: Of making an album?

I don't buy it. If you're not having a laugh, then don't do it. On the first night the generator fails, and after coming back on stage for a third time, the band announce it is now a free concert.

Of the 70, concertgoers, 20, claim the refund. Liam launches his own line of "classic clothing with a modern twist" under the name of Pretty Green, as a tribute to the Jam. He explains the label in a promotional video: You can't really get it.

I'm not gonna be putting anything out unless I'd wear it. They're getting uncomfortably close to the abyss. Douglas Lytle is a writer for Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are his own. To contact the writer of this story: Douglas Lytle at dlytle bloomberg. Thu Dec 28 '06 2: They sang of life, loss and affirmation. They chronicled almost regal heartbreak.

They reflected homelands old and new. They boasted the blues, suggested the apocalypse and professed a fractured, folky faith. And one even sported orphans -- 54 of them. They are the best recordings of And while only one hit the top of the charts, all are assertive, original works where genres blend, emotions mingle and a sense of fine, unassuming aural art is achieved.

What more could you want from great music? Here, then, is a critic's pick view of the 10 best albums of The Bottle Rockets, Zoysia. Zoysia is the sound of a bar band that has grown up without losing its edge.

The electric spirit of mid-'70s Neil Young guides the music, but Brian Henneman and pals have a wily and worldly sound all their own. That's how homespun Zoysia is at heart. But the guitar charge that backs it up tells you how much The Bottle Rockets still mean business.

Los Lobos, The Town and the City. For all its adventurous rock and Tex-Mex spirit, Los Lobos' best songs relish in themes of home and family. Such sentiments abound here, but in much darker fashion. More ominous in tone and temperament than previous albums, The Town and the City's sense of home is more displaced.

Hints of immigration heighten echoes of vintage soul, wary blues and surrealist pop and make Los Lobos sound more vital than ever. Springtime designs a parlor-music setting for songs of personal misery. The tunes expand and contract like an accordion at times and breeze along with the merest suggestion of swing at others.

But the sentiment here is all blues. Hence, Springtime is full of pouty, lovelorn laments that defy the elegance of their melodies. In other words, Springtime is the very musical winter of Holland's discontent. From Mali comes this expressive and forward-thinking groove festival.

The tunes' sly percussive strut and joyous vocal slant are built around Diabate's playing on the lute-like kora. But there is a Senegalese-Cuban-American connection at work here as elements of salsa, along with arrangements by veteran jazz-funk saxman Pee Wee Ellis, season the session.

This is world music in every celebratory sense of the term. Having reshaped and preserved Americana music as a producer in recent years, Burnett gives us the first album of his own music since The results blend mythic folk imagery, lyrics that fall between hip-hop and beat poetry and jagged guitar that spits across the grooves like crossfire. The True False Identity gives Americana music a worldly voice and then makes it dance in an especially dark countryside.

Of the many tributes and laments sung in the wake of Katrina, this collaboration by the master British songsmith and one of New Orleans' sharpest composers and arrangers resonates strongest. Much of River is made up of Toussaint classics whose swampy, soul-smitten sound lets Costello have a field day. But in the album's elegiac title tune and the Professor Longhair- inspired Ascension Day, you sense hope for a still-ravaged city.

Initially rumored to be a mere excavation of unreleased works from Waits' year career, Orphans actually comes stuffed with 30 or so new tunes. This sprawling but fascinating three-disc, song set is subtitled and sorted into discs of jittery rockers Brawlersoddly poignant ballads Bawlers and wondrous eccentricities Bastards to form a mammoth carnival ride hosted by a deliciously twisted American original.

Rosanne Cash, Black Cadillac. Black Cadillac's most personal influences -- the deaths of Cash's famous father, mother and stepmother within a two-year period -- has garnered as much press as the album itself. But the record is more an affirmation than a eulogy. And in the case of Like Fugitives and the sublime title tune, the ones being mourned are the living.

Alternately ambient and rockish, Black Cadillac is the year's most fascinating meditation on love and death. Bob Dylan, Modern Times. Blues chestnuts retooled into modern ruminations, reveries suggesting vintage jazz and ragtime and, of course, those glorious moments when Dylan's poetic muse boils over and doomsday rolls your way from a dozen directions. In other words, we have Dylan at his quixotic best.

And so he does, with another restless lullaby for modern times. The brothers' loose-limbed tunes abound with a roots sound that is lean, relaxed and infectious. Wed Dec 13 '06 This renowned group has its fingers in rockabilly, blues and jazz genres, as well as focusing on certain aspects of a Latin tradition. Founded by David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Louis Perez and Conrad Lozano, Los Lobos has been on top of their game for over 30 years, despite having very little airtime on traditional radio.

With an intensity that can only be witnessed live, the band is known for its astonishing eclecticism, blending a wide range of musical styles, and instruments. Their diverse style can be seen in the array of artists they cover - - from the Beatles to Louis Prima, from Tom Waits to their beloved Ritchie Valens.

Drawing on their Chicano roots, the group rose from East LA where they had become local heroes playing at weddings, barbeques and their local Mexican restaurants to become 3 time Grammy -winners with an avid fan base across the globe. Their cover of the Ritchie Valens' hit "La Bamba" for the movie of the same name brought them world wide attention as that smash rose to 1 on Billboard Singles Chart and became the song that dominated the airwaves during the summer of The Town and The City is told in the first person, and takes on the big theme of immigration and is described as "an album about people, the hard life of outsiders in a new place.

Tickets are available by phone atwalk-up during Box Office hours or online at www. Box Office hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm, Sunday noon to 4pm, and two hours prior to performances. Fri Dec 08 '06 They sculpt subtly socially conscious songs that ease you in and don't beat you over the head with politics.

Wed, Aladdin Theater, S. Tue Nov 21 '06 A full decade before black and white documentaries were made about Chicago's favorite skronk-country rockers, the best band ever to come out of East L. Los Lobos has spent the years since wandering in the wilderness of oxymoronically dull experimentation, a path Wilco appears poised to follow.

With The Town and the City Los Lobos finally find their way back to greatness; this raging quintet hasn't let the random squawks and sampled beats obscure the instrumental muscle that made 's Live at the Fillmore or any Los Lobos concert such a treat. The band, in short, is once again playing to its considerable strengths.

By Steve Hyden Mon Nov 20 '06