Meet and greet emblem3 songs

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meet and greet emblem3 songs

Photo 10 of 23 from Emblem3 Meet and Greet:: WIXX Back to School Concert. See more photos at VIP Check-In (For All Crew Pass, Meet and Greet, and Early Entry on which they had plotted out songs, set goals and wrote mantras of inspiration. The Fireside Story Sessions is Emblem3's second tour of It will be showcasing their originals, NTL songs, and new music and is their first tour since parting.

Next up was the meet and greet! This was one of the things that really bothered me, but oh well, we still got to go in before general admission ticket holders did. Once we got back inside, all of the seats and standing area were general admission, so we could pick wherever we wanted. We went with seats right in the center behind the sound booth for a few reasons: You can always hear better the further away from the speakers you are.

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While we are used to being right up against the stage for concerts, this turned out to be a pretty perfect spot for us. Anyways, we went to the merch booth just before the first opening act, Dyllan Murray, came on. It was all worth every penny because everything is so freakin comfy.

meet and greet emblem3 songs

They did a great job at pumping the crowd up for Emblem3. Finally, it was time for Emblem3! From there, they managed to fit in another 23 songs making the total 24 that ranged from old, old songs, new songs, brand new songs, and covers.

Meet Emblem3 & Vincent Thomas - Audition

On April 14, I went to National Harbor to watch their free acoustic show. My friends and I lined up at 10 in the morning. At exactly 2 p. After check-in, we had to sit outside for another hour and a half.

Emblem3 Concert Vlog! +MEETING DREW!!

We were about to be treated to a three-song acoustic show preview, and we were standing in the center front row. Even though it was a small acoustic show, the reaction from the audience was incredible. After a short question-and-answer session, my friends and I got in line for a meet-and-greet.

meet and greet emblem3 songs

Because there was music playing, I, embarrassingly, started dancing and quietly singing to myself. I looked up and Wes was smiling at me. He started singing and dancing along with me. At past meet-and-greets, security rushed us to take the photo and leave, but this time we were able to talk to the boys and hug all three of them.

Wes took my iPhone from my hand and took the photo of the four of us himself. We all hugged, and it was over. When the meet-and-greet ended, my friends and I ran back to the stage and ended up in the front row on the right side, next to the speakers.