Meet rich guys in nigeria the yoruba

Top 10 richest Yoruba Men In Nigeria

meet rich guys in nigeria the yoruba

These people remain the richest men in Nigeria in This is the richest Yoruba man, the second richest man in Nigeria . Be determined and you can one day find your name among the richest men/women in Nigeria. Singles Dating Spot for bestwebdirectory.infog for friendship and/or a relationship with a Nigerian or someone with a Nigerian Heritage?Africa, Nigeria, Yoruba. Yoruba men or woman pay the balance tilts in the real fact, lie and play girls. Yoruba men will give their right arm to if you date nigerian men. Tale of yoruba men.

Femi Otedola has a wide range of business investments starting from shipping to real estate and so many others, but his main investment Is in his petroleum distribution and marketing company named Forte Oil. Femi Otedola is not only a business man but also a philanthropist that has performed many charitable acts for his country and the world. He is an exceptional business man being the chiarman and chief executive officer of one of the few conglomerates in Nigeria, Global Fleet Group.

His companies investment cuts across shipping to airway and even hotels. He is a lawyer and also a politician having once contested the Ondo State governorship election. He is currently the managing director of the conglomerate in which his father established. He is currently the director of the biggest telecommunication company in Nigeria, MTN. Apart from being a reputable businessman, he has also held a few public offices such as President of the Nigeria Stock Exchange and so many others.

Oba Otudeko has also held important positions in various private companies like Fan Milk and a host of others. His group of companies called Doyin Group is a conglomerate that is highly diversified with products ranging from real estate to skin care products. Dele Fajemirokun He started his business mostly concentration of shipping with the establishment of the Nigeria Maritime Company in but has managed to diversify over the years.

How owns a host of other forms such as FSS gases and some others. He is currently the chairman of a conglomerate called Henry Stephens Group. Micheal Ade Ojo michael ade ojo biographyMicheal Ade Ojo is a reputable Nigerian business man with many valuable investments. One if such is the popular Elizade University located in Ondo State. He is also the chairman and CEO of Elizade motors limited.

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He is not only a business man but also a philanthropist and has been crowned with a chieftaincy title in the south western part of Nigeria making him Chief Micheal Ade Ojo. Fola Adeola Fola Adeola is a Nigerian business man, politician and philanthropist. What they like in terms of body features vary from men to men but your look must always be appealing to him.

This I believe is common to all men anyways. So, you should learn why he was attracted to you in the first place and try to keep the look and shape as much as you can. Do not be lazy Most typical Yoruba men believe that a wife must always do all the house chores especially cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Keep your place tidy and clean Another quality you must possess to keep a Yoruba man is cleanliness.

meet rich guys in nigeria the yoruba

Most Yoruba men cannot stand a woman who is not clean and tidy. So you must always keep your place clean and tidy when he comes visiting if you are not married yet.

And if you are already you must keep the house you two share clean and tidy always. Try to find better ways other than nagging and complaining. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult especially when emotions run high. But remember wise women know when words can make the situation worse or ruin a relationship, keep their man. Have less male friends Unlike the western culture, most Yoruba men might have a problem with you keeping male friends once they start dating you.

How to keep a Yoruba man? ▷

It may not cut across all. You can have male friends but not as very close friends. But if not, just learn to adorn him with praises and make him feel loved and respected. Be loyal to him Loyalty is necessary to keep a Yoruba man. So in every way possible, you should always be loyal to your man. This will go a long way in helping you to keep your man. Pray Lastly, if you are a religious person, always pray to God to help you keep your man.

meet rich guys in nigeria the yoruba

There is a general notion that most Yoruba men like women and will most likely cheat. Although this is not entirely true. But anyway, if you are a person of faith, you can pray to God and trust Him to help you keep him. You might not need to do all of these to keep your Yoruba man but you will surely have to do at least fifty percent of these things. We wish you eternal love and all the best in your relationships.

meet rich guys in nigeria the yoruba