Meet the commissioner of nba

meet the commissioner of nba

Outgoing NBA commissioner David Stern last night said everything Filipino basketball fans had wanted to hear. The Commissioner of the NBA is the chief executive of the National Basketball Association. . Following a Board of Governors meeting in October , Stern announced that he would retire from the office of Commissioner by February 1, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has not hidden his feelings about the NBA's one -and-done rule, which has been in place since — before.

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As a lawyer with no previous basketball experience, Podoloff's great organizational and administrative skills were later regarded as the key factor that kept the league alive in its often stormy formative years. In 17 years as president, Podoloff expanded the NBA to as many as 19 teams. He also briefly formed three divisions and scheduled games.

meet the commissioner of nba

During his tenure, Podoloff introduced the collegiate draft inand in instituted the 24 second shot clock created by Dan Biasoneowner of the Syracuse Nationals which quickened the pace of games, and took the NBA from a slow plodding game to a fast paced sport.

InPodoloff also increased national recognition of the game immensely by securing its first television contract.

Commissioner of the NBA

Groza and Beard had admitted to point shaving in college at the University of Kentucky. During his period in office, he had helped increase fan interest during the NBA's formative years and improved the overall welfare of the sport of basketball through his foresight, wisdom and leadership.

Walter Kennedy — [ edit ] Succeeding first president Maurice Podoloffthe likable, approachable J. Walter Kennedy became an iron-handed executive and let everyone know precisely where he stood on issues.

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At the time, it was the largest fine ever levied against a coach or player in the NBA. His title was changed to "commissioner" in The Commissioners By Mike Monroe Like most pro sports leagues, the NBA is a confederation of separate organizations that compete yet must also cooperate. No such organization can exist, let alone thrive as the league has for more than 50 years, without outstanding leadership at the top.

Only four men have held the league's top position: Each man, in his own way, made a significant impact on the league's success and put a particular imprint on the league's history.

An attorney, Stern began his association with the league in as an outside counsel and was named NBA General Counsel in As Commissioner, he has presided over the expansion of the league to 29 teams and the globalization of the sport.

meet the commissioner of nba

Under Stern's guidance the NBA has enjoyed its period of greatest growth and taken basketball to the forefront of the global sports scene.

He had an unusual background for a sports commissioner. Before he was named Commissioner inhe had served as national chairman of the Democratic Party, Postmaster General and as a long-time adviser to former President John F. His experience proved to be very valuable.