Meet the fockers rv scene

Meet the Fockers

meet the fockers rv scene

The Pace Arrow is the setting for a number of scenes in the film and is featured But that's before Pam's parents travel to Florida in their RV to meet Greg's. The RV they use is a Fleetwood Bounder, nicknamed the “Krystal Ship”. and features in the final scene where Juliette Lewis is seen driving off, while the Meet the Fockers is the sequel to “Meet the Parents”, starring Robert De Niro. That is, until the Byrnes meet Bernie and Roz Focker (Hoffman and In one scene, Moses chases Jinx into the R.V. bathroom, where the.

Curiously enough, the hero dog, played by a Yorkie mix named Terem, is actually female! To achieve this action, the trainer shook Danner's pant leg and verbally cued the dog with the phrase "get the kitty. The trainer used food rewards to condition the dog to repeat this behavior on command. In a later scene, the families arrive home and discover Moses humping Mr. For weeks, trainers prepped the dog with a fake fur bolster about the size of the lying cat. Trainers first put Jinx into a down-stay position and then used the aforementioned "get the kitty" cue so that Moses would hump the back of the cat.

Trainers rehearsed this action only a few times over the course of several months so the cat would not start to dislike it. Fleetwood Pace Arrow in "Meet the Fockers, "

This sequence required loads of movie magic. For the chase, one trainer released the cat while a second handler used a buzzer to call Jinx to the bathroom. Trainers working with the dog waited until the cat had almost completed his run before they released Moses.

meet the fockers rv scene

The movie takes place in Florida and is very colorful. Black levels are reasonably solid, although shadow detail could use some help. For the first 20 or so minutes, the movie just chokes on edge enhancement. The ghosting and haloing is insane. It suddenly clears up right around the time they board the SUV for Florida. Languages and Audio For a comedy with its frenetic moments, Meet the Fockers has a rather subdued audio mix.

The Dolby Digital 5. The surround channels get minimal use and the sub is almost entirely absent from the audio. It's certainly clean and free of any distortion, but it's hardly demo disc material.

Packaging and Extras Part of the video's problems may be due to a packed disc. When you put this much extra material on a single disc with a two-hour movie, you are asking for trouble, especially when the content is so light. Most of the time they just talk about what's happening on screen, although they also cover the shoot, the difficulty of working with a toddler actually, a bunch of them and the connection to the old film.

This one is not a must-hear.

Meet the Fockers - Tasered and Arrested

There are 20 deleted scenes running 15 minutes, although you saw them already if you watched the extended edition.

None of them were particularly vital, a few were funny, but by and large, they were wisely cut.

Meet the Fockers

See what happens when you drink from the toilet? The gag reel runs 11 minutes, which is about nine or ten minutes too long. Gag reels should be short. Long ones become redundant, like this one, which is overwhelmingly Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro simply cracking up.

Inside the Litter Box: Jinx, Robert De Niro's pet cat. I have to say, that is one evil-looking cat. Greg is embarrassed and Pam later questions him on that by stating he said it was someone else.

meet the fockers rv scene

Bernie then wants to have everyone discuss when they first had sex, including Jack who's not comfortable with that idea, but such a discussion never occurs. Roz has Dina looking through an old family album where they find Greg's circumcised foreskin that ends up landing in a fondue pot. His parents then joke about the circumcision of his "winky dink" and that since it was cold his penis was like a turtle from its shell. They then joke that it ended up being a semi-circle circumcision, leaving his penis looking like a cross between an anteater and a German helmet.

Greg hears his parents loudly doing some sexual role playing from their bedroom with talk of whipped cream being snow on her "mountains," and then Bernie saying he's there to clean Roz's "carpet".

meet the fockers rv scene

Greg ends up in their room where he sees his dad with whipped cream all over his face and a lot in Roz's ample and quite visible cleavage.

Bernie then reminds Roz of "that time in the park" presumably sexual in nature. Greg jokes that Jack still thinks that Pam is a virgin.

meet the fockers rv scene

Roz knows that Pam is pregnant and wants to know how it happened while talking just to Greg. He's uncomfortable as she talks about him being such a sexual dynamo and that women crave sperm on an unconscious level.

meet the fockers rv scene

Roz finds a dress for Dina and says that it will get Jack's blood flowing. She then asks Dina, "How's your sex life? Roz is determined to help and shows Dina how to manipulate Jack's ears to arouse him by doing the same to Dina's ears which arouses her. We see the family dog humping a doll on the floor. Later, we see it humping the cat and Jack remarks in disgust about the dog sodomizing the cat.

Isabel shows some cleavage.