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If you'd like to pick up your own pretty piece of wearable art, stop by the Lost Forest shop. Lost Forest is an eco-friendly line of accessories that offers beautiful plant jewelry. Your Pharmacist is Tattling On You! The elaborate document was titled CVS caremark. It constitutes an enormous and potentially harmful infringement on the privacy of CVS customers.

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Out of ignorance or carelessness, or simple human error, doctors make prescription errors. In my forensic work, I have seen ethical pharmacists inform doctors that their patients were being prescribed addictive benzodiazepines, such as Xanax and Ativan, in doses that were too high for too long a time. I have also been an expert in legal cases in which pharmacies have warned doctors about potentially dangerous drug interactions. In one case, an infant was brain-damaged over several months while being prescribed a whopping overdose of a CNS drug.

A new pharmacy warned the doctor that the dose was much too large, and it turned out the pediatrician had made a mathematical error when calculating it for the infant. Overall, I am strongly in favor of pharmacists reporting to a prescriber when potential errors have been made by the prescriber. CVS instructed me, A review of your patients retail and mail prescription history indicates that the patient has not obtained his or her first refill.

Consider discussing your patients therapy to reinforce that nonadherence to his or her medication regiment could lead to a hospital or emergency room visit, or death. There are many troubling question marks about the companys self-reporting. The community has taken matters into its own hands and is now obtaining answers via the independent community science we do at Leard Forest Research Node, said Ms Vanderstock.

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Keynote Speaker at the conference was the Australian Chief Sc More Internal Polling Games "IndyWatch Feed Allstate" The Tasmanian state election is three weeks away, but still we have had no neutral public polling in the state for over two months.

All we've had this year is a dribble of internal polling snippets and one commissioned seat sample by the Australia Institute. This makes it rather hard to tell what's going on. The Hodgman Liberal Government, which appeared to be asleep or in a holding pattern for most ofhas been quick out of the blocks with a large number of policy announcements covering most perhaps even almost all of the many issues in play at this election.

Insiders claim what they're doing especially claiming there could be a return to a Labor-Green government is working. Could it be a repeat ofwhen a seemingly ailing government that was widely considered doomed to lose its majority in fact surged through the campaign and ended up winning very easily? While there are some differences between and in polling terms especially the severe volatility of the late polls majority government is a major issue for some voters, and a party that can establish that only it can win in majority has an important advantage.

In the absence of a public poll, we are seeing a high level of reporting of party internal polls in the media. In general, parties only release internal polling to the extent it suits their purposes, but whether it suits a party to say it is winning easily, winning narrowly, trailing narrowly or losing hopelessly all depends on the scenario. Before I go any further, a comment about the language journalists use in reporting internal polls parties have given them.

It is common to see party polling described as "leaked". But a poll isn't leaked if someone on the inside has given it to a reporter with the tacit approval of the party's campaign team or leadership, and if indeed the option of feeding it to the media was part of the plan all along. Both parties in Tasmania have a long history of releasing internal polling whenever it suits them, and this is several times commoner than unwanted releases of party polling information.

In this election, the internal-polling strategy is pretty simple. Each party wants to release results that "show" that it, and better still only it, can win majority government. What's been interesting is that so far we have seen just the Liberals supplying quite a lot of detailed data that supposedly shows them either capable of winning a majority or actually set to do so.

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Young Dollarbird sets off after aerial prey. Bird was one of four in feeding flurry with several other species near Townsville Common gate yesterday.

All the Dollarbirds showed the dull plumage of immaturity, with more colour to come before they head off to Papua New Guinea about April. Fiendishly difficult trying for flight pictures as the birds zigzgged the sky chasing their invisible to me food. One fuzzy image from hundreds of shutter clicks.

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New Green shoots beginning to emerge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal" If dying rock stars was the worst thing about then things must have been very comfortable back then. It could not have been a worse start really with the hapless Trump maladministration getting underway. Trump and his rapidly disintegrating band of cronies has been [ The Echo is now sitting in our kitchen, where I would never dare put a Homepod. I've had a Bose bluetooth speaker in the kitchen for a couple of years now and it's given sterling service.

But it's getting old, the charging brick has fallen apart, I shudder to think how much it would cost to replace that sucker and the whole unit looks like shit.

Over the years it's picked up a second skin of cooking grease, microscopic organic debris, oily particulates and crap. Also, to be honest, the Echo is likely to be a lot more useful in the kitchen.