Meet the johnstons tlc animal shelter

Five Things You didn't Know about 7 Little Johnstons

meet the johnstons tlc animal shelter

Get to Know the 7 Little Johnstons . MEET THE JOHNSTONS! and star on the TLC show 7 Little Johnstons (Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET). After Alex's adoption was approved, an airline escort flew the Girl, 2, Injured After Falling Into Rhinoceros Exhibit at Florida Zoo, Making Contact with Animal. TLC's reality series 7 Little Johnstons follows one of the most interesting families in America. In fact, the couple met at a convention for little people. It's not uncommon for a single adoption to cost $20, or more. Despite. TLC's 7 Little Johnstons may soon be 8 Little Johnstons! MORE: Meet the Cast of '7 Little Johnstons' — The Biggest Little Family in the World!.

Which of the 7 Little Johnstons Are Adopted — And Is the Family Adopting Again?

Parents Trent and Amber have two biological children and three which were adopted. Trent works at a Georgia college as the grounds supervisor. As international advocates for dwarfism in children, they specifically decided to enlarge their family by adopting children with the condition. Their love for their 5 children is all-embracing. Wearing their custom T-shirts, team 7L J, they posed for the premier of their second season of the TLC reality television show.

Season 2 will again be filled with many milestones. Jonah is now 16, Anna is now 15, Elizabeth is 14, Emma is 11 and Alex is Here are five things you might not know about 7 Little Johnstons. Jonah was born premature and spent his first six weeks of life in the NICU. The couple when through an extensive barrage of testing when they discovered that they were pregnant just five months after their marriage.

They needed to determine if the baby would be of average height, have Achondroplasia, or carry dwarfism genes and be homozygous at the same time.

The last option would mean the baby would die shortly after it was born. Every month of the pregnancy, their progress was monitored by a perinatologist.

meet the johnstons tlc animal shelter

Amber was having trouble breathing. When Johan was delivered, he also was not breathing or crying. He was lifeless, but the doctors revived him and he was placed on a ventilator.

meet the johnstons tlc animal shelter

Elizabeth had brain surgery when she was eight weeks old. She also has Achondroplasia Dwarfism, just as Jonah does. She was 51 inches around at her largest pregnant size, but still only 48 inches tall. After Anna was born via Cesarean section, Amber had a tubal ligation, and could no longer bear children.

The Johnstons Are Back! - 7 Little Johnstons

As a teenager, Anna has had femur and corrective ankle surgery. Anna was adopted from a Russian orphanage in Siberia. Anna was just four at the time. Although many kids are naturally accepting, there are those out there intent to pick on anyone who is different in some way.

Amber related a particularly hurtful incident from her own childhood to People magazine. When she was fourteen, she and her sister entered a gas station to buy sodas. Amber had to climb up a shelf to get the soda, which made the girls ridicule her even more.

Five Things You didn’t Know about 7 Little Johnstons

Although she learned long ago not to let situations like this get to her, Amber still remembers the pain it caused. They feel that coddling them or trying to make things too easy sends the wrong message. For that reason, they have a fairly strict rule against relying too heavily on modifications, even in their own home.

Trent and Amber Johnston are very different. They aren't even remotely concerned with fame, except as it pertains to a larger, more noble goal. The couple told Fox News that their motivation behind starring in a reality TV series is "social acceptance.

Making this happen is their personal mission. Don't look at us like an object," Amber told the network. She added, "The biggest stigma in society is that little people are still considered like circus characters. Trent and Amber have a calling to show dwarfism in a positive light, so that hurtful stereotypes can be erased. When one of the children wants to do something else — like, for instance, hang out with friends — they're reminded that sick days and vacation time must be used sparingly.

That isn't to say the kids can't enjoy themselves. This is the Johnstons' way of helping them develop a strong work ethic. Committed enough to make an arduous trek halfway across the globe in order to do it. Inthey decided to adopt Emma, a child born with dwarfism in China.

First, they had to fly all the way to Beijing. Once there, the adoptive parents hopped a train for a two-hour ride to the province where she was. They met little Emma the following morning, then spent five days with her in the province.

It was an important step in forming important familial bonds. From there, they all boarded another plane, this one bound for Guangzhou. That's the city where the paperwork was completed and the adoption was finalized. Finally, they traveled again, once more making a long flight, this time back to their home in the United States. The trip was exhausting, but no doubt worth it.