Meet the parents in chinese

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meet the parents in chinese

Meet the parents dating show chinese - Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Find single woman in the US with footing. Looking for . The parents decide who will date their son or daughter, girls may be told they aren't pretty or young enough, and it has a transgender host. In China, urban parks are one of the most popular matchmaking hotspots. As they stroll after dinner, anxious parents try to identify potential.

I may not be Swiss and may not have a clue about the military, but the reaction on my girlfriend's parents' especially the father's faces told me it wasn't such a bad move. The father is a bit of a DIY man so you can imagine his joy when he was given a new toy to fiddle with.

meet the parents in chinese

The mother on the other hand wasn't too sure what to make of the gift, though she appreciated the fact that I'd taken the time to choose something that one of them would like and she can always re-gift it. Just that tiny amount of consideration alone was enough to help my cause in those crucial early moments. But what if you can't? Or what if you're Putonghua is pitch perfect but everyone's speaking some indecipherable local dialect?

Even if you haven't got a clue as to what's being said, it's a good idea not to zone out and instead force yourself to make it look as if you're listening and are interested in what people are saying.

I experienced this situation for the bulk of a recent trip as, at each meal, I was seated at a table where the airwaves were filled exclusively with Cantonese and Hakka, rendering my trusty Mandarin skills useless. All I could do was try to look interested by leaning forward with my backside on the edge of the chair, coupled with interspersed nodding and a swift turn of the head when someone else started speaking.

I only hope it scored me more brownie points and made me look like I was interested in what was being said.

meet the parents in chinese

Having now been with my girlfriend for a while, my Cantonese has improved to the extent that I can handle basic conversations. I recently took the chance to employ these new skills of mine via a Skype conversation that she was having with her family. Though not perfect, I think they were surprised, and perhaps a little impressed that I'd put an effort into learning their local dialect.

Although not technically a "first impression", I think that this continued effort on my part has helped convey to them my interest in their culture.

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To make the best possible impression in this respect, it's always a good idea to make sure to sample each and every dish amply… even the "weird" ones to the extent you deem possible. They'll love that you're willing to go out of your comfort zone for them, and even if you don't care for everything that you try, they'll see it as a huge show of respect.

meet the parents in chinese

After you've done your sampling duty for the meal, you'll still want to be sure to strike that tricky balance between appearing polite and not looking too greedy with your preferred dishes.

As a vegetarian, I must often deal with the dilemma of "looking greedy", as I constantly dive in to one of the few dishes I can eat. I've also found it best to eat slowly and in small portions, and tried not to add more food to my bowl if there was some already.

Mountains of food, although tempting, won't do you any favors.

Chinese Dating With The Parents

I was also reminded by my girlfriend that finishing all the food in my bowl was crucial. No problem, I thought. She was being very literal however, meaning every last grain of rice! Though it took me ages to pick up the remaining grains of rice from my bowl, I think it was worth it. After all, nothing says "I think your food is great! I was constantly on watch to refill teacups or acting like a human crane putting food on my girlfriend's plate.

That first time, I was even brave enough to stand up and offer a toast in broken Cantonese. Of course it crashed and burned, but in the eyes of the parents, it was the effort that counted.

meet the parents in chinese

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Meet the parents

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meet the parents in chinese

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